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Top 100 Movies of All-Time (89-80)

     Yesterday, I began my epic list counting down my top 100 movies of all-time with 100-90.  Here I am back at it today with numbers 89-80, moving us another day closer to reaching the top 10!  Make sure to keep checking out the blog every day and keep an eye out for Twitter updates announcing the releases of the next batch of movies each day.

89 - DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story (2004)
There are a lot of movies that, had I done a top 10 movies list back when I was in junior high wouldn't even sniff this list now.  DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story is an example of one movie that has definitely held up over time for me.  This movie introduced Vince Vaughn to me, whom I now love, as the lovable and carefree character Peter LaFleur as well as presented me with a hilarious character (White Goodman) played by Ben Stiller.  Normally, Stiller is hit or miss with me, and he definitely HIT in this movie.  Justin Long is one of my favorite actors and he plays the shy & awkward Justin Redman and of course you can't not mention the stunning Christine Taylor as Kate Veatch.  Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the small part Jason Bateman plays as the color analyst of the Dodgeball games, Pepper Brooks, is absolutely hilarious.  He has some of the best one-liners I've ever heard in a movie.  Dodgeball was always one of my favorite games to play growing up and the fact that such a hilarious movie was created showcasing it feels like it was made for me.

88 - Major League (1989)
When someone brings up the best sports movies ever made, a lot of people will reference Eight Men Out or perhaps Field of Dreams.  Not this guy.  Major League is a hilarious tale of a Cleveland Indians team left for dead by their vindictive new owner (Rachel Phelps played by Margaret Whitton) who wishes to move the team and thus tries to sabotage them.  She brings in lower level talent players such as Ricky Vaughn (played by Charlie Sheen) and Willie Mays Hayes (played by Wesley Snipes) and a washed up veteran Jake Taylor (played by Tom Berenger) One of the anchors of this cast was manager Lou Brown played by the late James Gammon.  I honestly can't get enough of this movie and my absolute favorite part will forever be the play-by-play comedic commentary of the legendary Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker who plays the at times disgruntled Indians announcer Harry Doyle.  This is a must-see for any baseball fan.

87 - Pet Sematary (1989)
One of the most underrated horror movies made in the past 30 years, definitely.  Pet Sematary is a movie based off a book by legendary horror author Stephen King.  I adore this movie; the transformation from astonishingly adorable Gage Creed (played by Miko Hughes) to sinister tiny little blood thirsty reincarnated killer.  The anguish and heartache you feel for Louis Creed (played by Dale Midkiff) as a father who is trying to deal with the tragic untimely loss of his youngest and only son is excruciating.  This movie is creepy and will make you feel very uncomfortable as you try to deal with some pretty rare aspects in a movie.  I read the book before I saw the movie and love them both, you truly have to appreciate a story when it's able to captivate you with two different mediums.  Oh and you shouldn't go down that ROAAAD.

86 - Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
This movie is just...weird...yet awesome.  It's a tale about an awkward and nerdy 7th grade girl named Dawn Wiener (played by Heather Matarazzo) who is trying to find her place in the world.  Her parents seem to love her little sister more than her and are more proud of her older brother.  She tries to deal with the fact that she's in love with the hunky older boy who is hooking up with other girls in her class and the bully boy who threatens to both cut and rape her in this movie.  There's no set ending to this movie, it just kind of leaves you hanging with an ambiguous conclusion that leaves it to you to make up your own interpretation as to what happens.

85 - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
Let me just say this, THANK GOD FOR THIS MOVIE.  Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is exactly what the title implies, it is the return of the iconic Michael Myers himself.  The third Halloween in the franchise is such an atrocity, it doesn't even have Michael Myers in the movie!  Luckily, Halloween 4 came around and we were re-introduced to Mikey and thus everything was right in the world of horror again.  Of all the sequels in the franchise, Halloween 4 is probably my 2nd favorite behind Halloween II.  It's true to the original and doesn't stray too far off from the the story presented to us and doesn't introduce us to any ridiculous plot twists.  Also, this movie introduces us to the shockingly cute Jamie Lloyd (played by the amazing Danielle Harris) who is Michael's 7 year old niece and the final link to Michael blood-wise.  The late Donald Pleasence reprises his role as Michael's psychiatrist as Samuel Loomis and without him, the Halloween franchise could not have been.  He's almost as iconic as Michael himself.

