Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Awesomeness Abounds Managers Review

Michael Ryne - The Studly Studs

2013 - 1st place, 9-5, 54 moves:
Top Scorers: Cam Newton, LeSean McCoy, Josh Gordon 

2012 - 2nd place, 13-1, 32 moves:
Top Scorers: Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Marshall, Trent Richardson

2011 - 1st place, 11-3, 26 moves:
Top Scorers: Ray Rice, Philip Rivers, Calvin Johnson

Notable Moves:
2011 (Good):
Traded A.J. Green, Chris Johnson, Tim Tebow and Darren McFadden for Ray Rice, Owen Daniels and Brandon Lloyd (finished with 126.60 points)
Traded Hakeem Nicks and Fred Jackson for Calvin Johnson
Traded Jordy Nelson for Jimmy Graham

2011 (Bad):
Traded Matt Forte and Matthew Stafford for Tony Romo and Darren McFadden
Added WR Roy Williams

2012 (Good):
Added Bryce Brown during several-week burst
Added Vick Ballard (finished with 114.60 points)
Traded Dustin Keller and Denver for Mikel LeShoure (finished with 149.20 points)
Added T.Y. Hilton (finished with 137 points)
Traded Laurent Robinson, Frank Gore, Rashard Mendenhall and Felix Jones for Mike Wallace, Trent Richardson (finished with 203.70 points) and Jimmy Graham

2012 (Bad):
Traded Jeremy Kerley and Stevan Ridley for Ryan Williams
Drafted Chad Johnson

2013 (Good):
Traded Frank Gore, Shane Vereen and Percy Harvin for LeSean McCoy and Josh Gordon (finished with 227.40 points)
Traded Anquan Boldin, Darren Sproles and Mike Tolbert for Frank Gore and Torrey Smith
Added Keenan Allen (finished with 148.60 points)
Traded Jordan Cameron and Donald Brown for Danny Woodhead (finished with 147.40 points) and Jordan Reed
Traded Aaron Rodgers, Cecil Shorts III, Michael Floyd and Ben Tate for Cam Newton, Brandon Marshall, Andre Ellington (finished with 126.30 points) and T.Y. Hilton (finished with 138.90 points)
Added Kansas City (finished with 207 points)
Added Shane Vereen (finished with 87.50 points in 8 games)
Traded Daryl Richardson, Roddy White, Michael Vick and Willis McGahee for C.J. Spiller, Rob Gronkowski and Alex Smith

2013 (Bad):
Added Andre Caldwell
Traded C.J. Spiller and Stevie Johnson for Lamar Miller
Dropped Julio Jones
Traded Mike Williams, T.Y. Hilton, Ahmad Bradshaw and Rueben Randle for Roddy White, David Wilson and Michael Vick
Traded Aaron Dobson, Kenny Stills and Shonn Greene for Mike Williams and Marcel Reece
Dropped Zac Stacy (finished with 157.40 points)
Traded Chris Ivory and Martellus Bennett for Daryl Richardson
Drafted Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Ivory

Strengths: Unbelievably good (lucky) at trades.  Constant tinkering seems to work out more often than not, which is surprisingly good for fantasy football where constant tinkering is seen as a bad thing.  Consistently competitive, if not elite.  Not afraid to make big moves.

Weaknesses: Drafting is suspect at best.  Constant moves need to be made for lack of draft sustainability.  Not a single a player drafted in 2013 except for Seattle and Blair Walsh were on the final roster.

2014 projection - Another year competing for a playoff spot and championship is likely, though constant tinkering and trades could finally come back to bite the Studs in the ass.  A better draft will be pivotal with the league becoming dynasty, along with more keepers and more teams.

Jeggerd - Simply Beastly

2013 - 2nd place, 9-5, 13 moves:
Top Scorers: Drew Brees, Andy Dalton, Jamaal Charles

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Julio Jones (invaluable move with keepers)
Added Carolina (finished with 195 points)
Added Steven Hauschka (finished with 160 points)

Strengths: Disgustingly good drafter.  His core roster of Drew Brees (369.68 points), Jamaal Charles (308 points), Eric Decker (192.80 points), Fred Jackson (188.30 points), Reggie Bush (185.20 points), Gio Bernard (166.90 points), Wes Welker (135.80 points) and Greg Olsen (117.60 points) were all on his team from day one until the end.

