Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 40 Albums (20-11)


20 - No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls - Simple Plan (2002)
Favorite Song - I'd Do Anything
Once upon a time, this album got quite a bit of playtime in my life.  I'd Do Anything was released and the duo of Pierre and Mark Hoppus had me reeling.  That right there was more than enough for me to search out more of the songs on the album and was thrilled with what I heard.  I can honestly say, 1-12, the tracklist on this CD is superb.  God Must Hate Me was a personal favorite of mine for years, as well as My Alien.  It's a poppy album, pretty much the epitome of pop punk and it got me hooked.  I can't tell you how often I have enjoyed saying "I'm a dick" along with Pierre during Addicted.

19 - Homesick - A Day to Remember (2009)
Favorite Song - If It Means a Lot to You
I went backwards with A Day to Remember albums.  I heard this one, Homesick, before I heard What Separates You from Me (keep scrolling).  There's so many great songs on this album, it's really the perfect example of why I love A Day to Remember so much.  The Downfall of Us All is one of the best opening tracks I've ever heard for a CD while I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made of? keeps the fun going.  Have Faith in Me, Homesick, Another Song About the Weekend (which I have been listening a ton to lately) and of course, my undisputed favorite, If It Means a Lot to You rounds out this great album.  If It Means a Lot to You may be my favorire acoustic song of all-time.

18 - The Eminem Show - Eminem (2002)
Favorite Song - White America
Here's a curveball for you.  Simple Plan wasn't the only thing I was listening to in 2002.  I was obsessed with Eminem in the early-to-mid 2000's.  He was my favorite artist and I listened to his music constantly.  The Eminem Show was played on a loop, even after my parents took his CD away from me because of the content.  I always found a way to get it back and listen to it in my CD player.  I knew all of the lyrics to every song and constantly belted them out along with Shady.  I've definitely fallen out of favor with rap music since then, but this album will always be a favorite of mine.

17 - Nothing Personal - All Time Low (2009)
Favorite Song - Weightless
If you take a gander at my songs tally up there on the navigation bar, you'll see quite a bit of All Time Low.  You'll also see quite a few songs from this album.  This CD was the one that hooked me on All Time Low, the one that really made me take notice.  Weightless and its fantastic music video really resonated with and I simply could not get enough.  I played the crap out of this album, shared it with everyone I knew, including my professor I had in 2009 one semester (he loved it).  Break Your Little Heart, Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't), Lost in Stereo, Sick Little Games, Hello, Brooklyn, Too Much, Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal, and Therapy all still get a massive amount of playtime in my life.

16 - Move Along - The All-American Rejects (2005)
Favorite Song - Dirty Little Secret
You know what I love most about this album?  The fact that it resonates with me across so many years.  I literally have multiple different groups of people/events that this album sparks nostalgic memories with me.  I had a group of friends that this album was associated with when it first came out, then some time passed and it was partnered with someone else and now a third group of memories have begun sparking itself with this music.  So many memories packed within just 12 songs.  Dirty Little Secret is one of my favorite music videos while Stab My Back, Move Along, It Ends Tonight, 11:11 P.M. (yes, I used to make wishes at 11:11 P.M. because of this song before I became really jaded) and Straightjacket Feeling are just merely getting mentions right now.  All of these songs on this album are spectacular.  Oh yeah, my mom LOVES this CD, which is just awesome.  She really likes Night Drive.

15 - Coming Home - New Found Glory
Favorite Song - Oxygen
When I talk about albums from the mid 2000's that made huge indents on my life, this is one of the first I think of.  I love New Found Glory, Jordan Pundik can do no wrong with me.  Coming Home is my favorite album of their's and with good reason.  It's Not Your Fault, the album's one and only single, really did a great job of sparking an interest in me to go out and buy this.  A lot of songs tend to get lost in the shuffle with a CD, but not with Coming Home.  All of them resonate with me and spark memories of some pretty awesome times.  Oxygen gets dubbed as my favorite song because of sentimental reasons, just narrowly edging out Too Good to Be.  That being said, Hold My Hand, On My Mind, Taken Back by You, and Familiar Landscapes are all truly phenomenal songs to me.

14 - When Your Heart Stops Beating - (+44) (2006)
Favorite Song - No, It Isn't
Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest tease in music - (+44)!  (+44) was the side-project of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker when Blink-182 went on hiatus.  I instantly fell in love, it was exactly what a Blink-182 fanatic was dreaming of when they yearned for more delicious 182 goodness.  Unfortunately, a followup album was never produced and I don't think it ever will be.  One will have to suffice.  I ate this album fucking up and When Your Heart Stops Beating, No, It Isn't, Lycanthrope, Baby Come On, Little Death, 155, Cliff Diving, and Make You Smile all encapsulated, in the only way great music can, my life.  I'll always remember and appreciate the song Weatherman for getting me through a very rough patch in early 2007.

13 - Good Morning Revival - Good Charlotte (2007)
Favorite Song - Break Apart Her Heart
I've always been a huge sucker for Good Charlotte.  Catchy-ass pop punk songs just get to me.  In a weird way, it's almost like Good Charlotte has grown up with me.  Good Morning Revival was their "mature" album and I got into as I was entering that wonderful transitional part of my life in my 2nd half of high school. The River could be argued as my favorite song on the album, truly fantastic.  The collaboration of Good Charlotte and Avenged Sevenfold is done flawlessly.  All this gushing for The River, but if you glance down, what song do you see?   Break Apart Her Heart is one of the most brutally honest songs I have ever heard and I believe every single word sung in it.  It's basically my feelings encapsulated in one song and I cannot deny how much I relate to it.

12 - What Separates Me from You - A Day to Remember (2010)
Favorite Song - All I Want
I feel like I was just talking about this album.  Ah well, it's pretty fucking kick-ass.  All I Want took me by storm last year like no other song has ever done before.  I must have written about it every other week in the early stages of this blog.  Suffice to say, this album got me through the tail end of 2011, which was rough as hell.  All I WantSticks & Bricks, It's Complicated, 2nd Sucks, Better Off This Way, All Signs Point to Lauderdale, You Be Tails, I'll be Sonic, Out of Time, and If I Leave became the anthems of my life and I am forever in debt to A Day to Remember for making them.  If you're wondering, yes, I basically just listed off the entire track listing.

11 - Americana - The Offspring (1998)
Favorite Song - The End of the Line
I honestly marvel at this album.  It's truly a classic.  It's the oldest album on my list, by far, the only one made before the new millennium and it's more than stood the test of time.  My brother and sister listened to this CD all the time and I would sneak in their rooms and take it so I could listen to it too.  I loved Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) and Why Don't You Get a Job? so much.  I would watch T.R.L. with my sister after school every day just so I could see their videos.  I even sang an edited version of Why Don't You Get a Job? in front of my 2nd grade class.  Well over a decade later and I'm still singing Have You Ever, Walla Walla, The End of the LineStaring at the Sun, The Kids Aren't Alright, Feelings, and She's Got Issues because the lyrics are forever embedded in my mind.

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