Sunday, September 30, 2012

Songs of the Week

A very diverse set of songs for this week with a few old favorite sneaking in as well.  I had a very eventful week so a lot of music got listened to so I could try to put things in perspective.

32nd tally for All Time Low, 3rd tally for Forget About It

Forget About It - All Time Low
You know, there are some days where I feel like this could work, like, you and I are finally gonna get it right.  Then there are days like today, when you make me wanna tear my fucking hair out.

33rd tally for All Time Low, 2nd tally for Break Your Little Heart

Break Your Little Heart - All Time Low
A pretty face but the chase ain't worth the prize.

3rd tally for Matchbook Romance, 3rd tally for Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps - Matchbook Romance
You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always unlocked.

37th tally for A Day to Remember, 3rd tally for Another Song About the Weekend

Another Song About the Weekend - A Day to Remember
Nobody can give so much and never get anything.  Everyone I used to know says they don't know what I've become, but I'm still the same, not much has changed, I still know where I came from.

5th tally for Senses Fail, 1st tally for Choke on This

Choke on This - Senses Fail
Can't make a wife out of a whore, don't want your skin on me.

6th tally for Senses Fail, 1st tally for Let It Enfold You

Let It Enfold You - Senses Fail
I'm just a bad actor stuck with a shitty script.  All of my lines are cheap and the cast is weak.

10th tally for The Lonely Island, 2nd tally for The Creep

The Creep - The Lonely Island
I was six years old when I starting creeping.  My parents took it to their room and I starting peeping.  You can't imagine their surprise when they lifted their heads and saw my little ass creeping at the foot of the bed.

3rd tally for Jimmy Eat World, 1st tally for Hear You Me

Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World
There's no one in town I know, you gave us some place to go.  I never said thank you for that.  I thought I might get one more chance.

16th tally for Simple Plan, 2nd tally for Can't Keep My Hands Off You

Can't Keep My Hands Off You - Simple Plan
Sorry to all my friends and to anyone I offend.  But I can't help it, no, I can't help it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 40 Albums (30-21)

I kick-started this series late last night, so if you're wondering where the first batch of albums are, click here. Got myself an afternoon and evening off with no work so I'm really thrilled to sit here watching football highlights, while writing this and listening to some of these great albums I'm raving about.  I'm not much for introductions, you all know what you're about to read about, so let's get right into it.

Top 40 Albums (40-31)

Haven't done one of these posts where I document my favorite things in a while, so let's go with my top albums.  We live in the era of the iPod where albums aren't as significant, as a whole, simply because we all can just pick and choose what songs we want to listen to.  That being said, when I was growing up, I had a ton of albums and would listen to them in their entirety quite often.  For a while, I even hung all the album covers I owned on the walls of my room.  I have since been converted to the world of digital music and rarely, if ever, buy albums physically anymore, but it's still cool to see which songs have been gathered together for one album.  I look at a great album almost like an all-star team in sports, a group composed of spectacular players, or in this case, amazing songs all on one album.

As always, there's honorable mentions for these type of lists that I do.  One-X by Three Days Grace, Hypnotize by System of a Down, Cheshire Cat by Blink-182, Dirty Work by All Time Low, and Chuck by Sum 41 didn't quite make the cut.

I should probably bang these posts out over the course of the upcoming week, I imagine.  Keep an eye out for the rest and here's an introduction to the most noteworthy and lasting albums I've listened to in my life.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Songs of the Week

I suppose I can go back to doing these posts per week.  Blink-182 was probably the go-to artist for the week.  I have a song/band getting their first tally, which considering I've been doing this for over a year now, is kind of rare.  One of those songs that gets played in the background of a TV show and it really catches my attention, so I go out of my way to look it up.

30th tally for All Time Low, 2nd tally for Do You Want Me (Dead?)

Do You Want Me (Dead?) - All Time Low
Give it up for at least a second. I'm getting sick of your bullshit attitude.

31st tally for All Time Low, 2nd tally for Therapy

Therapy - All Time Low
Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything.

10th tally for Childish Gambino, 4th tally for Freaks And Geeks

Freaks and Geeks - Childish Gambino
I have worked all winter, I will not fail summer, in the back of the bush like Gavin Rossdale's drummer.

11th tally for Childish Gambino, 3rd tally for Not Going Back

Not Going Back - Childish Gambino
I refuse to go back to not liking who I was.

46th tally for Blink-182, 9th tally for After Midnight

After Midnight - Blink-182
I can't get my feet up off the edge, I kind of like the little rush you get when you're standing close to death.

47th tally for Blink-182, 2nd tally for Don't Tell Me That It's Over

Don't Tell Me That It's Over - Blink-182
Most girls do mean trouble because they are rarely honest.

6th tally for (+44), 4th tally for No, It Isn't

No, It Isn't - (+44)
Let's slit our wrists and burn down something beautiful.

2nd tally for Matchbook Romance, 2nd tally for Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps - Matchbook Romance
You're so good at pretending everything is alright. You're as welcome as cancer, but my door is always unlocked.

1st tally for The Gabe Dixon Band, 1st tally for All Will Be Well

All Will Be Well - The Gabe Dixon Band
All will be well even after all the promises you've broken to yourself. All will be well. You can ask me how but only time will tell.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Review (Cloverfield)

Sorta getting back into the swing of things, kind of miss writing stuff for no reason so here I am.  I return to these Random Review posts with a personal favorite of mine.  A lot of people don't like the shaky cam aspect of Cloverfield but I find it to be unique and keeps me enthralled.  It's not a movie I saw in theaters because I've never been much of a sci-fi kind of guy, but this is a movie that took off for me after some home viewings.  It's currently parked at 32 in my Top 100 movies list.