Weaknesses: Had a few potential trade pieces at his disposal that he never looked into.  Andy Dalton cracked 300 points and could have been enticing for a team that didn't have Drew Brees firmly entrenched as its every-week starter.  DeAndre Hopkins also held some value (90.20 points) while mostly riding the bench for Simply Beastly.

2014 projection - Typical case of questioning whether a new manager can repeat their impressive debut performance or fall back from grace.  A plethora of keeper options will put him at an advantage and another strong draft will put him right back into championship contention.

Ahmed Johnson - Bringing the Cockus/envy is god

2013 - 3rd place, 10-4, 13 moves:
Top Scorers: Russell Wilson, Demaryius Thomas, Eli Manning

2012 - 6th place, 6-8, 38 moves:
Top Scorers: Matthew Stafford, Andy Dalton, Blair Walsh

2011 - 8th place, 5-9, 28 moves:
Top Scorers: Matt Ryan, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Marshawn Lynch

Notable Moves:
2011 (Good):
Added Marshawn Lynch (finished with 215.60 points)
Added Darren Sproles (finished 191.30 points)
Traded Fred Jackson for Shonn Greene (finished with 162.50 points)

2011 (Bad):
Added Terrell Owens

2012 (Good):
Added Danario Alexander (finished with 107.80 points)
Added Cecil Shorts III (finished with 137.50 points)
Traded Tom Brady, Andre Brown and Titus Young for Matthew Stafford (finished with 292.58 points), Santonio Holmes and Darren Sproles (finished with 141.10 points)
Added Blair Walsh (finished with 168 points)

2012 (Bad):
Added Beanie Wells (finished with 53.80 points)
Added Jabar Gaffney
Drafted Early Doucet

2013 (Good):
Traded Golden Tate and DeAngelo Williams for Anquan Boldin (finished with 161 points) and Darren Sproles (finished with 102.40 points)
Added Cordarrelle Patterson (finished with 116.70 points)
Drafted Alshon Jeffery in round 13

2013 (Bad):
Traded LeSean McCoy and Josh Gordon for Frank Gore, Shane Vereen and Percy Harvin (finished with 1.70 points)
Traded Frank Gore for Ben Tate and C.J. Spiller
Added Santonio Holmes
Added Zach Sudfeld

Strengths - Immense fantasy knowledge, knows more about mundane useless players than most know about superstars.  Can never be considered out of contention thanks to ability to refurbish team via waiver wire.  Despite never playing for a championship, he is always a contender.

Weaknesses - Horrible attitude problems often gets him in trouble with the league which led to him losing a team for a few months in 2013.  Constant desire to make moves can backfire, as seen last year when he traded LeSean McCoy and Josh Gordon.  Often falls in love with players and overvalues them, thus making trades impossible.

2014 projection - This is the year of Ahmed.  If he commits and stays away from critical attitude issues, then after last year's 3rd-place finish, 2014 will be the year Ahmed becomes a legitimate championship contender.  Brace yourself, the ego will somehow get larger.

Parker Jackson - #getrekt

2013 - 4th place, 9-5, 27 moves:
Top Scorers: Alex Smith, Calvin Johnson, Kansas City

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Riley Cooper (finished with 137.30 points)
Added Julius Thomas (finished with 150.80 points)

2013 (Bad):
Drafted Justin Blackmon

Strengths: Surprised a lot of people by debuting in the league with a playoff berth.  Was consistently at the top of the standings all season and managed to parlay an extremely beneficial starting situation (kept Calvin Johnson and drafted Adrian Peterson in the second round) into a successful season.  Very good job at adding on to that duo, rather than relying upon them.

Weaknesses: Went with an injury-prone QB and got burned and waited too long on a subpar year for Robert Griffin III.  Her top-scoring player in the year, Alex Smith, was someone who rarely played for her until RGIII went down.  Word is she will be relying on RGIII again this year.  Good loyalty or a fool-me-twice situation?

