Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite Songs of All-Time (49-40)


49 - Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Here we go for the hundredth time, hard grenade pins in every line.  Throw 'em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind.  Filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose.  String me up from atop these roofs, knot it tight so I won't get loose.  Truth is you can stop and stare.  Run myself out and no one cares.  Dug a trench out, laid down there with a shovel up out of reach somewhere.  Yeah, someone pour it in, make it a dirt dance floor again.  Say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.

I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away.

I bleed it out, go, stop the show. Choppy words in a sloppy flow, shotgun, I pull, lock and load. Cock it back and then watch it go. Mama help me, I've been cursed. Death is rollin in every verse. Candy paint on his brand new Hearse, can't contain him, he knows he works. Fuck this hurt, I won't lie, doesn't matter how hard I try.  Half the words don't mean a thing and i know that I won't be satisfied.  So why try ignoring him?

I've opened up these skies.  I'll make you face this.  I pulled myself so far.  I'll make you face this now.

48 - Jersey - Mayday Parade

I'll have you know I'm scared to death that everything that you had said to me was just a lie until you left.  Now I'm hoping just a little bit stronger, hold me up just a little bit longer.  I'll be fine, I swear, I'm just gone beyond repair.

Let's write a song that we can dance to, 'cause they all wanna listen.  Just to know how it sounds when I do that thing you know that I do when I find inspiration.  This is me breaking down.

Let's write a song that we can sing to and you can lead the choir and put the hook where it hurts most.  And you threw a spark that lit the candle that set us all on fire.

I should have been your everything, I'm now at the end of my eternity.  And I fall asleep to have the darkest dreams.  This just won't seem right to me, I close my eyes and beg for peace.

47 - Even If She Falls - Blink-182

A heart of steel, always on her own.  Almost never real.

When the night will begin, the pain it won't end, even if she falls in love.  Back, you wanna turn back, your heart will attack, even if she falls in love.

She was like a blade of ice.  Like a lonley road, clear as day, alive.  Always sharp and cold, always beautiful.  I am such a fool.

Try to look in her eyes, the light is just right, even if she falls in love.  And it isn't so bad, it's driving you mad, even if she falls in love.

46 - Anthem - Zebrahead

I got a girlfriend, only she don't know it yet.

I want to make my mark, change the world with this flow, but all this doubt in my head, it won't let me go.  Can't you see I want to lock my door and shut out all the world surrounding me.  Safe from the problems and the pressures caused by insecurities.

Let the good times roll.  Get up, get up.  Take my heart and my soul.  Get up, get up.  

On and on and on and on.

Feel like everybody else just needs to see through different eyes from the outside looking in, we shout the anthem of our lives.  Come on and let me go and just like everybody else I feel the pain each time I try.  But I'll fight the bitter end to shout the anthem, the anthem of our lives.

I got a heartache, she's my insecurity.  I got all these on the tip of my tongue, but they escape me.  I want breakout, carpe diem.  I know but all this doubt in my head, it won't let me go.  Can't you see I want to find my own direction on this busy one-way street where all the influential people never bother helping me.

This is the anthem out to all the misfits.  If you feel you don't belong, if you don't give a shit about authority, about majority, about conformity.  Shout it out, let us go.

45 - Buried Myself Alive - The Used

You almost always pick the best times to drop the worst lines.  You almost made me cry again this time, another false alarm, red flashing lights.  Well this time I'm not going to watch myself die.  I think I made it a game to play your game and let myself cry.  I buried myself alive on the inside, so I could shut you out and let you go away for a long time.

I guess it's okay I puked the day away.  I guess it's better you trapped yourself in your own way.

I think the chain broke away and I felt it the day that I had my own time.  I took advantage of myself and felt fine, but it was worth the night.

If you want me back, you're gonna have to ask nicer than that.

With my foot on your neck, I finally have you right where I want you.

44 - Want You Bad - The Offspring

If you could only read my mind, you would know that things between us ain't right.  I know your arms are open wide, sure you're a little on the straight side, I can't lie.  Your one vice is you're too nice, come around now, can you see?

I want you, all tatooed.  I want you bad.  Complete me, mistreat me.  Want you to be bad.

If you could only read my mind, you would know that I've been waiting, so long.  Someone almost just like you, but with attitude I'm waiting, so come on.  Get out of clothes time, grow out those highlights.

Complicated, x-rated.

Don't get me wrong, I know you're only being good, but that's what's wrong, I guess I just misunderstood.

43 - Coffee Break - Forever the Sickest Kids

I'm two cups into my coffee break, I'm sitting alone in the cafe from the way.  Reading all by myself.  I'm turning my cell off just to breathe, 'cause everyone I know just keeps calling and I just need a little time.

I've overcommitted myself, I guess this is growing up.  I'm sleeping so little these days, I guess this is growing up.  I'm feeling things are about to change, I'm guessing this is growing up.

My mom hates my guts.  She has every reason to, from all the things I do.  And it breaks me just to know that I have torn her apart so many times.

I don't wanna change, I wanna stay right where I lay.  Eyes closed, head down on the pillow, I better change before it's too late.

Now I'm done with my coffee break, I turn on my phone now that I've grown up.

42 - It Hurts - Angels & Airwaves

It hurts.

Is this what you want?  'Cause everybody acts without a clue.  Every little kiss and grin you gave was just a little bullshit I saw through.  The alcohol is scented with your breath, you're always old enough to just be used.  I'm waiting for excuses that deceive, I'll meet you in the back to see them through.  How did I let her inside?  We're dripping of sweat, I'm feeling alright.  Her lips were the last thing touched tonight.  Your best friend is not your girlfriend.

Are you out of your mind?  You dug yourself into a liar's hole.  You made a little spark to live inside, it's now a fuckin' fire out of control.  And when the morning comes, you'll act surprised, and when the word gets out it will get old.  And everyday you'll try and live your life and every little scandal will unfold.

41 - Basket Case - Green Day

Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everthing all at once?  I am one of those melodramatic fools.  Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it.

Sometimes I give myself the creeps.  Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.  It all keeps adding up, I think I'm cracking up.  Am I just paranoid?  Am I just stoned?

I went to a shrink to analyze my dreams.  She says it's lack of sex that's bringing me down.  I went to a whore, he said my life's a bore, so quit my whining 'cause it's bringing her down.

Grasping to control, so I better hold on.

40 - Ready - The Starting Line

I've been waiting for good news, words to continue singing these ones to the same demographic.  Be it not perfect, let it be heard by those taking an interest.  Not for the critics holding their ears.

Gonna get ready.

I've been waiting for answers, dancing in circles, making me sick.  I've been chained like a tiger to hundreds of liars all holding hands.

Now I'm calling all the time, all I wanted was a little bit of time for me to try, try to get up.  I'm gonna get up.  All they wanted was a little bit of time for me to clear my head.

Gotta clear it up.

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