Saturday, December 8, 2012

Songs of the Week

Summaries are overrated.  I miss my iPod.  December is probably going to be an interesting month - looking forward to it.

1st tally for Kanye West, 1st tally for All of the Lights

All of the Lights - Kanye West
If you want it, you can get it for the rest of your life.

4th tally for Bo Burnham, 1st tally for Oh Bo

Oh Bo - Bo Burnham
I spot a little Latino, booty so big call it Oprah's ego. We go to it, through it, she says "Dios mia mi amigo!" Pull it out, stick it in your mouth and I bust in the back of ya'. Swallow, bitch, there's people starving in Africa. Single every single day. Do it every single way. Make the single ladies say "Oh, bo." And if I were gay, though I swear, I'm straight, I'd make the fellas say...

5th tally for Bo Burnham, 1st tally for I'm Bo Yo

I'm Bo Yo - Bo Burnham
I'm like Doug's friend Skeeter whenever I meet her 'cause I skeet her so hard you could call her Patty Mayonnaise.

5th tally for Hollywood Undead, 1st tally for Young

Young - Hollywood Undead
We will fight or we will fall, 'til the angels save us all. We are young, but we have heart. Born in this world as it all falls apart.

6th tally for Hollywood Undead, 1st tally for Hear Me Now

Hear Me Now - Hollywood Undead
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest. I keep searching for something that I never seem to find, but maybe I won't because I left it all behind. Now, I'm stuck with this and that'll never change. Always a part of me until the very last day. Where to go from here? What road to travel on? I spent my whole life choosing and I always chose wrong. Will I try to have the will to be alive? Will I try because I've never seen the light? Blow it to the ground and it's now you see, you spent your whole life taking the best of me. Where'd you go? Where's your home? How'd you end up all alone? Can you hear me now? There's no light, there's no sound. Hard to breathe when you're underground.

30th tally for Say Anything, 1st tally for About Falling

About Falling - Say Anything
I don't really even care if I'm alone now and I don't really give a damn about falling in love. Falling in love. Body burdened by my heavy heart of stone now.

31st tally for Say Anything, 1st tally for The Futile

The Futile - Say Anything
Shit, nothing makes sense. So, I won't think about it. I'll go with the ignorance. Eat, sleep, fuck and flee - in four words, that's me. I am full of indifference.

32nd tally for Say Anything, 1st tally for Have At Thee!

Have At Thee! - Say Anything
She'll never let me down again. So, I'll go out and get crunk with my friends. My own brand of medicine. Defecate on the lawns of the Barbie's and Ken's. She made me want to take the blade to my skin and tear out the machine she installed from within. I'll blow her love away. She drives me insane.

58th tally for Blink-182, 3rd tally for Even if She Falls

Even If She Falls - Blink-182
Always sharp and cold. Always beautiful. I am such a fool.

59th tally for Blink-182, 3rd tally for Feeling This

Feeling This - Blink-182
This place was never the same again after you came and went. How can you say you meant anything different to anyone standing alone on the street with a cigarette on the first night we met. Look to the past and remember and smile and maybe tonight I can breathe for awhile. I'm not in the scene, I think I'm fallin' asleep, but then all that it means is I'll always be dreaming of you. Fate fell short this time. Your smile fades in the summer. Place your hand in mine, I'll leave when I wanna.

60th tally for Blink-182, 1st tally for Obvious

Obvious - Blink-182
I saw you again. I know you fucked him again. Can you comfort yourself with a sense of revenge? Are you leaving me here with the taste of the end? At times like these, it's obvious.

61st tally for Blink-182, 1st tally for Untitled

Untitled - Blink-182
Just as things change, as well my feelings do. In time things rearrange. I am so sick of chasing you. But, what do I get? 'Cause I just seem to lose. You make me regret those times I spent with you and playing those games as I wait for your call. And now I give up, so goodbye and so long.

2nd tally for B.o.B. 1st tally for The Kids

The Kids - B.o.B.
Sometimes it's hard to grow while living in fear of the unknown. How can he ever give love when no love is in his heart? A child can barely see that I do worry about tomorrow and what it beholds. He drowns himself deep down in his sorrow. Will you run or will you share your light? Tell a story of the live and try. See it when we're given hope that we know that we can grow. We're trapped inside the matrix. Forced to play our hand. We're filled with so much hatred, the kids don't stand a chance. I said the kids don't, the kids don't stand, the kids don't stand a chance.

7th tally for Four Year Strong, 5th tally for Fairweather Fan

Fairweather Fan - Four Year Strong
Just give me one, one good reason to forgive you of your treason. You turned your back, you ran away at the first sign of light of a brand new day.

41st tally for All Time Low, 1st tally for The Reckless And The Brave

The Reckless And The Brave - All Time Low
Long live the reckless and the brave. I don't think I want to be saved. My song has not been sung. So, long live us.

16th tally for Childish Gambino, 1st tally for Break (AOTL)

Break (AOTL) - Childish Gambino
You can't go HAM, you's a Jewish nigga.

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