2014 projection - She likely will continue with the core of RGIII, Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson this year and beyond.  That sort of trio will have any owner flirting with the playoffs, and another season of respectable waiver wire hunting and trades should lead her back into the hunt.

Reaper - Reaper's Funhouse

2013 - 5th place, 6-8, 12 moves
Top Scorers: Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Marshawn Lynch

2012 - 4th place, 9-5, 4 moves
Top Scorers: Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch

Notable Moves:
2012 (Good):
Added Colin Kaepernick (finished with 177.06 points)
Traded Christian Ponder for Alex Smith (finished with 127.68 points)
Drafted Jamaal Charles (204.50 points), Arian Foster (262.10 points), Doug Martin (262.60 points) and Marshawn Lynch (246.60 points)

2013 (Good):
Drafted Peyton Manning

2013 (Bad):
Traded Larry Fitzgerald for Philip Rivers

Strengths - Surprisingly good drafter.  Wound up with possibly the most insanely good running back core in the history of Awesomeness Abounds in 2012.  Last year he had Peyton Manning on his team along with Arian Foster (until he got hurt) and Marshawn Lynch.  Perennial playoff contender.

Weaknesses - Slow to move when he it comes to making moves and improvements to his team.  Just a shred of care in 2012 should have led his team to a championship while last year he was crippled by injuries and it was far too late to save it once it all happened.  Does not look ahead or prepare for the future.  A little more knowledge and he will win a championship.

2014 projection - I have said over and over that Reaper should have already won at least one championship.  Will this be the year he finally gets one?  I doubt it, but he'll compete for the playoffs as per usual.

Olivia Rae - BLOWN THE FUCK OUT/The O Megas

2013 - 6th place, 7-7, 30 moves
Top Scorers: Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Foles, Knowshon Moreno

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Randall Cob (invaluable keeper move)
Added Dennis Pitta (invaluable keeper move)
Traded Ben Tate and C.J. Spiller for Frank Gore
Added Bobby Rainey (finished with 95.20 points in 9 games)
Added Nick Foles (finished with 262.14 points)
Traded Lamar Miller for C.J. Spiller and Stevie Johnson
Traded Cecil Shorts III and Ryan Mathews for Knowshon Moreno
Added Andre Ellington (finished with 126.30 points)
Traded Roddy White, David Wilson and Michael Vick for Mike Williams, T.Y. Hilton, Ahmad Bradshaw and Rueben Randle
Traded Daryl Richardson for Chris Ivory and Martellus Bennett

2013 (Bad):
Dropped Kenny Stills
Traded Cam Newton, Brandon Marshall, Andre Ellington and T.Y. Hilton for Aaron Rodgers, Michael Floyd, Ben Tate and Cecil Shorts III
Traded Brandon Myers and Montee Ball for Steve Smith Sr.
Dropped Keenan Allen (finished with 148.60 points)

Strengths - Not afraid to make moves and try to better her team.  With a roster that may have been pegged for the bottom half of the league, she managed to finish just a few games out of the playoffs in her first year.

Weaknesses - May be a little too trade-happy.  Constant panic-driven moves can cripple a roster.

2014 projection - Second year in the league for Olivia, which means she needs to show off a little more knowledge to really become a contender for the playoffs.  I'm actually expecting a regression this year.

Fast Eddeh - ºل͟º

2013 - 7th place, 9-5, 65 moves
Top Scorers: Andrew Luck, Eddie Lacy, Alshon Jeffery

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Knowshon Moreno (finished with 236.60 points)
Added Charles Clay (finished with 119.40 points)
Added Philip Rivers (finished with 298.42 points)
Traded Greg Jennings and Jason Witten for Bernard Pierce, Aaron Dobson and Eddie Lacy (finished with 207.50 points)
Traded Philip Rivers for Larry Fizgerald (finished with 154.20 points)
Traded Trent Richardson (finished with 109.90 points) and Dennis Johnson for Jason Cambell and Michael Crabtree

2013 (Bad):
Added Geno Smith and dropped Alex Smith
Traded T.Y. Hilton for James Jones (finished with 97.70 points)
Dropped Steven Hauschka (finished with 160 points)
Traded Knowshon Moreno (finished with 236.60 points) for Cecil Shorts III and Ryan Mathews
Dropped Riley Cooper (finished with 137.30 points)

Strengths - Good eye for talent and does a fine job of molding team to his liking made evident by his ability to take over a team mid-season.  Another owner not afraid to make moves and aggressive in doing so.

