Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite Songs of All-Time (59-50)


59 - Oxygen - New Found Glory

Constantly connected to the total unexpected.  I'm a con, a stealer of hearts.  I only keep this facade to keep you on your toes.  I'll take a glance while you sleep at night, right from under your nose.

Don't leave, don't leave me here.  I can't breathe without you.  Don't leave, don't leave me here.  I don't want to be without you.  I don't want to live without you.  I don't want to breathe without you.  You're my oxygen.

It's hard to get rejected by the one you most expected to be by your side.  Your first thought being you should run and hide.  I don't think you're to blame.  I'll get you on your toes, I'll dream of you while I'm asleep at night so nobody will know.

With me is where you belong.

58 - I Miss You - Blink-182

I miss you.

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare, the shadow in the background of the morgue.  The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley, we can live like Jack and Sally if we want, where you can always find me.  We'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends.

Where are you and I'm so sorry?  I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight.  I need somebody and always.  This sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time.  And as I stared, I counted webs from all the spiders catching things and eating their insides.  Like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason.  Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?

Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head.

57 - On My Own - The Used

See all those people on the ground, wasting time. I try to hold it all inside, but just for tonight. The top of the world, sitting here wishing the things I've become, that something is missing. Maybe I...but what do I know?  And now it seems that I have found nothing at all.  I want to hear your voice out loud.  Slow it down, slow it down.

Without it all, I'm choking on nothing.  It's clear in my head and I'm screaming for something.

On my own.

Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all.

56 - Running Up That Hill - Placebo

It doesn't hurt me.  You wanna feel how it feels?  You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?  You wanna hear about the deal I'm making?  You be running up that hill, you and me be running up that hill.

If I only could make a deal with God and get him to swap our places.  Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building.  If I only could.

You don't want to hurt me, but see how deep the bullet lies. Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder.  There is thunder in our hearts, baby.  So much hate for the ones we love.  Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

Let me steal this moment from you now.  C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mom, darling.  Let's exchange the experience.

Be running up that road, be running up that hill with no problems.

If only I could be running up that hill.

55 - Space - Something Coporate

Home, is this the quiet place where you should be alone?  Is this where the tortured and the troubled find their own?  I don't know, but I can tell this isn't you, your cover's blown.  Oh no, don't you dare hang up this phone.

Give me space so I can breathe.  Give me space so I can sleep.  Give me space so you can drown in this with me.

In this place, the lonely escapade in outer space.  There's no antidote for irony.  You say that you have, when you know that you don't, and you say that you can, when you know that you won't.

These padded walls and TV screens sometimes make me want to scream.

Give me just one inch, I swear that's all I'll need.

54 - Slow Down - The Academy Is...

You kiss me like an overdramatic actor who's starving for work with one last shot to make it happen.  You've won the role, you've played your part, you've been cordially invited, but I'm not impressed and I'm definitely not excited.  'Cause the film runs a shallow budget and the writer's subject script isn't any deeper, so dive right in.

Hey you, who are you kidding?  I'm not like them, I won't buy in.

Take back everything you ever said, you never meant a word of it, you never did.

She said 'Alright, alright, slow down."  Oh no, oh no, we won't, 'cause I regret every thing that I said to ever make her feel like she was something special or that she ever really mattered, or did she ever really matter?

I'm not saying that I'm not breaking some hearts tonight.

53 - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) - Lostprophets

When our time is up, when our lives are done, will we say we've had our fun?  Will we make our mark this time?  Will we always say we tried?

Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream your heart out.

This is all we got now.

All the love I've met, I have no regrets.  If it all ends now, I'm safe.

Standing on the rooftops, waiting 'till the bomb drops.  This is all we got now, screaming 'till your heart stops.  Never gonna weaken, watching every sunset.  Listen to your heartbeat, all the life that we've had.

52 - Blur - Zebrahead

Did you ever get the feeling that you were all alone and no one ever knew you and you never had a home?  And the lights and the colors do their best to distract you.  Fuck you, I don't even know why I like you.

Like a picture, it's all a blur.  You don't know what you're missing.

I've been trying so hard just to keep away and now look where I am standing at today.  Trying so hard to walk away, but it's impossible to watch you fade away.

Did you ever stop believing after all was said and done?  When you turned to your friends but they were long gone.  And the sky and the snapshots remind you.  I trust you and I'm always going to miss you.

Every time I see you look at me, I see those distant eyes and your looks are fading.  Every time you're next to me, I want to talk and feel and act like we used to.  'Cause everybody knows and everybody cares, until they're walking in my shoes.  And now I know, it's you that I cannot lose.  It's all a blur and I owe you.  You can take it all, when I call, pick up the phone like you used to.

Trying, dying so hard.  I've been denying that I'm not scarred.  I've been crying, lying so far.  But it's impossible to fill this space.  Impossible to take your place.  Impossible to watch you fade away.

51 - Definitely Maybe - FM Static

I met a girl named Tara and she lived in the heart of America.  She likes black Caddies & listened to Puff Daddy, danced until her legs were sore.  She worked around the corner at the diner with the grouchy owner, and her boyfriend Shady, dates another girl named Katie, he loves her, definitely, maybe.  Don't think I can take it, wake me when it's over.  Seems so far away.  I wish that it was closer, I see you every day, I'm too scared to go over.  I wonder what she'd say, I barely even know her.

How much longer will this keep getting stronger?  I wonder what she's doing when I'm singing myself to sleep.  'Cause he's a faker, so see ya' later.  I wonder when you'll realize that she means a lot more to me.

I saw you in the hallway when my last class was just over.  It was Friday, school was out tonight, everything seems to be alright.  I said "Yo, girl, are you going to the party at the cove?"  She said "He's picking me up at six again, and I don't wanna disappoint my boyfriend."

She's staring at his picture hanging in her locker, she's telling all the girls about all the things that he bought her.  I saw what happened all those times he went for water when we were at the movie theater watching "Harry Potter."  He had his hands on every single girl he laid his eyes on, hate to break it to you, he's a pylon.  And even when he kissed her, he was looking over, staring at her sister.

50 - And I - Box Car Racer

I am lost in the crowd, standing in line.  I'm feeling so down and I am full of doubt.  She's not the one that noticed, hear me out.

And I want her, need her.  And you always will pull me through.

I'm tired, this game's so dumb.  She never played, her race's won.  I'm tired, can't smile no more.  I'm sure caved in, just like before.

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