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Top 15 Favorite Songs by...SAY ANYTHING

     Say Anything was introduced to me while I was in high school and I have no problem saying that when it comes to my high school years, they were my most listened to band.  From their early stuff with Baseball, Menorah/Majora, to the albums at the time, ...Is a Real Boy & In Defense of the Genre.   I was obsessed with Max Bemis and the boys.  I saw them live in concert, which remains as my 2nd favorite concert I've ever been to.  I just could not get enough of this pop punk band from Los Angeles, California.  For the past couple years I have drifted away from them a bit, admittedly.  But it seems as though lately I've gotten back into them, regardless, they will always remain as a top favorite band of mine, hence why they're the 3rd band I've chosen to dedicate a top 15 favorite songs list to.  I have to say, I'm pretty psyched that they will be releasing a new album coming up in 2012.  Now then, as always, before we get to the top 15 songs.  He's a look at the batch of songs that I love, but couldn't quite crack the official list.  All My Friends, Baseball, But Better, The Church Channel, No Soul, Hate Everyone, This Is Fucking Ecstasy, Sorry, Dudes.  My Bad, We Killed It, In Defense of the Genre, That Is Why, People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist, Died a Jew, Surgically Removing the Tracking Device, Belt, & About Falling.  Blink-182 was tough for me to narrow down, while A Day to Remember I found to be quite easy to determine a top 15.  Say Anything was a lot like Blink-182, I had a lot of trouble narrowing it down and there are quite a few honorable mentions I may end up regretting not including in this final list.  Ah well, time to see who actually DID make it!

15 - Do Better (Say Anything)
This song motivates me, I have to admit.  A song about not being content with mediocrity and always trying to better yourself.  It may be a tough task to fulfill, but every one of us can be the  best person in the world.  We all have that chance.  It may sound corny, but it's true.

14 - Woe (...Is a Real Boy)
When I think back to my high school years and my fondness for Say Anything, there's a batch of songs that always stand out to me as the top guns.  The ones I listened to more than any of the others.  Woe, from the album ...Is a Real Boy, was definitely one of those top guys.  I loved this song, Max sings it in such a unique way that I cannot get enough of.  I can't get laid in this town, without these pointy fucking shoes.  Pretty sure I have never not sang that lyric when listening to this song.  One of those lines I can't help but sing-along with.

13 - She Got Away (Junior Varsity)
At some point during my Say Anything fandom, I decided the songs from the studio albums were no longer enough.  My fix was no longer satisfied from the same songs, I needed to hear ALL OF THEM.  So I searched and found some of Say Anything's early EP CDs that featured many songs not released on studio albums.  There are quite a few of hidden gems featured in these lesser known CDs.  She Got Away is certainly a case of that.  It's a a catchy love song that doesn't try to be anything else than that, it's so simple, yet so great.

12 - High School Low (Junior Varsity)
An acoustic masterpiece about the shittiness of high school.  Max Bemis goes on a diatribe about high school being everyone's so-called "best years."  Which we all know is bullshit.  A lot of people go through some pretty awful years in high school and this is the song for them.  I didn't really have that dreadful of a 4 years at my high school, it certainly could have been a lot worse.  But regardless, I still listened to this song quite a bit and applied its lyrics to my life.  It manages to be heartfelt, sympathetic, & hilarious all at the same time.  It's a desperate cry for a sign that things do in fact get better.

11 - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too (...Was a Real Boy) (Bonus Reissue of ...Is a Real Boy)
So in a depressing turn of events, the official music video for this wonderful song is not on Youtube. The music video is too good to deny so I did find it on metacafe right here.  Provided you can sit through the dumbass ad of Nick Cannon beforehand (which is what I saw) then you will see a hilarious video featuring Max Bemis singing about phone sex along with The Fonz.  You know what I think of when I hear this song?  My mom.  Yep.  My mom loves this song for inexplicable reasons and would often times sing along with it whenever I had it on and she adores the music video.  I'm still not quite sure what to make of this.  She's a wonderful lady, though.

