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Top 100 Movies of All-Time (100-90)

     Way the hell back in August, I did a post covering my top 15 movies of all-time.  Since that post was really quite a lot of fun to write, I have had a desire to do a top 100 movies of all-time and here we are.  The desire to do it was always there, but between school & work, the time was not.  I've finally sat down and got this thing done and I must say, I'm really quite proud.  I have since reestablished my list of movies and made some changes in the rankings, as you'll tell if you compare the list in August to that of the one here.  My total movies viewed is now up to 759 and when you think about it, 100 of them is a very very small sample.  That being said, just because a movie didn't make the top 100, doesn't necessarily mean I disliked it, I just didn't like it as much as these!  The same thing I wrote in August still pertains now, these aren't movies I consider "masterpieces" or whatever, they're not all the most popular movies in the world, they're just the movies I find the most entertainment in.  As always with these rankings list, I will provide the movies that just missed the cut.  Signs, Space Jam, Spider-Man, The Shining, Kiki's Delivery Service, American History X, & South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut are all movies I thoroughly enjoy, just not as much as these movies.
      I will break this up into several posts featuring movies every day until we reach number 1 (because who wants to read 100 fucking movies in one post) so here's 100-90.

100 - American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho is just plain and simple, awesome.  Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman who just gets off at the notion of slaughtering people.  Patrick Bateman is one of my favorite movie characters of all-time, he's so interesting and captivating, even though he's a blood thirsty and cold hearted murderer, you still kind of wish he was your best friend.  The kills in this movie are an intriguing mix of brutal and hilarious.  Have you ever wanted to listen to Huey Lewis and the News while watching the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars get his shit rocked by Batman with an axe?  This is the movie for you then.

99 - Role Models (2008)
These are my type of comedies.  Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors going right now and he plays the lead in this movie, Danny Donahue who has to do 150 hours of community service in which Danny is paired up with McLovin himself, Augie Farques (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) This cast definitely enhances this movie for me, as I already mentioned Rudd & Mintz-Plasse (who I love) are the main attractions in this movie which also features the uber funny Sean William Scott, the amazing Elizabeth Banks, the hilarious Jane Lynch, and the surprisingly good Bobb'e J. Thompson.  My favorite part of this movie will always be the combination of Rudd & Mintz-Plasse, their characters are hilarious together.

98 - Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
Here's one of those movies that I fully admit at its core, is not a very good movie at all.  From the cheesy acting and idiotic characters, it's tough to get behind.  Unless, of course, if you're a massive horror movie nerd like myself.  It's a guilty pleasure movie, that's for sure.  What can I say?  I really dig watching two iconic horror movie characters duke it out, Freddy is made out to be the bad guy in the battle while Jason is actually somewhat of the hero (a term I use very loosely) The one gripe I have about this movie personally is the focus on the human characters.  No, I don't give a fuck about Monica Keena's character Lori Campbell or Jason Ritter's Will Rollins character.  I just want to watch Jason & Freddy kick ass.  That's right other member of Destiny's Child, keep your ass off my TV screen.

97 - The Butterfly Effect (2004)
I really have to say, I love this movie.  The story in the movie is phenomenal and Ashton Kutcher does a great job of playing a serious role as Evan Treborn.  It's so detail oriented and one of those movies you have to watch more than once to really capture and appreciate everything that happens.  This movie is filled with flashbacks that Evan has to when he was a child (at multiple stages of his life) and it's quite interesting to watch the story progress and alter.  This movie is filled with twists that left me glued to the TV screen, definitely another guilty pleasure movie and one that I find to be extremely underrated.

96 - Final Destination (2000)

I love the Final Destination series.  The kills are fun as hell and a thrill to watch, I thoroughly enjoy sitting there trying to figure out how the next dude is going to get rocked.  The first Final Destination deserves all the credit for kick-starting the franchise with its original and captivating story and premise.  Of the 5 movies in the franchise, only 2 of them are featured in my Top 100 and the reason this one isn't ranked as high as the other one on this list is to be honest, the characters annoy the shit out of me.  It's Final Destination I'm not expecting anywhere near Oscar worthy talent, but Devon Sawa's portrayal of Alex Browning is the whiniest little bitch of a character I've ever seen and Ali Larter (who is supposed to have a thing for Alex) makes her introverted character Clear Rivers seem like a lesbian.  I guess what makes this movie work so well for me is the fact that so many of the characters annoy me, so I can't wait to see them get brutally killed.

