Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Favorite Songs of All-Time (120-110)

120 - Nice Guys Finish Last - Green Day

Nice guys finish last, you're running out of gas.  Your sympathy will get you left behind.  Sometimes you're at your best, when you feel the worst.  Do you feel washed up like piss going down the drain?

Pressure cooker pick my brain and tell me I'm insane.  I'm so fuckin' happy I could cry.  Every joke can have its truth but now the joke's on you.  I never knew you were such a funny guy.

Nice guys finish last, when you are the outcast.  Don't pat yourself on the back, you might break your spine.

119 - Over My Head (Better Off Dead) - Sum 41

What happened to you?  You played the victim for so long now in this game.  What I thought was true is made of fiction and I'm following the same.  But if I try to make sense of this mess I'm in, I'm not sure where I should begin.  I'm falling.

Now they're over my head for something I've said, completely misread I'm better off dead.  And now I can see how fake it can be.  This hypocrisy is beginning to get to me.

If I had to say goodbye to leave this hell, I take my time has served me well.

This came all before, those who suffer more.  I'm too awake for this to be a nightmare.  What's with my disgrace?  I lost the human race.  No one plans for it to blow up in their face.

Who said it was easy to put back all of these pieces?

Over my head.  Better off dead.

118 - Angel - Slick Shoes

Looking into your eyes, I see all I want to be and I don't want it to end. If I could only put into words the way I see you, I only know I have an angel with me now.

And when I fall asleep, you're all that I see.  You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers.  I wish I could mean all that you mean to me.  My angel without wings.

I wish you could see all that you mean to me, but I could never find the words to tell you.

117 - Fireflies - Owl City

I'd like to make myself believe, that planet Earth turns slowly.  It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep, 'cause everything is never as it seems.

Leave my door open just a crack, please take me away from here.  'Cause I feel like such an insomniac, please take me away from here.  Why do I tire of counting sheep, please take me away from here, when I'm far too tired to fall asleep?

I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes.  I got misty eyes as they said farewell.

My dreams are bursting at the seams.

116 - I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan

Another day is going by, I'm thinking about you all the time, but you're out there, and I'm here waiting.  And I wrote this letter in my head, 'cause so many things were left unsaid, but now you're gone, and I can't think straight.  This could be the one last chance to make you understand.

I'd do anything, just to hold you in my arms, to try to make you laugh, 'cause somehow I can't put you in the past.  I'd do anything, just to fall asleep with you.  Will you remember me?  'Cause I know I won't forget you.

So now maybe after all these years, if you miss me, have no fear.  I'll be here, I'll be waiting.

I just can't let you leave me once again.

I close my eyes and all I see is you.  I close my eyes, I try to sleep, I can't forget you.

I'd do anything for you.

115 - This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) - Taking Back Sunday

I'll wait 'till you listen, I won't say a word.  To follow your instincts just never worked for me.  You're silent but strong, yeah I'm playing that card, and you're noticing nothing again.  Now I'm lying on the table with everything you said.  Keep that in mind, the way that I felt when the most I could do was to just blame myself.

Fell it out for once and feel nothing like everyone else.  I know you know, everything.  I know you didn't mean it.

Drop everything, start it all over, remember more than you'd like to forget.

So we're talking forever and you almost feel better, but better's no excuse for tonight.  You see it's never bad enough to leave or give up, but it's never good enough to feel right.

It will all catch up eventually, well it caught up and honestly the weight of my decisions were impossible to hold.  But they were never yours.

114 - Walk on Water or Drown - Mayday Parade

This hurts me more than I can stand to say.

I'll pace the halls to see if I could find a hole in something or maybe places to escape.  Oh and everybody knows this is the part of breaking down in anybody's arms.  I'm reaching down and hoping this one's ours.  God please let this stay.

Then I fell into pieces and she fell into me.  Saying "Play me a song, it's been too long since I've heard you sing."

