Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Songs of All-Time (209-196)


209 - Self Esteem - The Offspring

I wrote her off for the tenth time today and practice all the things I would say.  But she came over, I lost my nerve.  I took her back and made her dessert.  Now I know I'm being used.  That's okay, man, 'cause I like the abuse.  I know she's playing with me.  That's okay 'cause I got no self esteem.

We make plans to go out at night.  I wait 'till 2 then I turn out the light.  All this rejection's got me so low.  If she keeps it up I just might tell her so.

When she's saying that she wants only me, then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends.  When she's saying that I'm like a disease, then I wonder how much more I can spend.  Well I guess I should stick up for myself, but I really think it's better this way.  The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care.  Right?

Now I'll relate this little bit.  That happens more than I'd like to admit.  Late at night, she knocks on my door, drunk again and looking to score.  Now I know I should say no, but that's kind of hard when she's ready to go.  I may be dumb, but I'm not a dweeb.  I'm just a sucker with no self esteem.

208 - Way Away - Yellowcard

I think I'm breaking out.  I'm gonna leave you now.  There's nothing for me here, it's all the same.  And even though I know that everything might go, go downhill from here, I'm not afraid.

Way away away from here I'll be.  Way away away so you can see how it feels to be alone and not believe anything.

You can't stop me now.  You can't hold me down.  You can't keep me here, I'm on my way.  I made it this far now and I'm not burning out.  No matter what you say, I'm not afraid.

Letting out the noise inside of me.  Every window pane is shattering.  Cutting up my words before I speak.  This is how it feels to not believe.

207 - Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

When the lights all went out, we watched our lives on the screen.  I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.

It was a lie when they smiled and said "You won't feel a thing."

How will it matter after I'm gone?  Because you never learned a goddamned thing.

You're just a sad song with nothing to say.

And if you think that I'm wrong, this never meant nothing to you.

So go, go away, just go, run away.  But where did you run to?  And where did you hide?  Go find another way, but you pay.

206 - Sidewalks - Story of the Year

The bridge is all crumbled, the water soaks into rocks that fell at the bottom of the road.  The town that we lived, the memories shaken apart from the weeds that grow.

Over the sidewalks, running away from the streets we knew.  Sidewalks, like the time we thought was made for you.

Out on the front porch, watching the cars as they go by (eighteen blue, twenty one gray) Looking ahead for the first time that we could drive, out on our own, to speed away.

All of the days have passed us by.  All of the sun is gone away.

205 - Admit It!!! - Say Anything

Despite your pseudo-bohemian appearance and vaguely leftist doctrine of beliefs, you know nothing about art or sex that you couldn't read in any trendy New York undergound fashion magazine.  Prototypical non-conformist, you are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store gestapo.  You adhere to a set of standards and tastes that appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges.  Bullshit!  Giving your thumbs up and thumbs down to incoming and outgoing trends and styles of music and art.  Go analog, baby, you're so post-modern.  You're diving face forward into an antiquated past, it's disgusting!  It's offensive!  Don't stip your nose up at me.

What do you have to say for yourself?

You spend your time sitting circles with your friends, pontificating to each other, forever competing for that one moment of self-aggrandizing glory in which you hog the intellectual spotlight, holding dominion over the entire shallow, pointless conversation.  Oh, we're not worthy.  When you walk by a group of quote-unquote normal people, you chuckle to yourself, patting yourself on the back as you scoff.  It's the same superiority complex shared by the high school jocks who made your life a living hell.  Makes you a slave to the competitive capitalist dogma you spend every moment of your waking life bitching about.

'Cause I'm proud of my life and the things that I have done.  Proud of myself and the loner I've become.  You're free to whine, it will not get you far.

Well let me tell you this, I am shamelessly self-involved.  I spend hours in front of the mirror making my hair elegantly disheveled.

You are a faker!  Admit it!  You are a fraud!  Admit it!  You're living a lie!  Admit it!  Your life is living a lie!  You don't impress me!  Admit it!  You don't intimidate me!  Admit it!  Why don't you bow down, get on the ground, walk this fucking plank!

I drift.

When I'm dead, I'll rest.

204 - Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones

Hey, ho!  Let's go!  They're forming in a straight line.  They're going through a tight wind.  The kids are losing their minds.  The blitzkrieg bop.

