Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011-12 NBA Preview

     Here I am writing the post that I thought would never happen.  The NBA preview for the 2011-12 season!  Due to the horrifically bad & painful lockout that lasted for 160 days.  The lockout began on July 1, just a short time after the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat for the NBA championship in 6 games.  Last year was such a phenomenal year for the NBA, it's a damn shame the fans were screwed out of 324 games.  That's 324 games featuring young superstars on the brink of becoming the faces of the NBA with Derrick Rose & Kevin Durant, the Miami Heat embracing their villain mentality and showcasing their talents across the NBA, & the initial splashes of potential rookie phenoms Kyrie Irving & Derrick Williams.  That's all in the past now, as the lockout has been officially over since early December.  We now get to look forward to watching the season play out as there will be 66 games, rather than the normal 82, due to the lockout.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out for teams.  There's going to be several instances of teams playing back-to-back-to-back games.  That could take a toll on the older teams.  OKAY!  Enough of this silly intro.  It's time for my personal predictions for the final standings in each conference, team's records, the awards, & ultimately the NBA championship.

Eastern Conference:

1 - Miami Heat
Projected Record - 48-18
If you know me, you'll be aware of the fact that I really don't like the Miami Heat all that much.  I think they're overly arrogant, hypocritical, selfish, & bitch far too much.  They like to play the victim, when they are in fact, the villains.  But to be fair...they're insanely talented.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & Chris Bosh are as good a trio as you'll ever see.  LeBron & Wade are 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA, while the 3 of them together are all in the top 15.  Both LeBron & Wade will make serious cases for the MVP this season.  The only downside to this team is the supporting cast.  Mario Chalmers is a formidable point guard, but his role is probably better suited as a back-up, rather than starting.  Rookie point guard, Norris Cole, could easily take his starting spot if he shows some ability to keep up with this team and contribute quality minutes.  Mike Miller was a huge bust for them last year, as he spent a good majority of the season hurt, and this season doesn't look that much better.  He's expected to miss at least the first month of the season because of a hernia surgery.  Luckily for the Heat, they were able to sign veteran small forward, Shane Battier.  Battier is old, but remains as a solid perimeter defender.  It remains to be seen if he'll be able to keep up with this high octane offense of Miami and still be effective come June in the playoffs.  Udonis Haslem comes into the season healthy, which is huge for this team.  Haslem was a major factor in Miami's success in the playoffs last year, they'll certainly be relying on him heavily to man the paint, considering his running mates, Eddy Curry, Joel Anthony, & Dexter Pittman are hardly studs.  The Miami Heat will live & die with their bench.  If the supporting cast is able to provide some sort of support to LeBron, Wade, & Bosh, then this team is pretty much unstoppable.

2 - Chicago Bulls
Projected Record - 45-21
The Chicago Bulls surprised everyone last year when they finished with the best record in the entire NBA.  They were led by the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA, Derrick Rose.  There's no reason to believe Rose won't be right back up there in the MVP discussion this year.  He's only going to get better.  Rose is basically Allen Iverson, but more athletic and a better passer.  He is the one of the most athletic players in the entire league, as he's able to dunk over players and perform insanely athletic lay-ups going around defenders at will.  His speed is nearly unmatched and he often times carries his team to victory.  That is both an asset and detriment to this Bulls team.  When they're shooting on all cylinders, they're contenders for the championship.  However, when the rest of the team struggles and Rose is forced to try and do everything, they become a beatable one dimension team.  Another year led by last year's coach of the year (in his 1st year as a head coach in the NBA) Tom Thibodeau means more chemistry for one of the league's deepest and best defensive teams.  Last year's starting shooting guard, Keith Bogans (who started all 82 games) has been released from the team, as they are opting to go more offensive.  They signed the veteran, former NBA champion, Richard Hamilton to take his place.  Hamilton may not be as gifted as Bogans when it comes to defense, but his offensive game is far superior.  He'll hopefully be able to take a bit of the load off of Rose's shoulders.  He simply has to hit his open shots.  Carlos Boozer is supposedly healthy, which could be huge for this Bulls team.  He was signed last year as that complimentary piece for Rose, but was largely a disappointment due to injuries & inconsistent play.  If he is fully healthy and can return to form as a dominant offensive player & rebounder, the rest of the NBA could be in trouble.  The defense of this team is led by their young center, Joakim Noah, who is the heart and soul of the team.  He's one of those 100% effort all the time guys, the type of thing a lot of NBA teams yearn for in their players.  Luol Deng, the team's starting small forward, made huge strides last year as he finally lived up to his massive contract by averaging 17.4 PPG and playing a whopping 39.1 minutes per game.  He is the glue of this team.  The deep bench is led by defensive studs, Ronnie Brewer & Taj Gibson.  Add in C.J. Watson, Kyle Korver, Omer Asik, & rookie Jimmy Butler and you have one of the best benches in the NBA.  The Chicago Bulls have all the potential in the world and the ability to win it all.  Provided the rest of the team can keep up with Derrick Rose and give him some support.