You got here just in time to let me know I was worth saving.  If nothing more than for the heart.  Too proud to breathe but all too scared to say the things worth saying.  Who knew this trip would be this hard?  As I'm looking to the sky to count the stars, I wonder if you see them where you are.  I'm down on both my knees to pray tomorrow brings no pain.

We all fall to pieces, but at least you fell to me, but this is the wrong night.  Tell me goodnight and let it go.

I stayed here and you just prayed. My head would clear and I'd stay safe.

The pieces left that love has changed just saved everything.

113 - Wishing Well - Blink-182

Been gone a long time, I kinda lost my way, I can't find it.

I can try to get by, but every time I start to panic.  I'm a little bit shy, a bit strange and a little bit manic.

I went to a wishing well and sank to the ocean floor.  Cut up by sharpened rocks and washed up along the shore.  I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand.  Made its way through my heart, had fun in the promise land.

On the narrowing line, what a way to sort my troubles.  In a very short time, gonna pop, better duck and cover.  Can you figure me out?  I got caught like a little kid stealing.  Did I say it too loud?  A bit hard or a little misleading.

112 - You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic - A Day to Remember

I'm a mess, that's the best way to describe it. Having no time to myself is the only way I can fight it. When I'm alone, it's like I'm staring into a mirror. Don't know the person inside it and that's never been any clearer. I miss your family and I miss all our friends. If you had it to do over, would you do it over again? 'Cause I would, this meant something more to me. There's a hole in my heart where you used to be.  I still wish you the best of luck, baby.  And don't go thinking this was a waste of time.  I couldn't forget you if I tried.

You killed what was left of the good in me.  I'm tired so let me be broken.  Look down at the mess that's in front of me.  No other words need to be spoken.  And I've got nobody else to blame though I tried.  Kept all of our past mistakes held inside.  I'll live with regret for my whole life.

I confess that I brought this all on myself.  Condemned to suffer alone, like there's nobody else.  When you're gone, it's like a whole part of me's missing.  So I'll keep living the lie and just hope that you're listening.  I tried to make us a life here but our foundation was built on sand.  No time to run until the damage was done and I've never had the upper hand.

All the things you love are all the things I hate.  How did we get here in the first place?  I play it cool but it's hard to be.  All my trust is slowly burning inside of me.  Over what there can't be anymore progress, I know our fate.  The only thing that can heal this is time and space.

111 - Approach the Bench - The Audition

The crimes I've committed aren't heard by any judge and there are only two in this courtroom and I must confess.  What's done is done and I'm not the type that can't be conned into being convinced.  We both know this.

I should be ashamed of this, I'm not.  'Cause I have tasted grapes.  This smile, don't look.  It's my bait, my words, the hook.

These acts of immorality are the only things keeping me quiet.  Why can't you just accept the fact that I'm only as loyal as my options?  I can't believe that you would ever trust me.

Every night I wonder if you're there alone.

110 - The Few That Remain - Set Your Goals

Show us who you are.  Memorable first impressions only get you far, when you stay true, from beginning to end.

Fake persona's from your art.  I used to hang on every verse when my days would get hard.  Flash forward to present day and time.  A fraud, a hoax, a method actor reading scripted lines back. 

Why'd you take that path?  There's no way back, we are the spark that once would ignite a pilot light, burning deep in your heart. The start of making yourself out to be bigger than you really are.

Conscience is calling. Come and shut it up. Yeah, I know life gets rough sometimes. Big dollars take the pressure off of hard times, but gluttony's a sin and hunger will not let you win.  If you don't get a grip, use some self-will to control it.

You instilled, you helped to build a belief within me that I carry to this day.  You passed the torch, cared no more.  What a shame, who's to blame?  When the mighty fall from grace.

This time we want for you to man on up.  Right, and account for all your crimes.

I wanna know why you abandoned this and now hate it, just why?  But you don't know why.  Such an elusive, guileful, meaningless sham.

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