Saturday, April 14, 2012

Song(s) of the Day

Just heard Say Anything's new album, Anarchy, My Dear today for the first time and it's truly fantastic.  It's the Say Anything I know and love and these are two of my favorite songs featured on the CD.

Admit It Again - Say Anything

When I'm dead, I'll rest.  Admit it, you lecherous douche.  You were listening to my band in 2004, though you claim you reared on The Stooges. Your entire facade is a line that you feed to anorexic actresses who would have laughed at your jacked-up Navajo haircut less than a decade ago. Don't wanna hear about how the latest Rihanna single is a post-modern masterpiece, stop punishing me.  Fueled by a potent mixture of cocaine and latent insecurity.  Defining your own self-worth by the opinion of a stupid website with Satan as its figurehead.  Now you pass your pestilence on to your riddled and addled children.  Well, my mother didn't raise no fool.  God, my blood boils at the thought of you.  Poser, die.

You'll never cut me down again and your crap reigns down.

I'm sure you're proud that you've usurped the popular kids table, you son of a, ahem, which means you've forfeited your dubious anti-cred by buying into your own inflated hype.  And I don't define my enemies by the clothes they wear or the pretentious bands they like.  It's about how you seek to control minds just to appease what you've always lacked.

You'll never have your say again, again, again, again.  You'll never wield those words again.  Caught up in it, so full of it.

Don't want nobody, don't need nobody but me. No ashtray-life, no ant-farm university. When I rid my skin and reveal my core, you'll see when I perpetrate your reverse lobotomy. You'll see.  I'm all I wanna be, I'm all that I wanna be.  I'm all I wanna be.  Don't want nobody, don't need nobody but me.

Peace Out - Say Anything

Sometimes I feel a baby nipping softly at my heel.  A reminder of how fat and scared you love to make me feel.  A curse of such a fetching fraud without a soul to speak.  Inspired thirty songs I could have written in my sleep.  You snort a line of syphilis and run the marathon.  Your mentally deficient friends just ask you what you're on.  I may be shy and not reply to your scathing review, but I'd rather subsist on venom than abstain with you.

I'll be fine, sever this for all time.  I'll laugh it off when this ends.  You can just go get high with all of your dumb friends.

I was the kind to ask what wrong doing had injured Dahmer's pride or to excuse the junkie thief with diamonds in his eyes.  But now I taste a righteous fury sparkling with hate.  Well you'll diddle this earth up and think "Fetch mommy, it's too late."  I'll bite your head off, spit it out, and let it plunge away.  You and all your kind won't stamp your future on today.  The beat thumps loud, you sweat it out and grind on them for drugs.  You hug that pole like a firefighter falling in love.

Nsever another song, never another thought, never another song, not for you.

You were my crutch, now I've escaped your clutch.  So how is that worms-eye view?  I have grown two broad wings and now I'm above you.

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