3 - Boston Celtics
Projected Record - 40-26
Here's where I think the next tier of teams in the East begins.  The Heat & Bulls are on a whole other level of good, the Celtics have fallen back to the pack and been passed by those young studs.  The Celtics are getting older and their window is slowly closing, but not quite yet.  This team is still going to be extremely dangerous in the playoffs with guys like Rajon Rondo at point, Ray Allen at the 2, Paul Pierce at small forward, & Kevin Garnett at the 4.  Rondo is probably the best defending point guard in the league and arguably the best passer in the NBA.  He started out on fire last year but injuries slowed him down.  Look for him to continue to showcase how a point guard is supposed to play in the NBA.  Ray Allen remains as one of the best shooters in the league and it's a joy to watch him shoot, seriously one of the prettiest jumpers in the game.  Paul Pierce is the emotional leader of this team.  As he goes, the team goes.  If The Truth is playing at a high level, then the Celtics are a team to be reckoned with.  Kevin Garnett is nowhere near as good as he was when he first came to Boston, but he's still one of the better power forwards in the league and as intense as they come.  What he lacks in mobility and skill, as he grows older, he makes up for with heart and passion.  After the top 4, this team takes a MASSIVE dip.  They're currently slated to start the often injured Jermaine O'Neal who has become a shell of his former all-star self.  The bench was going to be led by Jeff Green, who was brought over in the Kendrick Perkins trade at the deadline last season, but an abnormality in his heart was found during a physical and he will have to miss the entire season.  That is a crushing blow for this Boston team, which really has no real semblance of a bench.  Picking up Brandon Bass in the trade with Orlando that sent away Glen Davis was spectacular.  Bass is an underrated and efficient player who fits much better on this Boston team than Davis did.  Other than that?  Not much to write home about.  Avery Bradley, Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels, Chris Wilcox, & Sasha Pavlovic are not going to get it done come playoff time.  Unless the big 4 have a surge in the playoffs and lead this team, I don't see them being able to get past the deeper, younger, & more talented Heat & Bulls teams.

4 - New York Knicks
Projected Record - 38-28
The New York Knicks are back.  Last year they made strides, being led by newly signed free agent Amar'e Stoudemire and the young athletic core of Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, & Landry Fields  Fast forward one year later and the only player in the group left with Stoudemire is Fields.  Carmelo Anthony was brought over from Denver in a trade and New York became home to one of the best duos in the NBA.  Offensively, Anthony & Stoudemire are arguably the best, but they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to defense.  Coach Mike D'Antoni has never been known for his defensive influence, he's an offensive mastermind, which can only get a team so far.  I do think with the addition of Tyson Chandler, who was a major piece of the puzzle that got Dallas a championship last year, the defense will improve.  Chandler in the paint means a ton of pressure is taken off of Stoudemire's shoulders.  Amar'e could have the best season of his career this year.  Like the Celtics, New York lacks depth.  Chauncey Billups was waived to clear cap room for Chandler, so the team is now stuck with Mike Bibby (who barely made a dent when he was moved to the Miami Heat last year) and Toney Douglas (a volume scorer who is probably more valuable as a Jamal Crawford esque player who comes off the bench and provides a good spark) at the point.  Baron Davis is going to be brought in, but he is going to be recovering from back surgery and will miss the beginning of the season.  Davis is old and not in the best of shape.  It's a long shot that he becomes a productive member of this team.  Their shooting guard, Landry Fields, the steal of the draft last year (drafted 39th overall in the 2nd round) made the first team of the All-Rookie team.  He's not a scorer, which is fine, with a team that has Carmelo Anthony & Amar'e Stoudemire, he doesn't need to score.  He's expected to do what he does best, which is play defense.  With New York, it remains to be seen if the defense of Fields & Tyson Chandler can match the offensive output of Anthony & Stoudemire.  If it can, then this team can beat Boston in the playoffs and give Miami & Chicago a run for their money.

5 - Orlando Magic
Projected Record - 37-29
As I write this, Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic and no longer considered to be on the trading block.  Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA, it's not even close.  There's Dwight and then there's everyone else.  He's an MVP candidate, a dominant force in the paint, the best dunker in the league, & a top shot blocker as well.  In a league where dominant centers are a thing of the past, Dwight continues to shine.  He's only got 1 year left on his contract, so he's playing for a new deal this year.  Expect him to continue putting up amazing stats across the board.  At the end of the year, he's going to be in the MVP discussion.  Dwight Howard is most valuable when he is surrounded with shooters who can hit their open shots when he's doubled down low.  Ryan Anderson is a good shooter, along with Jameer Nelson, J.J. Redick, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson, & Hedo Turkoglu.  These are all solid NBA players, but none of them are near that level of above average NBA players.  In a league where some teams have 3 superstars, you need to be stacked if you want to compete.  No matter how dominate Dwight is, it's not going to be enough in the long haul.  Orlando's most notable addition to the team this past off-season was bringing in Glen Davis.  A solid addition, sure, but not if they have to give up Brandon Bass to make it happen.  Glen Davis may be the more entertaining player, but that doesn't mean he's better.  Bass is going to be missed more than Davis will be appreciated.  The addition of Larry Hughes is a head scratcher.  He didn't play in the NBA last year for a reason.  He's a cancer to his teams.  He plays absent-mindedly and takes far too many shots.  I wouldn't be surprised if he manages to piss off Dwight Howard a time or two this season.  The Magic are the epitome of a middle of the pack team.  They're not on the same level of the top 4 in the conference, but still slightly better than the teams finishing 2-3 spots below them.  Orlando fans should appreciate this year though, because next year they could be in the cellar while Dwight Howard is off playing in another city.