Shoot 'em in the back now.  What they want, I don't know.  They're all revved up and ready to go.

203 - Have You Ever - The Offspring

Falling, I'm falling.  Have you ever walked through a room, but it was more like the room passed around you?  Like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through.

Have you ever been at some place, recognizing everybody's face?  Until you realized that there was no on there you knew.  Well I know.

Have you ever buried your face in your hands, 'cause no one around you understands or has the slightest idea what it is that makes you be?

Have you ever felt like there was more?  Like someone else was keeping score.  And what could make you whole was simply out of reach.  Well I know.

Someday I'll try again and not pretend.  This time forever.  Someday I'll get it straight, but not today.

Some days, my darkest friend is me again.

When the truth walks away, everybody stays.  'Cause the truth about the world is that crime does pay.  So if you walk away, who is gonna stay?  'Cause I'd like to think the world is a better place.

202 - Get Over It - Ok Go

Lot of knots, lot of snags.  Lot of holes, lot of cracks, lot of crags.  Lot of nagging old hags, lot of fools, lot of fool scum bags.  Oh it's such a drag, what a chore, oh your wounds are full of salt.  Everything's a stress and what's more, well it's all somebody's fault.

Get over it!

Makes you sick, makes you ill.  Makes you cheat, slipping change from the till.  Had it up to the gills, makes you cry while the milk still spills.  Ain't it just a bitch?  What a pain.  Well it's all a crying shame.  What left to do but complain?  Better find someone to blame.

Got a job, got a life.  Got a four-door and a faithless wife.  Got those nice copper pipes, got an ex, got a room for the night.  Aren't you such a catch?  What a prize.  Got a body like a battle axe.  Love that perfect frown, honest eyes.  We ought to buy you a Cadillac.

201 - Everything Sucks (When You're Gone) - MxPx

All I ever needed was to eat popcorn with you. Come on over, watch the late show. Stay up talking until two.  Today's the day you're leaving and tomorrow you'll be gone.  You're in my heart and on my mind.  I will bring you along.

Everything sucks when you're gone.

A dream of our reunion makes me crazy, just to think, how so very far away you are.  My hope begins to sink.

It's not okay, I've baked a dinner here for two.  And it's not okay, I've got candles lit for you.  And it's not okay, I've got your favorite records out.  And it's not okay, you should have let it be.  And ran after me.

I want you, I need you.

200 - The End of the Line - The Offspring

When the siren's flash is gone and we're left to carry on.  All the memories are too few.  When the pastor's music plays and the casket rolls away.  I could live again if you just stay alive for me.

Please stay now, you've left me here alone.  It's the end of the line.  Please stay, I can't make it on my own.

Now that you are dead and gone and I'm left to carry on.  I could never smile 'cause you won't stay alive for me.

Finally, your final resting day is without me.  I weep and think of brighter days.  What about me?

You can't take back the one mistake that still lives on after life it takes.  In that one day that changed our lives and bitter memories are left behind.

199 - In the Air Tonight - Nonpoint

I can feel it, coming in the air tonight.  Oh Lord, I've been waiting for this moment, for all my life.

Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand.  I've seen your face before, my friend, but I don't know if you know who I am.  Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes, so you can wipe off the grin.  I know where you've been, it's all been a pack of lies.

Well I remember, I remember so dont' worry.  How could I ever forget?  It's the first time, the last time, we ever met.  But I know the reason why you keep me silenced up.  No, you don't fool me.  'Cause the hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows.  It's no stranger to you and me.

198 - Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

Tell me that you're alright.  Yeah everything is alright.

Give me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition.

"Are you feeling fine?"  Yes, I feel just fine.

I'm sick of the things I do when I'm nervous.

Counting the number of tiles in the ceiling.

I'm getting better at fighting the future.  "Someday you'll be fine" Yes, I'll be just fine.

I don't believe a word of anything I've heard.  They tell me that it's not so hard, it's not so hard.  Away with everything from here to in-between.  The long goodbye.

I don't want to waste your time.

Hi, everything's great.

197 - Issues - Mindless Self Indulgence

It's 3 AM, she won't put out.  Let's go make out with her friends, make out with her friend's friends.

I want a lot of profanity.

196 - Where is my Mind? - Placebo

Your head will collapse, but there's nothing in it.  And you'll ask yourself.

Where is my mind?  Way out, in the water see it swimming.

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