Sunday, October 23, 2011

Song of the Day

     Okay, raise your hand if you bet that today's song of the day would be from the singer Lights.  Anyone?  Yeah, I didn't think so, what can I say?  My music taste can be a tad bit unpredictable at times.  Sometimes it's nice to go from having A Day to Remember screaming in my ears to a chill ass beautiful singer like Lights calm things out.  If I may be a guy for a moment, Lights is absolutely gorgeous.  This Canadian beauty has a knack for making some catchy and moving songs, she may not be the stereotypical type of musician I turn to, but there definitely can be some days where Lights is a-okay by me.  This song was turned on to me by someone earlier and it has invaded my mind.  The lyrics of Cactus in the Valley are touching and beautiful and can really hit you.  They certainly did that for me.
Song of the Day Tally:
Blink-182 - 8 (Kaleidoscope, Reckless Abandon, Love is Dangerous, After Midnight (2x), Feeling This, Wishing Well, Story of a Lonely Guy)
A Day to Remember - 7 (All I Want, All Signs Point to Lauderdale, It's Complicated, 2nd Sucks, Sticks & Bricks, If I Leave, You Had Me at Hello)
Say Anything - 3 (Admit It!!!, Do Better, Crush'd)
All Time Low - 2 (Remembering Sunday, Painting Flowers)
Mayday Parade - 2 (Terrible Things, I Swear This Time I Mean It)
Secondhand Serenade - 1 (Stranger)
Set Your Goals - 1 (Our Ethos: A Legacy to Pass On)
Simple Plan - 1 (When I'm Gone)
Lights - 1 (Cactus in the Valley)
Madina Lake - 1 (Me vs. the World)
Four Year Strong - 1 (So Much for the Afterglow)
Boys Like Girls - 1 (Five Minutes to Midnight)
School Boy Humor - 1 (Camera Shy)
Armor For Sleep - 1 (Car Underwater)
The Ready Set - 1 (Airplanes)
Vegas Wake Up - 1 (Last Friday Night)

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