6 - Philadelphia 76ers
Projected Record - 36-30
Here is my dark horse team in the NBA.  I think Philadelphia has the potential to exceed expectations and maybe even finish with a better record than Orlando.  They have a better team chemistry than the Magic and are just as, if not deeper than they are.  Elton Brand played great for them last year and if he can keep it up while Andre Iguodala continues to be underrated across the NBA as one of the better defenders at the small forward position and freakishly athletic, then they'll have a very solid duo.  Mix that in with the NBA's next stud young point guard, Jrue Holiday, and you got yourself a team that could make some noise this year.  Thaddeus Young was re-signed and is poised to make another run at the NBA's 6th Man of the Year award. Jodie Meeks emerged as a great shooter last year for Philly and all he has to do is continue to nail open shots.    The duo of Young & Louis Williams is one of the best 1-2 combinations coming off the bench in the NBA.  The potential success of this team relies heavily on the young players.  Can Marreese Speights finally take that step into becoming a productive member of a playoff team's rotation?  What will the rookie Nikola Vucevic provide to the team?  I believe Evan Turner, playing in his 2nd year in the NBA, could be poised for a breakout.  I expect him to be in the discussion for the NBA's Most Improved player.  A lot of things have to go right for Philly to make a run in the playoffs this year, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

7 - Atlanta Hawks
Projected Record - 34-32
Some may say I'm underestimating the Atlanta Hawks, but you still me what there is to get excited about here.  Joe Johnson is a great shooter, no doubt, be he remains as one of the NBA's most overpaid players.  His contract is holding this team back critically and they're going to regress more than progress.  Josh Smith is freakishly athletic, but seems more interested in taking jump-shots from the perimeter and behind the 3 point line rather than driving to the basket and using his size and athleticism to his advantage.  He is also reportedly unhappy in Atlanta, could we be seeing the birth of a new NBA player with a bad attitude holding a team back?  Remains to be seen.  One player who does impress me on this team is Al Horford.  He's one of the most underrated players in the league and is going to continue to take steps into becoming an elite NBA center.  After an extremely strong showing in the playoffs, point guard Jeff Teague is poised to take hold of the reigns for this team.  He was great in spurts against the Bulls in the 2nd round of the playoffs last year, can he keep it up in a 66 game season?  I think so.  Another guy I think can be in the discussion for Most Improved.  They lost their 6th man with Jamal Crawford bolting to Portland.  They've replaced him with often injured 32 year old Tracy McGrady.  This is where this team dies for me.  A bench led by McGrady, Jason Collins, Zaza Pachulia, Vladimir Radmanovic, & Marvin Williams (who is quickly cementing himself as a BUST) does nothing for me.  Luckily for Atlanta, the bottom of the East is still pretty mediocre so they won't have much of a danger of missing the playoffs.  But the likelihood of them making it out of the 1st round is very low.

8 - Indiana Pacers
Projected Record - 34-32
The Pacers snuck into the playoffs last year and impressed everyone by playing the league's best, Chicago Bulls tough and even managing to win a game against them.  They often times had the lead in the first 3 games of the series as they all came down to the wire.  This is more than enough of a reason for me to believe they will separate themselves from the bottom of the East and establish themselves as legitimate winners in the NBA.  Danny Granger returns as the team's best player, but he's no longer the lone wolf on the team surrounded by scrubs.  Roy Hibbert is one of the game's best young big men, he just needs to work on remaining consistent both offensively and defensively.  Darren Collison played admirably against the league MVP, Derrick Rose in the first round of the playoffs last year and I guarantee you, New Orleans wishes they still had him.  Tyler Hansbrough, like Hibbert, showed great strides last year, he just needs to become a more consistent member of this team.  Paul George is reportedly 2 inches taller than he was last season and returns as the team's likely starting shooting guard.  I've already got him penciled in as my Most Improved Player of the Year.  The addition of David West is what separates this team from being mediocre and fighting tooth and nail with 2-3 others teams for the 8th seed, to being a team that will be fighting with Atlanta for the 7th seed.  It's not going to be a massive improvement, but it will be significant.  No team is going to want to face Indiana come playoff time.

9 - New Jersey Nets
Projected Record - 32-34
The New Jersey Nets are a very intriguing team.  Their owner is a Russian billionaire (Mikhail Prokhorov) who looks like he spends his spare time trying to kill James Bond.  One of the minority owners of the team is rap mega-star, Jay-Z.  The team is about to make a move to Brooklyn next year.  And yet, this team is still pretty yawn inducing on the court.  Don't get me wrong, Deron Williams is one of the best point guards in the NBA, but the problem with having a superstar point guard is the fact that he isn't nearly as valuable when the rest of your team is mediocre at best.  Brook Lopez is a solid supporting player, one of the better centers in the league, but he lacks the intensity necessary to help propel a team over the top.  He doesn't grab nearly enough rebounds for a guy at his position and his size.  Don't quote me on this, but as I type, there are reports that Andrei Kirilenko could be on his way to New Jersey.  If so, that's a solid pick-up.  Kirilenko is still one of the better defenders in the league, but he isn't going to help much on the offensive side.  One thing to keep an eye on though, is the fact that Williams & Kirilenko used to play together in Utah.  There's already a chemistry between those two.  Kris Humphries is coming off a very eventful offseason, we'll see if he can keep his mind focused on basketball and go back to being the double double machine he was last season.  It's a solid team, but not quite there.  They're one more GOOD player away from being in the playoffs.  They have a team with a stud point guard with Williams, a solid big man with Lopez, and if they were to get another star, the supporting cast would be great as it's littered with good shooters.  The New Jersey Nets are on the rise.