84 - Horrible Bosses (2011)
How can you not love the premise of this movie?  Every one of us who have held a job have had that boss we can't stand.  That's what the characters Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman), Dale Arbus (Charlie Day), & Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) are dealing with and they decide to go to the extreme, they're going to kill their bosses.  Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston), Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell), & Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) all horribly mistreat their employees which makes up for a hilariously well played comedy, one of the best of this past year.  This movie further convinced me that I have become a huge fan of both Jason Bateman & Charlie Day, two actors shooting high up my list of my favorites.

83 - Wedding Crashers (2005)
Wedding Crashers is one of those movies that has grown on me over the past several years.  I initially sort of liked it but never really had much of a desire to watch it again.  Perhaps because of my new found affinity for Vince Vaughn or even my love for Isla Fisher...yeah it's probably because of Isla.  Fisher plays the crazy girl in the movie, Gloria Cleary who falls for Jeremy Grey (played by Vince Vaughn) and the two of them create some hilarious and memorable scenes in the movie.  Owen Wilson as John Beckwith and Christopher Walken as William Cleary help solidify this fantastic cast.  Seriously, who doesn't love Christopher Walken?  Also, Rachel McAdams as Claire Cleary is just stupendous, Rachel McAdams is spectacular in anything she does.  One hidden gem of this movie is the cameo of Will Ferrell as Chaz Reinhold, just fantastic. 

82 - Knocked Up (2007)
Let's see, this movie has Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Martin Starr, Jason Segel, & Jonah Hill (all actors I adore) and it's only in the 80s?  I'm sure all 3 of you are asking, "What the fuck, Mike?!  Explain that shit!" And don't worry little birdies, I'll feed you.  Two words.  Katherine Heigl.  I despise her, she's annoying as shit and continues that trend in this movie.  Despite her desperate attempts to ruin this movie, I still very much enjoy it.  It will always leave a bad taste in my mouth however, when I become aware of the fact that Anne Hathaway & Jennifer Love Hewitt were both considered for Heigl's role.  Pretty sure if either of them would have gotten the part, this movie would be a hell of a lot higher on this list.  Regardless, this movie is hilarious and definitely a must see for any Judd Apatow fan.

81 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
I'm well aware that remakes aren't the most popular movies in the world, but I have to admit, I love this one.  A Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic horror tale and I feel the remake does a good job of updating it for a new generation.  While no one can ever replace the legendary Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, if anyone had to do it, Jackie Earle Haley is the perfect choice, because he did a great job.  He was able to make Freddy his own, rather than a carbon copy of Englund and I commend him for that.  The acting by everyone else leaves a bit to be desired, however.  I realize this is a movie where everyone is supposed to be lifeless due to a lack of sleep, but everyone literally looks asleep on screen.  Most of them just look lethargic and have little to no personality.  Rooney Mara who plays Nancy is the biggest culprit, someone tell this girl that just because she talks really softly with a blank expression on her face doesn't mean it gives the impression of her being terrified.  I will give credit, however, to Kyle Gallner who plays Quentin and does it quite well.  In the end, it's a pretty beautiful movie to look at (cinematography and theme are both very well done) and Jackie Earle Haley basically carries this film the whole way.

80 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
I know it might be cliche to say, but this movie is magical.  The first movie to kick-start the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has gotten better with time.  Sure, the newer ones are spectacular adventures filled with a million things to go crazy about, but the original still deserves its recognition.  Little Harry, Ron, & Hermione all make their debuts (played by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grant, & Emma Watson) to Hogwarts and present us with a story of a young boy discovering his wizarding powers as he comes face to face with the dick who killed his mom and dad (but he also gave him a kick-ass scar that is sure to get chicks) I love the secondary story of this movie with the different groups of wizards and witches in the school fighting for the house cup.  This movie will always have a soft spot in my heart for its innocence and pure beauty.

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