Weaknesses - A bit add/drop happy.  Several players were added to his team and dropped multiple times throughout the season.  Had by far the most moves in the league and it was the majority his, not Ahmed's.

2014 projection - Going to be a year in which Eddeh must prove he can draft a roster himself.  Taking a team in the middle of the season last year, he was not a part of the draft.  It is a mysterious aspect of his game, but something that may be a moot point with how many moves he makes.  I'm thinking consolation, unfortunately.

Claire Carmichael - Claire It Out

2013 - 9th place, 6-8, 24 moves
Top Scorers: Tom Brady, Arizona, Justin Tucker

2012 - 12th place, 5-9, 19 moves
Top Scorers: Tom Brady, Stevan Ridley, Marques Colston

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Ladarius Green (potential dynasty keeper)
Added Marvin Jones (played him on four-touchdown day)
Added Harry Douglas (finished with 114.70 points)
Traded Vincent Brown (finished with 53.20 points), Rob Housler and Johnathan Franklin for Tony Gonzalez (finished with 135.90 points), Michael Floyd (finished with 135.40 points) and Austin Collie
Added Arizona (finished with 170 points)

2013 (Bad):
Dropped Nick Foles (finished with 262.14 points)
Added David Wilson
Traded Michael Floyd and Cecil Shorts III for Maurice Jones-Drew and Donnie Avery
Dropped Emmanuel Sanders (finished with 114.50 points)

2012 (Good):
Traded Ryan Williams for Jeremy Kerley and Stevan Ridley (finished with 199.40 points)
Added Justin Tucker (finished with 150 points)
Traded Matthew Stafford, Santonio Holmes and Darren Sproles for Tom Brady (finished with 348.28 points), Andre Brown and Titus Young
Traded Stevie Johnson and Stephen Hill for Marques Colston (finished with 171.40 points), Coby Fleener and Knowshon Moreno

2012 (Bad):
Drafted Larry Fitzgerald in first round (finished with 103.80 points)
Drafted Antonio Gates in fourth round (finished with 95.80 points)
Drafted Willis McGahee in fifth round

Strengths - Unwavering optimism and desire to get better benefits her.  She refuses to give up and is constantly trying to learn more about football and the game of fantasy.  Slowly getting better in terms of knowledge and management, but it has not yet translated to wins.

Weaknesses - Struggles with drafting.  Last year, two of her top three scorers were special teams players and she was obliterated by her keeper, Tom Brady.  It will be interesting to see if she trusts Brady again this year or moves on from him.

Ackbar - Fuck Yeah Seaking!/A Challenger Appears

2013 - 10th place, 5-8-1, 9 moves
Top Scorers: Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, Matt Prater

2012 - 3rd place, 9-5, 13 moves
Top Scorers: Peyton Manning, Josh Freeman, Ray Rice

2011 - 10th place, 4-10, 16 moves
Top Scorers: Tom Brady, Ryan Mathews, BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Kenny Stills (good potential dynasty player)
Added Jarrett Boykin (finished with 92.10 points filling in for Green Bay)
Added Joique Bell (finished with 163.70 points)

2013 (Bad):
Added Houston (finished with 72 points)
Drafted Ray Rice in the first round (finished with 120.10 points)

2012 (Good):
Drafted Peyton Manning a year after neck surgery (finished with 322.06 points)

2011 (Good):
Added Tony Gonzalez (finished with 129.50 points)
Added James Jones (finished with 105.50 points)

2011 (Bad):
Added James Starks (finished with 83.40 points)
Dropped Eric Decker (finished with 113.30 points)
Drafted Lawrence Tynes in the third round
Drafted Terrell Owens in the eighth round

Strengths - Ackbar is a sneaky good manager in the sense that he has literally never made a trade and rarely makes moves, but almost always fields a competitive team.  He drafts pretty well usually and seems to learn from past mistakes.