10 - Milwaukee Bucks
Projected Record - 31-35
"Fear the deer."  That was this team's slogan when they made a very impressive playoff run in 2010.  Last season was supposed to be that next step for them, they had all the momentum in the world and an emerging young star at the point with Brandon Jennings and the best center in the league not named Dwight Howard with Andrew Bogut.  Unfortunately for them, they took a step back last year, not even making the playoffs.  It's back to the drawing board.  No one fears the deer anymore and they have lost all their momentum they garnered from the playoff run.  Jennings is still on the team and seemingly healthy this year, so that's a good sign going forward.  Andrew Bogut is one of the better defensive players in the NBA and still a very good player who doesn't receive enough credit.  He should be an all-star this year.  But then who is going to lead this team after those two?  They brought in Stephen Jackson who is a great shooter, still, but his attitude leaves a lot to be desired.  If this team struggles at any point, Jackson's value will diminish.  Beno Udrih is a great backup for Jennings, so it's nice to see the Bucks made an attempt to sure up their bench with the addition of Udrih and also Mike Dunleavy.  This team is filled with a lot of nice supporting players, but not good enough to be a threat in the East.

11 - Washington Wizards
Projected Record - 30-36
The Washington Wizards are team on the rise.  It's going to be a slow process, not something that'll happen in just 1 season, but it's happening.  They're going to show improvement every year for the next several seasons.  That's what happens when you pick up a stud franchise point guard like they did with John Wall.  Wall is going to be great, they just need to fill up this team around him.  Nick Young has been re-signed, which is good as Wall still has him to dish the ball to.  He's a dynamic scorer, he just needs to be consistent.  When his shot isn't falling, Nick Young is virtually useless seeing as his defense is less than sub-par.  Andray Blatche is a very talented forward who is held back by attitude problems and inconsistency.  Like Nick Young, his attitude can get in the way of his play on the court sometimes.  JaVale McGee is one of the best shot blockers in the NBA, right up there with Dwight Howard.  He can jump through the roof of the arena and is extremely raw on the court, but has so much talent stored up in him.  He's one of the main reasons why I think this Wizards team can challenge for a playoff spot, maybe not this year, but very soon.  Jordan Crawford was brought in last year as they got him from Atlanta, he's another guy, along with promising rookie Jan Vesely, Wall, Blatche, McGee, & Young that are leading this Washington team out of the Eastern Conference cellar.

12 - Detroit Pistons
Projected Record - 28-38
This is not your older brother's Detroit Pistons.  Long gone are the days of Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, & Ben Wallace leading this team deep in the playoffs.  Prince is still there, but his intensity and desire have dwindled in the past several seasons.  Some may argue that since Prince won his championships early on in his career, that he's content with re-signing with Detroit and riding off into the sunset, rather than signing with a contending team.  His play would be invaluable for the top teams.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the top commodities available at the trade deadline, if he so chooses.  He's still a solid defender, but his career is on the downside.  Ben Wallace returned in 2010 after brief failed stints in Chicago and Cleveland and has been a formidable contributor to the team.  He's had some legal troubles and he's not getting any younger.  I wouldn't be surprised if this was his last season in the NBA.  Ben Gordon signed a huge $55 million deal with the Pistons in 2009 and has been a whopping disappointment.  In his final season with the Bulls, he averaged 20.7 PPG.  In his two seasons with the Pistons, he has only averaged 13.8 & 11.2.  I don't think he's going to be any better.  He's a shell of his former self and likely regrets signing with Detroit.  His contract makes him extremely hard to deal.  Last year saw a munity among the players against their coach John Kuester (who has since been let go) and the entire season was in disarray.  This year, they seemed more committed to simply rebuilding.  They have a new head coach with Lawrence Frank.  Richard Hamilton & Tracy McGrady have been let go, freeing the way for guys like Rodney Stuckey to play the combo guard role and the insanely athletic Will Bynum to show what he's got.  Even though guys like Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva remain (two guys I think hurt this team more than they help) there is still a good core of solid young talent looking to make Detroit relevant again.  Jonas Jerebko is returning after missing the entire season last year.  A lot of people may have forgotten how good of a rookie year he had, he could be a huge part of this team this year.  Austin Daye showed promise last year and could take another step forward as a productive NBA player.  Rookie Brandon Knight will probably be the starting point guard soon enough for this team, which makes the departure of Hamilton & McGrady all that more valuable for this rebuilding team.  Greg Monroe is the only bright spot on the block for this team.  He had a great rookie season and is poised to establish himself as a top big man in the league.  Detroit has the pieces, they just all need to develop for the future to be bright.