95 - Starship Troopers (1997)

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I'm not the world's biggest sci-fi fan.  There's a reason there isn't a single Star Wars or Aliens movie on this top 100.  That being said, Starship Troopers is fucking awesome.  Rico, played by Casper Van Dien is led to war against the bugs in space who have destroyed his hometown.  Between the amazing action sequences showcasing Rico & his fellow army men battling giant disgusting bugs and the back stories of friendship & love, this movie really has it all.  This movie also has something I believe EVERY movie should incorporate...a character played by the stupendous and legen...wait for it...DARY actor Neil Patrick Harris (who plays super genius psychic Carl Jenkins) 

94 - Office Space (1999)
I remember back in my senior year of high school, I went on a Kairos retreat for three days and when I returned, I became aware that while we were gone, my sociology teacher showed the movie Office Space.  I was PISSED, I had never seen it and always wanted to.  Fast forward a few years and I finally did see it and it didn't disappoint.  I had always heard about how hilarious and awesome this movie was and it definitely lived up to the hype.  Ron Livingston's portrayal of Peter Gibbons, a guy who has grown to hate his job and creates a goal of being fired, is superb.  Stephen Root as Milton Waddams is my favorite character in this movie along with John C. McGinley's character Bob Slydell.  Everyone wishes they could be like Ron Livingston at their job, just act like a general douche bag and be rewarded for it.  Office Space is one of those movies EVERY movie buff should see, definitely one of the best.

93 - The Evil Dead (1981)
The Evil Dead, for my money, is the 2nd best zombie movie ever made (you'll see my personal top zombie movie further down the list in the next coming days) Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams is legendary.  Ash Williams is one of the most iconic movie characters in the history of horror and Bruce Campbell is brilliant, badass, & even at times hilarious.  This is one of those movies that does a brilliant job of blurring the lines between horror and comedy and when done well (like in this movie) that can be a killer combination.  The deaths are outrageous and gory, more than enough to satisfy any horror junkie's blood pallet.  There used to be rumblings of a possible sequel to Freddy vs. Jason that would pit Freddy, Jason, & Ash Williams all against each other.  The movie will probably never happen, but if it did, TAKE ALL MY MONEY NOW I WILL GO SEE IT.

92 - Pineapple Express (2008)
I am a HUGE Seth Rogen fan, but in this movie, he takes a back seat for me.  His character, the stoner found way in over his head, Dale Denton is funny enough, but this movie is without a doubt anchored by equally stonerific sidekick Saul Silver played by James Franco.  The combination of Franco and also Red (played by Danny McBride) had me in stitches this entire movie, I know for a fact this movie would not be on the top 100 if it wasn't for those two guys.  This is one of those comedic movies that tries to turn itself into an action and it falls a bit short, especially considering I won't believe Seth Rogen is an action hero, ever.  Which is also why The Green Hornet didn't quite make this list...

91 - WALL-E (2008)
Oh God this movie is just fantastic.  WALL-E is one of several Pixar movies featured on this list and it's one of the cutest movies they've ever made.  WALL-E is a robot left behind to clean up Earth which, as it is in the year 2805, is a trash riddled mess left for WALL-E to clean up.  Somehow Pixar was able to create an animated movie featuring a little timid robot looking for companionship, who falls in love with EVE (another robot who is transported to Earth) and has to fight to keep her by his side.  This movie is done with extremely little dialogue and that's just fine by me, it doesn't need it.  It's a heart warming tale that leaves you wondering, "Is there ANYTHING Pixar can't do?"

90 - Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
I did no officially count, but I'm fairly certain in the top 100, director Kevin Smith probably has the most movies featured.  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has one of the most impressive casts I've seen in a movie between the featured characters and cameos.  Jay, played by the irreplaceable and hilarious Jason Mewes, Silent Bob, played by the wise and awesome director himself, Kevin Smith, Justice played by the extremely hot Shannon Elizabeth along with the insanely cute Sissy played by Eliza Dushku.  Chrissy played by Ali Larter & Kevin Smith's wife Jennifer Schwalbach who plays Missy.  Will Ferrell is featured in this film and fuck beans is he hilarious as Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly.  Ben Affleck & Jason Lee both play 2 parts in this movie respectively, as Affleck plays himself at one point and his character from Chasing Amy, Holden McNeil and Jason Lee plays his character from Mallrats Brodie & his character from Chasing Amy Banky Edwards.  Sprinkle in some cameos from Chris Rock, Jamie Kennedy, Matt Damon, Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Wes Craven, Mark Hamill, Alanis Morissette, Diedrich Bader, Sean William Scott, George Carlin, Judd Nelson, Jon Stewart, Shannen Doherty, Tracy Morgan, Jason Biggs, & James Van Der Beek and you have one of the most hilarious casts of all-time.

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