If this is your first Random Review and you're wondering what the fuck I'm doing, I just randomized my DVD collection and decided for shits and giggles, I would watch each one and review it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Songs of the Next Couple Weeks

Seems like this sort of things happens to me every five or six months and I'm sure it's old for everyone else, but oh well.  I really don't care much at all.  Another several months pass and I cannot for the life of me keep pretending like everything is super fantastic.  I'm amazing, truly amazing, at lying to those around me.  I'm awful at lying to myself.  Somehow, I have convinced myself that I'm better at dealing with things that fuck with me critically on my own and that's what I'm gonna do again this time.  See you on the other side.

44th tally for Blink-182, 3rd tally for I Miss You

I Miss You - Blink-182
We can live like Jack and Sally, if we want.  Where you can always find me and we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night, we'll wish this never ends.

9th tally for Taking Back Sunday, 2nd tally for Liar Liar (It Takes One to Know One)

Liar Liar (It Takes One to Know One) - Taking Back Sunday
Liar, liar.  If we're keeping score, then we're all choir boys, at best.

36th tally for A Day to Remember, 2nd tally for You Had Me at Hello

You Had Me at Hello - A Day to Remember
I'm wasting away, away from you.

29th tally for All Time Low, 3rd tally for Remembering Sunday

Remembering Sunday - All Time Low
I can see now that all of these clouds are following me in my desperate endeavor to find my whoever, wherever she may be. I'm not coming back, I've done something so terrible, I'm terrified to speak, but you'd expect that from me. I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt. Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair and out of my mind, keeping an eye on the world. So many thousands of feet off the ground, I'm over you now, I'm at home in the clouds, towering over your head.  Well, I guess I'll go home now.

9th tally for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 4th tally for The Acoustic Song

The Acoustic Song - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Use me as you will, pull my strings just for a thrill and I know I'll be okay, though my skies are turning gray.

4th tally for Sum 41, 2nd tally for With Me

With Me - Sum 41
Thoughts read unspoken forever and now.  The pieces of memories fall to the ground.

45th tally for Blink-182, 4th tally for Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer - Blink-182
I felt a stutter and a waiver cutting like a razor like fire through the snow then straight down to the bone.

19th tally for Mayday Parade, 4th tally for Terrible Things

Terrible Things - Mayday Parade
Don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose.  If given the choice, then I'm begging you, choose to walk away, walk away, don't let her get you.  I can't bear to see the same happen to you.  Now, son, I'm only telling you this because lif can do terrible things.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Songs of the Week

Decided to change my Song of the Day posts to Songs of the Week.  I imagine I won't be doing them at 4 AM on a Thursday morning in the future, but it's one of those nights.

2nd tally for Jimmy Eat World, 2nd tally for Sweetness

Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
Tell me what do I need when words lose their meaning.

43rd tally for Blink-182, 1st tally for Always

Always - Blink-182
I've been here before a few times and I'm quite aware we're dying.

35th tally for A Day to Remember, 3rd tally for All I Want

All I Want - A Day to Remember
All I want is a place to call my own, to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone.

7th tally for Halifax, 2nd tally for Nightmare

Nightmare - Halifax
It's your nightmare, make sure to handle it well.

8th tally for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 3rd tally for The Acoustic Song

The Acoustic Song - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I will never let you fall, I'll stand up for you forever.

28th tally for All Time Low, 6th tally for That Girl

That Girl - All Time Low
That girl, that girl, she's such a trick, but I can't lie, I'm in love with it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions

Just simply not enough time in the day for me to write an extensive NFL post, but wanna at least document something.   So, here's how I think the season plays out:

AFC East:
1 - New England Patriots (12-4)
2 - Buffalo Bills (9-7)
3 - New York Jets (6-10)
4 - Miami Dolphins (5-11)

AFC North:
1 - Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
2 - Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
3 - Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)
4 - Cleveland Browns (4-12)

AFC South:
1 - Houston Texans (12-4)
2 - Tennessee Titans (10-6)
3 - Indianapolis Colts (8-8)
4 - Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11)

AFC West:
1 - Denver Broncos (11-5)
2 - Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)
3 - Oakland Raiders (8-8)
4 - San Diego Chargers (7-9)

NFC East:
1 - Dallas Cowboys (10-6)
2 - New York Giants (10-6)
3 - Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)
4 - Washington Redskins (8-8)

NFC North:
1 - Green Bay Packers (13-3)
2 - Chicago Bears (10-6)
3 - Detroit Lions (9-7)
4 - Minnesota Vikings (2-14)

NFC South:
1 - Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
2 - New Orleans Saints (9-7)
3 - Carolina Panthers (7-9)
4 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)

NFC West:
1 - San Francisco 49ers (12-4)
2 - Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
3 - Arizona Cardinals (5-11)
4 - St. Louis Rams (4-12)

Wild Card Teams:
1 - Pittsburgh Steelers
2 - Tennessee Titans
1 - New York Giants
2 - Chicago Bears

Super Bowl:
San Francisco 49ers defeat Baltimore Ravens
Super Bowl MVP - Patrick Willis

MVP - Tom Brady
Coach of the Year - Mike Munchak
Offensive Player of the Year - Tom Brady
Defensive Player of the Year - NaVorro Bowman
Offensive Rookie of the Year - Robert Griffin III
Defensive Rookie of the Year - Morris Claiborne
Comeback Player of the Year - Peyton Manning