13 - Charlotte Bobcats
Projected Record - 25-41
Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all-time.  But he sucks at running an NBA franchise.  The Bobcats are stuck in suckage and they aren't going to get any better.  D.J. Augustin is promising at the point, he's going to end up as the star player of this team, but now he has competition for the starting role.  They drafted Kemba Walker 9th overall in last year's draft and now they have 2 guys (Augustin & Walker) who play the point guard position and only around 6 feet tall.  Augustin may be moved at the deadline if they decide to let Walker lead the team into the future.  It was looking like their 7th overall pick, Bismack Biyombo was not going to be able to play this year due to issues with his Spanish team, but they finally worked everything out and he's been signed.  I'm not convinced he has what it takes to make it in the NBA.  He could be a bust in no time, not like Michael Jordan has that good of a track record when it comes to drafting big men (Kwame Brown anyone?) Corey Maggette was brought in, while he's a nice player with good talent, he's never been a winner.  He's been in the league for over a decade and only been to the playoffs once.  That's not gonna change in Charlotte.  Tyrus Thomas has all the talent in the world and athleticism but has never really been able to put it all together.  He's an entertaining as hell player to watch, but disappointing at the same time considering he had a chance to be a top big man in the league.  An under the radar move Charlotte did was bring in Reggie Williams from Golden State.  He's a good bench guy and on a good team, could make an argument for 6th Man of the Year.  I expect swingman Gerald Henderson to make more strides into becoming a full NBA player, rather than simply a guy with a ton of athleticism.  Charlotte is a team trying to rebuild with young players, but I'm not sure they're doing it right.  Drafting point guards when you already have an established one and big men from overseas are high risk moves.  I don't think it's going to pay off.

14 - Cleveland Cavaliers
Projected Record - 25-41
A year later and Cleveland is still reeling over the departure of LeBron James to the Miami Heat.  This was a lost team with no direction last year and it was painful to watch.  They got the number 1 pick in the draft and brought in a point guard, Kyrie Irving from Duke.  They're trying to follow what the Chicago Bulls did.  Bring in a stud PG to try and turn around the franchise.  Irving has a ton of talent and I think he'll have a good career.  They've got their guy who can lead them out of the remains of the LeTomic bomb and into the future. The only question is, who is he leading?  Dan Gilbert, the team's owner, is a bitter idiot, plain and simple.  He has crafted a team that is simply just not going to compete in the NBA.  Christian Eyenga, Alonzo Gee, Luke Harangody, Manny Harris, Ryan Hollins, & Samardo Samuels are all guys who would not even sniff the court on good teams, but they all get major minutes in Cleveland.  Antawn Jamison is miserable in Cleveland and I'd be shocked if he is on this team past the trading deadline.  Cleveland needs to construct a team that compliments Irving's play.  The team needs to build around him, much like they did when they had LeBron.  Their other first round pick, Tristan Thompson is a good piece of the puzzle.  He's someone who can play with Irving as they improve and showcase their NBA games together.  Anderson Varejao is returning from injury and while he's not the most graceful NBA player, he's a guy who has a ton of energy and always puts forth 100% effort.  There's a number of guys on this team who I don't expect to see playing in Cleveland within the next 3 years.  There's only 2 names that matter here.  Kyrie Irving & Tristan Thompson.

15 - Toronto Raptors
Projected Record - 20-46
Much was made about the departure of LeBron in Cleveland and how it destroyed the team.  Toronto went through the same exact ordeal, but with much less publicity.  Their star player and face of the franchise, Chris Bosh, left for Miami as well and the only thing left in Toronto was a team looking to pick up the remains.  Andrea Bargnani is arguably the team's best player, but he is a 7 footer who spends the majority of his time on the perimeter and away from the paint.  He's a bad rebounder and absolutely atrocious on defense.  I do believe, however, that by season's end, we'll be saying that swingman DeMar DeRozan is the best player on the team.  I think he's another guy poised for a breakout and potential Most Improved Player of the Year candidate.  He's insanely athletic and if he could just add a consistent jumpshot to his repertoire, he could take that next step into becoming a star in the league.  Add in their big man who showed promise last year, Ed Davis and their first round draft pick Jonas Valanciunas (who will not be in the NBA until NEXT season) and you have a few bright spots for the future in Toronto.  But for now, they'll remain stagnant as one of the worst teams in the league.  A rotation including castoffs like Jerryd Bayless, Rasual Butler, Gary Forbes, Aaron Gray, James Johnson, Linas Kleiza, & Jamaal Magloire is nothing to be positive about.  While some of those guys, notably Bayless, Forbes, Johnson, & Kleiza, have the potential of being solid contributors.  It's probably more likely because the team is so bad, they need to rely on mediocre guys.  Jose Calderon & Leandro Barbosa are two guys who would be far more valuable on contending teams.  I think it would be prudent of Toronto to look to trade one, or even both of them for more guys to build their future around.  If Toronto comits to the idea of lettting DeMar DeRozan be the face of the franchise and he is able to develop, they could have the 2nd coming of Vince Carter (hopefully with a better attitude). 

Western Conference

1 - Oklahoma City Thunder
Projected Record - 47-19
This season, I think the number 1 seed in the West is there for the taking for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  A young team with two superstar players with Russell Westbrook at the point and their swingman Kevin Durant.  They have a great core with a motivated Kendrick Perkins in the middle who has shown up to camp this year in the best shape of his life.  Now that he's trimmed down, he can keep up with this high octane offense.  James Harden is on the verge of breaking out, he's going to become a huge part of this team being the best squad in the West.  It's a shortened season, which means their high energy play is going to run wild.  Another guy, like Harden, poised to breakout is their big man Serge Ibaka.  He's the best shot blocker in the Western Conference and plays high above the rim.  He's a perfect asset for this Thunder team.  Eric Maynor emerged last year as one of the better backup point guards in the league.  He is invaluable as a safety valve for this team when Westbrook loses his mind on the court and starts jacking up shots and forgetting he has Kevin Durant, a potential MVP, on his team.  Maynor makes those around him better.  Thabo Sefolosha is their defensive playmaker.  A guy who can guard a Kobe Bryant and make key steals & stops late in the game.  The more I think about it, the more I convince myself that Oklahoma City is going to be the number 1 seed out of the West, much like the Bulls were number 1 in the East last year.  Very similar teams.

