Saturday, May 26, 2012

Song of the Day

Today was an oddly good one.  Odd in the sense that it wasn't a typical night of fun, but has made me content nonetheless.  I decided walking to work would be a good idea earlier and it certainly was.  Beautiful day and listening to my iPod for the duration of the 3.5 mile walk made for a pretty relaxing and rewarding little excursion.  I got home and bought myself some dinner.  Hadn't had Jersey Mike's in a while and felt like that needed to be changed.  Original Italian is just superb.  Had no real plans for tonight, but spent hours texting a surprising person for most of it after receiving a greeting from them while I worked.  One of those really good conversations that reminds me why I enjoy being a nice guy, provided that someone actually gives me a motivation to do so.  I was ecstatic to see, when I got home, Netflix had delivered the next disc to my house of Big Bang Theory.  My wonderful mother asked what it was and when she found out, exclaimed how much she loved the show.  I was all set to chill alone and watch it, until she offered to make us some popcorn and watch it together.  Took her up on the offer and spent the night laughing at Sheldon Cooper with my mom while texting.  Oddly enough, wouldn't have had it any other way.  That being said, fucking ecstatic to go out tomorrow night with friends to see a movie.  I listened to music on the roughly hour long walk to work and God knows there were plenty of options for song of the day, but The Few That Remain prevailed through all the worthy candidates.

3rd tally for Set Your Goals, 1st tally for The Few That Remain

The Few That Remain - Set Your Goals
You instilled, you helped to build a belief within me that I carry to this day.  You passed the torch, cared no more.  What a shame, who's to blame when the mighty fall from grace?

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