Monday, March 12, 2012

Favorite Songs of All-Time (238-224)

     Okay, so it looks like I have some explaining to do here.  I suppose I could start with the insanely random number of 238 as my total amount of songs ranked.  Well, many moons ago, I made a playlist on my iPod dubbed "Ol' Reliable" which was basically a playlist of all my "favorite" songs.  The songs that when I hear them, no matter what, I never skip past them.  I didn't make the list with a set number in mind and over the months, I have added even more songs.  So as of right now, the playlist has 238 songs on it and thus, I will be ranking all of them over the next couple weeks from 238 until number 1.  This is pretty similar to my favorite movies of all-time post I did a while ago.  You're going to see quite a bit of reptetion when it comes to bands, but hey, I know what I like.  I just figured, since I listen to my iPod so much, it could be a fun little project for me to bestow upon myself.

     With my impeccable math skills, I figured out that 238 divided by 14 is 17, which means I'll be doing 17 posts over the next 2+ weeks featuring 14 songs in each one until we're all done.

    I have never been one who is ashamed of the music he listens to, nor do I ridicule others for liking their favorite songs.  If you enjoy it, if it speaks to you, sparks some sort of emotion in you, then it's doing its job if you ask me.

     I like to post lyrics with my songs, not always because I relate to them personally (although more often than not, that is the reason) but honestly because I may just think it's a powerful/good/clever line.  Not everything I post is directly how I feel.

   I'm rambling now.  Let's get to it.

238 - Hypnotize - System of a Down

She's scared that I will take her away from there.  Dreams and her country, left with no one there.  Mesmerize the simple minded.  Propaganda leaves us blinded.

I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl.

237 - Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars

Into the night, desperate and broken.

We are the kings and queens of promise.  We were the phantoms of ourselves.

Into your eyes, hopeless and taken.  We stole our new lives.  Through blindness, in defense of our dreams.

We were the victims of ourselves.

These lessons that we've learned here have only just begun.

236 - From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars

He's a stranger to some and a vision to none.  He can never get enough, get enough of the one.  For a fortune he'd quit, but it's hard to admit how it ends and begins.  On his face is a map of the world.

He doesn't want to read the message here.

On a mountain he sits, not of gold but of shit.

235 - Dirty Laundry - You, Me, and Everyone We Know

All alone again.

Stalking the girls I could never fuck.  I mean, they're sluts, but it seems I lack that luck.  And I'm not the man to wash my hands, all alone or acting like we've hit it off.  'Cause either way I'm just jerkin' someone off.  At 2 am, dicks out and pissin'.  'Till you leave town wishing.  I won't be satisfied.

Things are gonna be different now you see and add to all this dirty laundry you left me.  It's getting air and with heavy rotation.  You'd better have a damn good explanation.

You act as though you have lived a lie because your tans have been overcooked.  But I've been burned and burned.

I've only got so many layers and it's only getting hotter.

I didn't mean to be so forward.  There are some things you know.  He loves you like a truck stop screw.

You'd best get it straight, say it.  When you're all dressed you just bore me.

234 - Wake Up - Three Days Grace

You bring me down, at least you try.  Until we see this eye-to-eye, I don't want you.

And now I've had it up to here.

It took so long to see, you walked away from me, when I need you.

Wake up, I'm pounding on the door.  I'm not the man I was before.  Where the hell are you, when I need you?

I'm not angry all the time.  You push me down, at least you try.

233 - This Is Home - Switchfoot

I've got my memories.  They're always inside of me, but I can't go back, back to how it was.  I believe it now, I've come too far, but I can't go back, back to how it was.  Created for a place I've never known.

This is home.  Now I'm finally where I belong.

I've been searching for a place of my own.  Now I've found it.  Maybe this is home.

Belief over misery.  I've seen the enemy and I won't go back, back to how it was.  And I've got my heart set on what happens next.

And now after all my searching, after all my questions, I'm gonna call it home.

232 - Reinventing Your Exit - Underoath

Feeling like we're gold and we're nothing short invincible.

It starts again, can you feel it?  It takes your breath away.  Stop saying that we're invincible.  You're uninviting, unrewarding.  And I'm misinforming you.

We all want to be, want to be somebody.  Right now, we're just looking for the exit.

This is the way I would have done things.  Up against the wall, up against the wall.  You got me up against your wall.

The lies that we told.  This is where we both go numb now.  You broke my heart again this time, you're fading now, you crossed the line.