2 - Dallas Mavericks
Projected Record - 44-22
Last year's NBA champions started off this offseason very ominously.  They lost two HUGE cogs in the championship team with Tyson Chandler bolting to the Knicks & J.J. Barea going to Minnesota.  They may have made a season saving move by bringing in Lamar Odom for basically nothing.  Odom was the Sixth Man of the Year last year and he and Jason Terry are two of the best bench players in the league, here on one team.  The team also brought in Vince Carter, who on this team surrounded by great talent like potential MVP candidate Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, & one of the greatest point guards of all-time, his former New Jersey running mate, Jason Kidd, Carter can simply be a role player trying to add depth to an already established elite team.  Rodrigue Beaubois is a young athletic guy whose season was nixed by injuries last year, but could emerge with more playing time this year and really make a difference.  Delonte West also provides depth to the bench, trying desperately to fill the void of Barea's exit.  I think Dallas did a great job of making up for the loss of two of their most important pieces last year.  This offseason is yet another example of how well a team can hold up over time when you have a great & intelligent person running things like Dallas does with Mark Cuban.

3 - Los Angeles Lakers
Projected Record - 44-22
Oh boy, Kobe ain't gonna be happy about this one.  Word on the street is Kobe is already pissed that the Lakers weren't able to get Chris Paul and worse yet, the team that shares the Staples Center with the Lakers (the Clippers) ended up with him.  Not to mention their 6th Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, was sent to a conference rival for absolutely nothing.  The Lakers regressed this offseason.  Kobe is another year older.  Metta World Peace is still a good defender, but what little offensive game he once had is gone.  Pau Gasol is still there, even though for a moment it looked like he was on his way to Houston before the NBA nixed the Chris Paul to the Lakers deal.  A ton of pressure is being placed on Andrew Bynum's brittle and injury prone body to take that next step to an elite level center.  Can he do it?  He has the talent, but does he have the durability?  Matt Barnes is the team's starting small forward going into the season, this is no longer a team that is the cream of the crop.  They're going to have to play at a high level to stick with Oklahoma City and even then, it's no guarantee.  Just take a look at this roster filled with rejects and rookies.  Do you really think they're still the best team in the West?  I sure as hell don't.  Phil Jackson is gone and he's not coming back through those doors.

4 - San Antonio Spurs
Projected Record - 42-24
Much like the Lakers, the Spurs are no longer the cream of the crop.  They still have a formidable trio with one of the greatest power forwards of all-time, Tim Duncan, their point guard Tony Parker, & their best player (in my opinion) their shooting guard Manu Ginobili.  Those are still 3 solid basketball players and they alone can lead the Spurs to the top 4 teams in the West, just above the up incoming younger teams.  The Spurs window of opportunity is a lot like the Celtics in the East, it's slowly closing.  Pretty soon skills are going to diminish and guys are going to retire.  The Spurs, unlike the Lakers & Celtics, have however done a better job of preparing for the future.  They were able to get a steal in the 2010 draft by grabbing big man DeJuan Blair in the 2nd round.  Matt Bonner was the best 3 point shooter in the league last year and was followed closely by surprising rookie Gary Neal.  James Anderson showed promise is some games last year and rookie Kawhi Leonard could be another steal for this Spurs team.  This team is probably on the downside, they've fallen way back into the pack and while a shortened season may help them, it won't be enough to propel them back to the top of the West.  Within a couple years, they'll be fighting it out with the lower teams in the West for the final 3 playoff spots.

5 - Los Angeles Clippers
Projected Record - 41-25
Here's the most shocking revelation that has come about from this NBA offseason.  With the addition of Chris Paul, the best pure point guard in the league, the Los Angeles Clippers are going to compete with the Lakers for the right to be called the best team in L.A.  Chris Paul & last year's Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin is one of the most exciting and dynamic duos in the NBA.  Paul will feel revitalized in Los Angeles and his motivation will be off the charts.  The best part of this offseason for the Clippers is the fact that Chris Paul wasn't the only guy they brought in.  This team has a stockpile of point guards to go with Paul.  They brought in veteran, former NBA champion, Chauncey Billups.  He was unhappy when New York waived him, but he seems to be content in Los Angeles and his experience will be invaluable as Paul's backup.  They've still got Eric Bledsoe, who will miss the beginning of the season, but he's still a solid young talent.  There was talks Mo Williams would be waived, but he's still on the team, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's moved once Bledsoe returns.  A team with Chris Paul does not need 4 point guards.  DeAndre Jordan is great in the paint, being one of the top dunkers in the league.  The addition of Caron Butler is all that much more valuable now that Chris Paul will be passing to him.  He could return to all-star form if healthy.  Look out for the Clippers this year.  No team is going to want to face them in the playoffs.

