Sunday, October 21, 2012

Songs of the Week

This week really became centered around music on Tuesday.  There's a lot going on in my life right, more so than I'm used to.  A lot of moving parts and new things.  I'm nervous as fuck, but kind of enjoying every moment of it.  Music was there to put everything into perspective and slow things down.  Side note - it's almost impossible for me to choose just one part of the lyrics in the song Therapy.  I kind of wanted to post the entire thing.  My mind has been going a million miles a minute for over a week now.  Also, this is easily my most diverse group of musicians I've ever had in one week.  Kind of awesome, if you ask me.

35th tally for All Time Low, 2nd tally for The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - All Time Low
That's just my luck these days.  Why can't you just be happy for me?

36th tally for All Time Low, 3rd tally for Therapy

Therapy - All Time Low
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything. Therapy, you were never a friend to me. You can take back your misery. Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to. They're better off without you.  Arrogant boy, cause a scene like you're supposed to.  They'll fall asleep without you.  You're lucky if your memory remains.

1st tally for The Doors, 1st tally for Break on Through (To the Other Side)

Break on Through (To the Other Side) - The Doors
You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day.  Tried to run, tried to hide.  Break on through to the other side.

11th tally for Green Day, 1st tally for Let Yourself Go

Let Yourself Go - Green Day
Cut the crap 'cause you're screaming in my ear and you're taking up all of the space. You're really testing my patience again and I'd rather get punched in the face.  You're getting on my every last nerve, everything you've said I've already heard.  I'm sick to death of your every least breath and I don't give a fuck anyway.

3rd tally for Box Car Racer, 2nd tally for Letters to God

Letters to God - Box Car Racer
I won't lie, I won't sin.  Maybe I don't wanna go.  Can't you wait?  Maybe I don't wanna go.

38th tally for A Day to Remember, 3rd tally for You Had Me at Hello

You Had Me at Hello - A Day to Remember
What have I gotten into this time around?  I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again, but I didn't have to.  You had me at hello.

14th tally for Brand New, 2nd tally for Failure by Design

Failure by Design - Brand New
This is a lesson in procrastination.  I kill myself because I'm so frustrated.  Every single second that I put it off means another lonely night I got to race the clock.

1st tally for Semisonic, 1st tall for Closing Time

Closing Time - Semisonic
Closing time.  You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.  I know who I want to take me home.

4th tally for Hollywood Undead, 1st tally for Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I Go - Hollywood Undead
My signing bonus was quickly spent, so I'll beat my meat like I'm a fuckin' butcher and I'll punk the pussy like I'm Ashton Kutcher.

4th tally for You, Me and Everyone We Know, 2nd tally for Carolina Heat

Carolina Heat - You, Me and Everyone We Know
We're at the tip-top, yeah, we're not getting any better than this.  I'm out of lines, girl, we're not getting any smoother than this, but could you blame if I, if I, if I took you all for prisoner with just one line, one lie because I'll be the preacher to all his converts.  Donate now to my rightful cause.  But what good is a quick healing to go if the lesson is never learned, it's just like stitches for show?

1st tally for Eminem, 1st tally for Superman

Superman - Eminem
You don't want that, neither do I.  I don't want to flip when I see you with guys.  Too much pride, between you and I, not a jealous man, but females lie.  But, I guess that's just what sluts do, how could it ever be just us two?  I'd never love you enough to trust you, we just met and I just fucked you.

1st tally for Alex Clare, 1st tally for Too Close

Too Close - Alex Clare
I can't lie no more, I can't hide no more.  Got to be true to myself.  And it feels like I am just too close to love you.  So, I'll be on my way.

5th tally for Weezer, 4th tally for Perfect Situation

Perfect Situation - Weezer
There's the pitch, slow and straight.  All I have to do is swing and I'm a hero.  But, I'm a zero.

9th tally for Rise Against, 3rd tally for Prayer of the Refugee

Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
Don't hold me up now, I can stand my own ground.  I don't need your help now, you will let me down.

1st tally for Gareth Emery, 1st tally for Concrete Angel

Concrete Angel - Gareth Emery
I promise, I won't let you down.

2nd tally for Alex K and D.J.I.G., 2nd tally for Now's My Time

Now's My Time - Alex K and D.J.I.G.
Many folks, they never heard of me so I'm gonna introduce myself using some hyperbole

1st tally for Katy Perry, 1st tally for Firework

Firework - Katy Perry
Katy Perry has nice boobs.

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