Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Song of the Day

We'll sing just a little bit slower so she'll hang on to every single word.  Over these past few years I feel like I've been cheating myself.  I'm working hard all the time, you take the easy way out.  Over these past few years I've tasted who you're going to be.  Candy-coated on top, but so bitter underneath.

I know she'll never change.

No one said it didn't hurt and everybody knows good things take a little work so don't go giving up on the one, the one you love.

Over these past few years we've driven right into a dead-end and we'll keep spinning our tires until one of us gives in.  And we're approaching the question that I feel like we should ask.  Should we just catch different rides or just keep fixing the flats?

So close your eyes girl and tell me what you see.  The lives that we've created were all because of me.  So listen closely girl, 'cause our future is at stake, the reason we are ending is because I give, you take.  Close your eyes and tell me what you see.  A problem that's unchanging, a past that's haunting me.

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