6 - Memphis Grizzlies
Projected Record - 38-28
Last season the Grizzlies snuck up on everyone.  They squeaked into the playoffs as the 8th seed and then proceeded to shock the world by upsetting the 1st seed San Antonio Spurs.  This year they are no longer the proverbial underdogs, they've become the hunted.  The playoffs last season were a bit of a coming out party for their power forward, Zach Randolph.  Randolph carried the team with his 22.2 PPG & 10.8 RPG.  I expect Randolph, provided he continues with his solid attitude and doesn't revert to old ways, to continue with his high play.  One thing a lot of people don't realize that the Grizzlies made their run last year without one of their best players, Rudy Gay.  Gay got hurt in the regular season last year and missed the rest of the games.  He'll return healthy this year and people will see this Grizzlies team play at an even higher level.  They're not completely healthy though, their 6th man Darrell Arthur will miss the entire season with a torn Achilles tendon. That'll hurt, especially since they've lost Shane Battier to the Heat.  If they want to continue their good play and branch off last year's momentum, then they're going to need their young players to step up and provide some reliable depth to this team.  Guys like Sam Young, Xavier Henry, O.J. Mayo, Greivis Vasquez, & rookie Josh Selby will all need to step up.  Most notably, Mayo needs to prove he has what it takes to be a good, productive member of a playoff NBA team.  He's been a disappointment the past 2 seasons and nearly traded multiple times.  If he stays on this Grizzlies team, he needs to be more consistent.  Their point guard Mike Conley took that next step into a solid player last season, Mayo needs to follow suit.  Marc Gasol is returning as this team's center which is huge for this team.  Without him, they would have had to rely on a guy like Hamed Haddadi to carry the slack.  Luckily their potential all-star big man has re-signed.  This team has a more than formidable core of Conley, Gay, Randolph, & Gasol, it just remains to be seen if they can stay healthy and have their young guys provide the depth they'll sorely need.

7 - Denver Nuggets
Projected Record - 35-31
The Denver Nuggets are a team mired in uncertainty.  They have key players (Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, & Wilson Chandler) who signed with Chinese teams during the lockout and unlike other players who agreed to play overseas, getting out of their contracts in China is a bit more difficult.  Word is that Martin may be getting his contract voided so he could return, but there's still no word on Smith & Chandler.  I was all set to write this team off due to this, but they've had a very good offseason to help try and soften the potential blow, so I still think they have what it takes to make the playoffs.  First off, they have a very good head coach in George Karl, he can lead this team.  Arron Afflalo, their defensive stopper who made huge strides last season, has been re-signed and will be their starting shooting guard again.  If they don't have Smith, Afflalo will need to step up his offensive game.  In an offseason where everyone expected power forward Nene to sign a big contract with a team like Houston or Miami, he ended up re-signing with Denver.  That's huge for this team.  Nene was their most consistent performer last season and him returning keeps this team stable.  This was a Denver team that had to deal with the headache of having their superstar and face of the franchise, Carmelo Anthony demanding a trade.  Anthony got his wish and Denver did quite well for themselves.  The team played extraordinarily last year after the trade, as their new small forward Danilo Gallinari played well, look for him to step up even more this year and become the 2nd fiddle to Nene on the squad.  The depth has been amped up in its time of need with the addition of Rudy Fernandez & Corey Brewer from the Mavericks.  Andre Miller may be older, but he's still one of the more underrated point guards in the game and Ty Lawson, poised for a breakout year, will learn a lot from him.  This is a solid enough team, but if their 3 guys in China can somehow make it back to the NBA, it'll be an extremely deep and well balanced squad.

8 - Portland Trail Blazers
Projected Record - 35-31
Every year I count out the Trail Blazers and every year they're in the thick of things.  I'm going to try not to this year, despite the fact that they're always decimated by injuries.  Brandon Roy, their former all-star swingman, has had to retire due to chronic knee issues, which is a damn shame.  Fortunately for them, they've been able to build a team no longer reliant on him.  LaMarcus Aldridge was last year's more obvious all-star snub, he was this team's emotional & physical leader.  I don't expect him to be snubbed again from the all-star team this year, his play is going to be undeniable.  He has a great supporting cast around him led by guys like Gerald Wallace at the small forward position & Raymond Felton at the point.  To try and make up for the loss of Roy, they're brought in super bench guy extraordinaire Jamal Crawford.  Good signing by them, he can put up points in bunches.  Wesley Matthews was a guy Portland was able to lure away from Utah last season and he was phenomenal for them.  I think he's well on his way to establishing himself as a very good role player for this potential playoff team, I guarantee Utah misses him.  They also have Nicolas Batum as another backup swingman who is insanely athletic and has "breakout" written all over him.  A good solid young core of guys can go a long way for an NBA team.  Greg Oden is injured yet again and really has no business collecting a paycheck anymore.  He's useless.  They'll instead rely on veteran Marcus Camby to man the paint, which he is more than capable of doing.  What the Trail Blazers lack in sexy superstar play, they make up for with depth and good team basketball.  They have some of the best fans in the NBA and those crowds will enjoy another solid year of Trail Blazer basketball.