Reaching out for a hand, it's nothere.  But you're not there.

231 - This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

A warning to the people, the good and the evil.  This is war.

It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie.  The moment to live and the moment to die.  The moment to fight, the moment to fight.  To fight, to fight, to fight, to the right, to the left.  We will fight to the death to the edge of the earth.

A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest.

I believe in nothing, not the end and not the start. I believe in nothing, not the earth and not the stars. I believe in nothing, not the day and not the dark. I believe in nothing but the beating of our hearts.

I believe in nothing, not in sin, not in God.  I believe in nothing, not in peace and not in war.  I believe in nothing but the truth of who we are.

230 - Carolina Heat - You, Me, and Everyone We Know

We're at the tip-top, yeah, we're not getting any better than this.  I'm out of lines, girl, we're not getting any smoother than this.  So could you blame me if I, if I, if I took you all for prisoner with just one line, one lie.

But what good is a quick healing to go if the lesson is never learned it's just like stiches for show?

And all the cold shoulders that the slightest draft lets in.  And with empty stomachs and hungry eyes, our only choice was to swallow pride.  But I guess, I guess you just ate much better than the rest.

It's not the failure, but the cost of success is the thing I can't help but fear.

I'm not compelled, you just convinced me to write this.  It's for the greater good, 'cause I'd rather be great than good.

Your skin was appealing wallpaper.  Now your skin is just peeling wallpaper.

229 - I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

Every feeling that I get, but I haven't missed you yet.

Only when I stop to think about it...

I hate everything about you.  Why do I love you?

228 - I Caught Fire - The Used

So kiss me like you did.  My heart stopped beating.

I'm melting, in your eyes, I lost my place.  Could stay a while.

Just stay with me, lay with me now.

Never caught my breath.  Every second I'm without you, I'm a mess.  Ever know each other, trust these words are stones.  Why cuts aren't healing.  Learning how to love.

You could stay and watch me fall and of course I'll ask for help.  Just stay with me now.  Take my hand and we could take our heads off, stay in bed, just make love, that's all.  Just stay with me now.

Let's sleep 'till the sun burns out.

227 - A Song for a Broken Heart - A Static Lullaby

Take this for what it's worth.  This song, my smile

I write to you from hell.  My song leaving the foot against the gas.  And the wall that must have said your name.  Weaken me, for nothing you can say can stop this now.

Can a song replace a broken heart?  Now can a song replace broken love?  No.

Holding hands is so powerless.  Tonight I don't even have the stars to hold onto.

Wipe each tear away with sandpaper.  Tonight, I'm not alone.

And I just wanna get your fucking voice out of my head.

Why won't you fall?

226 - Bottom of a Bottle - Smile Empty Soul

Been scared and lonely.  I've asked myself is something wrong with you.  My girlfriend told me I need some time alone to deal with issues.

Something makes me carry on, it's difficult to understand, why I always wanna fly.

I do it just to feel alive.  I do it for the love.

You always call me and ask me how I make it through the day.  I'm always falling.  I guess it's just God's way of making me pay.

I wonder why I try.  And I, I wonder why I bother.  And I, I wonder why I cry.  Why I, I go through all this trouble.

225 - My World - Sick Puppies

I'm not coming back, I'm not gonna react.  I'm not doing shit for you.  I'm not sitting around while you are tearing it down around us.  I'm not living a lie while you swim in denial, 'cause you're already dead and gone.  You leave me out on the curb just like everyone else before you.

Welcome to my world, where everyone I ever need, always ends up leaving me alone.  Another lesson burned and I'm drowning in the ashes.  Kicking.  Screaming.

I don't care what you think, I'm not seeing a shrink.  I'm not doing this again.  I'm not another student or a mother to take your shit out on.  So let's see what you got, let's see what you're not.  And whatever else you pretend.  You've defended my intentions long enough.

So here I am again.  In the middle of the end.  And the choice I wish I made, I always make too late.

224 - Smashed Into Pieces - Silverstein

Maybe when you find out that I'm dead, you'll realize what you did to me.  And if my lungs still let me breathe.  Would you be there for me?  If I can make myself believe, I'll give you back what you took away.

I'd rather die than have to see your smile.

You made me swear.

I can't sleep.  Realize all these things you took from me.  Smash my heart into dust.  Suffocate my mind.  Tear at me from inside.

Smash apart what you created.  How can I ever stop you from crushing my soul?  It was, it was yours, yours to begin with.

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