Weaknesses - Many people in this league are guilty of being way too trigger-happy when it comes to add/drops and trades (guilty).  However, Ackbar is an example of a manager who doesn't do enough.  The miniscule transactions over three seasons are a prime example as to why Ackbar has only one playoff berth in three years.

2014 projections - Nobody will blame Ackbar for keeping Ray Rice after he was a top scorer for him in 2012.  That being said, I would assume Rice is probably gone from his roster and a new dawning for Fuck Yeak Seaking! is upon us.  Regardless, if he continues with the lack of maneuvering, then unless he strikes gold in the draft, he'll likely settle for fighting for a consolation spot.

Matt "Fat Jesus" Day - Fat Jesus' Disciples

2013 - 4-9-1, 11th place, 36 moves
Top Scorers: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Chris Johnson

2012 - 10-4, 1st place, 30 moves
Top Scorers: Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson

2011 - 9-5, 3rd place, 17 moves
Top Scorers: Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Maurice Jones-Drew

Notable Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Josh McCown (finished with 137.06 points)
Added Marlon Brown (finished with 96.20 points)
Added New Orleans (finished with 109 points)
Added Zac Stacy (finished with 157.40 points)
Traded Steve Smith Sr. for Brandon Myers and Montee Ball (great potential dynasty player)
Added Emmanuel Sanders (finished with 114.50 points)
Drafted Kendall Wright in round ten (finished with 119.90 points)

2013 (Bad):
Dropped Riley Cooper (finished with 137.30 points)
Traded Tony Gonzalez (finished with 135.90 points), Michael Floyd (finished with 135.40 points) and Austin Collie for Vincent Brown (finished with 53.20 points), Rob Housler and Johnathan Franklin
Drafted Steven Jackson in the second round (finished with 115.30 points)
Drafted Ronnie Hillman in the seventh round
Drafted Chicago in the ninth round (finished with 117 points)

2012 (Good):
Added Russell Wilson (finished with 285.62 points)
Added Phil Dawson (finished with 136 points)
Added Alfred Morris (finished with 240.70 points)
Drafted Rob Gronkowski (finished with 143 points), Adrian Peterson (finished with 307.40 points), Tony Romo (finished with 297.92 points), Dez Bryant (finished with 207.70 points) and Chicago (finished with 226 points)

2012 (Bad):
Drafted Beanie Wells in round five
Drafted Vincent Brown in round 10

2011 (Good):
Added Pierre Thomas (with 132.70 points)
Added DeMarco Murray (5.5 yards per carry in 13 games)
Added Dan Bailey (finished with 149 points)
Added Victor Cruz (finished with 205.90 points)
Drafted Aaron Rodgers (finished with 403.42 points)
Traded Brandon Lloyd and Montario Hardesty for Nate Washington (finished with 150.80 points) and Jahvid Best
Drafted Rob Gronkowski in round seven (finished with 240.90 points)

2011 (Bad):
Drafted Brandon Lloyd in fourth round
Drafted Felix Jones in sixth round (finished with 81.80 points)
Drafted Deion Branch in round eight

Strengths - Possibly the best waiver-wire manager in the league.  Has a tendency to strike gold with additions (Victor Cruz, DeMarco Murray, Alfred Morris and Zac Stacy come to mind).  One of the most knowledgeable managers in the league.

Weaknesses - Falls in love with players.  Two years of Vincent Brown is two years too many, especially when you hemorrhage an entire position (tight end, thanks to trading Tony Gonzalez) for him.  Often times indecisive and second guesses lineup decisions.

2014 projection - Here's the thing, in 2012 Matthew won the championship and in 2011 his roster was disgustingly good.  Last year was a fluke.  The Disciples will be right back in the playoffs in 2014 with a determined manager looking to put last year behind him.