10 - Mara and Me (Say Anything)
There are babies with guns beheading their friends in shopping malls around the world.  Yet somehow the Kings of Leon still find time to write songs about girls.  I don't suck much less!  At least those dudes have no illusions of angst and hopelessness.  And if I claim revolutionary or I give to charity, they'll all know it's a plea for someone like me.  Disgusted with lies and cut down by their own beatnik poetry.  I'm just one man with no face and no friends.  God in this dank Brooklyn bar I can feel it again, it's eating me.  Wait a second, I can't sing the same damn song over and over again.  That paragraph of words is the opening lyrics to this song, Mara and Me featured of Say Anything's self-titled album.  I love it so much and it has had me captured since the first moment I heard it.  I like music with a little depth sometimes, not the same old radio friendly pop rock songs ran out by bands such as Kings of Leon.  So I thank you, Max Bemis & Say Anything, for providing me with my musical drug.

9 - Colorblind (Baseball: An Album by Say Anything)
Another earlier song by Say Anything, being featured off their debut album.  And I move too slow and I think too fast.  I've written about this before, but that lyric is me in a nutshell.  I love that I can get just as much enjoyment out of Say Anything listening to music they'v made over a decade ago as well as the songs they've made within the past year or two.

8 - Crush'd (Say Anything)
I have no quarrels admitting that the self-titled album by Say Anything was a tiny bit of a disappointment to me.  A disappointment in the sense that I just didn't OBSESSIVELY love it like I did the two preceding it.  There are, however, several songs on that album that I adore, on that same level as those in ...Is a Real Boy & In Defense of the Genre.  Crush'd is certainly one of those songs I can listen to over and over.  It's such a simple love song, which is something I adore about the track.

7 - Admit It!!! (...Is a Real Boy)
This is the epitome of what I love about Say Anything.  Max Bemis can project his lyrics in such a unique fashion.  He's a great singer, great performer, & musician all together.  The lyrics in this song are fantastic, I love that it's a big "screw you" to the losers out there that think they're better than everyone else, simply because they're "different" and don't fall into stereotypes (when they in fact absolutely do.  They're just too stubborn and oblivious to realize it).

6 - Every Man Has a Molly (...Is a Real Boy)
One of the classic Say Anything songs to me.  Obviously, since it's in the top 6, this is a Say Anything song I can't get enough of.  A great song about the hardships of being a successful musician and having to deny all your personal relationships.  Normally I don't give a fuck about rich people bitching about how tough their life is, but somehow Max Bemis makes me sympathize with him.  My friend & I do very much enjoy changing the title of this song to Every Man Has a Maggie, by the way, because neither of us had a Molly.  Sorry Max, we disproved your theory.

5 - Death for my Birthday (Say Anything)
It's almost criminal how catchy this song is.  Whenever I hear it, this track gets cemented into my mind and doesn't go away for a long time.  It's my favorite song off their self-titled album and I can't help but sing along with Max every time I hear it.

4 - Shiksa (Girlfriend) - (In Defense of the Genre)
You know the crazy awesome thing about Say Anything?  Shiksa (Girlfriend) is one of my favorite songs of all-time, but remains as only number 4 when it comes to Say Anything.  It's such an honest song about what love can do to you and the music video is fantastic.  The girl who joins Max at the diner is so gosh darn beautiful.

3 - Alive with the Glory of Love (...Is a Real Boy)
This is the song, the song that introduced me to the amazing world of Say Anything.  My friend showed me this video and I was hooked forever.  This remains as one of my favorite songs ever and will always remain that way.  This is the perfect song for a Say Anything novice to hear without ever knowing of them previously.  A perfect example of how clever and fantastic a Say Anything song can be

2 - Skinny, Mean Man (In Defense of the Genre)
This song is the one that kicks off the In Defense of the Genre album as well as the song that kicked off the concert I attended as well.  It's such a kick-ass and fantastic song that hits you with so much force when it begins.  You listen to Admit It!!! and see how calmly and methodically Max can deliver his lyrics, then hear this song and see how exciting and forcefully he can deliver them.

1 - Walk Through Hell (Menorah/Majora)
Another one of those songs that sneaks up in there.  You have all these popular songs from Say Anything from their major studio albums and this song, Walk Through Hell from the band's free EP they released on their website in 2002 as my favorite song by them.  It's the perfect song about being in love, words can't describe how truly amazing it is to me.  You gotta love when personal feelings and experiences enhances a song and that is certainly the case with this track.

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