Kristy! - Kristy's Gamers

2013 - 12th place, 2-12, 30 moves
Top Scorers: Matthew Stafford, Jason Witten, Rashard Mendenhall

2012 - 7th place, 7-7, 15 moves
Top Scorers: Robert Griffin III, Joe Flacco, C.J. Spiller

2011 - 4th place, 8-6, 17 moves
Top Scorers: Matthew Stafford, Jordy Nelson, Tim Tebow

Notables Moves:
2013 (Good):
Added Rashard Mendenhall (finished with 126.10 points)
Added Jermaine Kearse (four touchdowns)
Traded Percy Harvin for Tavon Austin (good dynasty option), Michael Cox and Michael Crabtree
Drafted Eddie Lacy in round seven (finished with 207.50 points)
Drafted Kenbrell Thompkins

2013 (Bad):
Traded Jason Cambell and Michael Crabtree (potential dynasty player) for Trent Richardson (finished with 109.90 points) and Dennis Johnson
Added Fozzy Whittaker (finished with 35.50 points)
Added Leon Washington and dropped Jordan Reed
Dropped Kenny Stills
Traded C.J. Spiller, Alex Smith and Rob Gronkowski for Daryl Richardson, Roddy White (finished with 87.10 points), Michael Vick and Willis McGahee (finished with 49.70 points)
Traded Bernard Pierce, Aaron Dobson and Eddie Lacy (finished with 207.50 points) for Greg Jennings (finished with 104.40 points) and Jason Witten
Dropped Shane Vereen
Added Russell Shepard
Kept C.J. Spiller
Drafted Victor Cruz in the second round (finished with 121.80 points)
Drafted Stevan Ridley in the third round

2012 (Good):
Added Greg Zuerlein (finishd with 116 points)
Added Joique Bell (finished with 103.90 points)
Added Josh Gordon (finished with 108.50 points)
Drafted Robert Griffin III in round four (finished with 323.60 points)
Drafted C.J. Spiller in round 11 (finished with 212.30 points)

2012 (Bad):
Added Jalen Parmele
Drafted Tim Tebow, New York Jets, Jacoby Ford, Dion Lewis, LaMichael James and Plaxico Burress

2011 (Good):
Added Eric Decker (finished with 113.30 points)
Added Nate Washington (finished with 150.80 points)
Traded Jahvid Best for Steve Smith Sr.

2011 (Bad):
Traded Ray Rice (finished with 296.84 points), Owen Daniels and Brandon Lloyd (finished with 126.60 points) for Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden (finished with 104.80 points), Chris Johnson and A.J. Green
Traded Nate Washington (finished with 150.80 points) and Jahvid Best for Brandon Lloyd and Montario Hardesty
Drafted Rashard Mendenhall in the second round

Strengths - One of the more knowledgeable managers of the group who has not yet flirted with a championship.  Willing to make moves and trades and constantly trying to improve her team.

Weaknesses - Falls in love with players, especially Patriots.  She has had Reggie Wayne, Willis McGahee, Rashard Mendenhall, Matthew Stafford, Tim Tebow and the New York Jets on multiple teams.

2014 projection - Kristy has dramatically regressed since her impressive playoff-berth debut in 2011.  Expectations are at an all-time low after a dreadful last-place finish in 2013.

The New Managers:

Jerry - Gotta Catch Jamaal - Very intriguing manager who has devoted this summer to learning more about the game of fantasy football.  Briefly played fantasy baseball and left a team in shambles after lack of moves and questionable trades.  Football is easier than baseball and it is likely he fairs better in that than baseball.

Evie - Eeveelution - A virtual unknown.  She has taken over a baseball team, but it was a ready-made squad full of good players.  Football will be her first real test.  We may have some growing pains.

Frankie - Franklin's Team - He was second place in his family league last year, so there's that.

As always, this is just me killing time until the fantasy season begins during a long summer.  Hope none of you take anything negative personally, I always root for new teams to emerge and for managers to make me look like a moron (thanks Jeggerd, last year).  I'm looking forward to writing an official 2014 projection once we have all drafted that first week of August!