9 - Utah Jazz
Projected Record - 34-32
The Utah Jazz are another team, much like the Nuggets, learning how to play without their superstar player/face of the franchise.  Deron Williams was traded to New Jersey last season as well as Jerry Sloan, their long time head coach, resigning mid-season.  Despite this, Utah continued to compete with their young players.  Their point guard Devin Harris was the guy they got back from New Jersey to replace Williams and he was more than solid, along with Derrick Favors who is a young power forward and former number 3 overall pick.  He has an insane amount of potential, he could end up being a star for this team.  Al Jefferson is their already established stud on the block who leads this team on and off the court.  Paul Millsap help rounds out an extremely deep set of forwards on this team.  I don't see them trading any of them, they manage to play well together and Utah is able to make it work.  To add to the already deep set of big men, the Jazz drafted a center to try to replace the dwindling Mehmet Okur, their number 3 overall pick in last year's draft, Enes Kanter.  With Raja Bell & C.J. Miles they have 2 defensive minded players, Bell being the gritty enforcer with the jump shoot and Miles being the athletic guy who can jump through the roof.  The Jazz are a team clearly looking to try and compete with homegrown talent and young players they've brought in.  They're going to be right in the thick of things come playoff times, seeing as the final 3 spots in the West are very much up for grabs.

10 - Golden State Warriors
Projected Record - 33-33
Unlike the Portland Trail Blazers, a team that I underestimate each year, I OVERestimate the Golden State Warriors each year.  I thought they would be a playoff team last year and they were far from it.  This is another year where I think they have the potential of making it, but I'm gonna play it safe.  Monta Ellis & Stephen Curry are probably the fastest point/shooting guard combination in the league and those two guys can flat out score.  David Lee was brought in last year and while he may not have had the type of season they were hoping for, he was still a solid contributor nearly averaging a double double for the season.  His 2nd season with Golden State should be even better.  Dorell Wright was a pleasant surprise for this team, being one of the best 3 point shooters in the game, can he repeat this performance?  I think he can, he's found a home in the bay area.  Now here's where I start to lose faith in the Warriors.  Their additions this past offseason have been the world's biggest bust, Kwame Brown and the inconsistent Brandon Rush.  Brown had an okay season last year, but I doubt he does much of anything for this team.  No one believes in Kwame Brown.  Rush is one of those guys who can shoot well, but never really got a fair shot in Indiana.  I'm sure he'll get more minutes in Golden State, maybe he can step up and be that sixth man they can rely on to provide the spark they need, considering they've lost Reggie Williams to Charlotte.  Klay Thompson is their rookie, drafted 11th overall in last summer's draft.  I think he's going to fit in perfectly on this young/athletic team and possibly be on the NBA All-Rookie 1st team.  With a slew of young players who we don't really know what they're going to get out of and a rookie head coach in Mark Jackson, it's tough to predict how the Warriors will play this season.  They're entertaining as hell to watch, that's for sure.  They're definitely going to be a team I'll be drawn to on NBA League Pass.

11 - Phoenix Suns
Projected Record - 32-34
The Phoenix Steve Nash's, err...the Suns, are a team that were perennial playoff contenders year in and year out.  They were always that one final piece away from being championship contenders.  They never quite made it to that plateau and have since dropped down to a team on the outside looking in.  Steve Nash, their point guard, is a future Hall of Famer who still has the ability to make those around him better.  The only problem is he doesn't have much of a supporting cast to make better.  Shannon Brown & Sebastian Telfair have been brought in to try and provide depth.  Brown is very gifted athletically so he'll fit in perfectly with a team that already has a guy like Hakim Warrick on the team who can play above the rim.  Telfair, along with Ronnie Price their other new guard brought in, are guys who never were starting caliber players, but have both found roles in the NBA as backups.  Considering how Nash is getting older, depth at the point is key for this team.  Grant Hill was re-signed, which is important seeing as how he was one of their better players last year at the tender age of 39.  It's nice to see Hill, one of the game's most respected players, be able to finish his career strongly and continue to contribute and be a vital part to a team after his prime was decimated by injuries.  I don't think there's a person in the world, at least there shouldn't be, rooting against guys like Grant Hill & Steve Nash.  Josh Childress may have been one of the bigger busts of last year, we'll see if he can bounce back.  Channing Frye played well last season, becoming deadly from behind the 3 point line.  It's very unique to have a guy of his size, at 6'11 who can hit the 3 as consistently as he does.  Not to mention Jared Dudley who was just as much of a killer behind the 3 point line as Frye.  Marcin Gortat returns as one of the game's most underrated players.  He's insanely efficient and Phoenix is going to adore having him play for them for a whole season.  Markieff Morris, their rookie big man, could learn a lot from him.  The Suns are a bit of a hybrid team.  Trying to rebuild with both veteran guys leading the way along with their young players.  They'll be a competitive team, but not much else.

12 - Houston Rockets
Projected Record - 32-34
The Houston Rockets will be another team right in the thick of things battling it out for one of the few remaining playoff spots in the West.  They have Kevin Martin at the shooting guard position who is one of the better & most efficient scorers in the game.  People don't realize how good of a player this guy is, which probably helps his game in the long run.  He sneaks up on people and before you know it, he's dropped 30 points.  His running mate in Houston is power forward Luis Scola who has become a solid double double threat each and every game.  Neither one of those guys are all-star guys though, Houston lacks that superstar player.  Their point guard Kyle Lowry took huge steps last year and became the team's starter.  The Rockets are filled with those kind of underrated players that surprise you with how efficient and good their play is.  With Goran Dragic & Jonny Flynn, they've got two guys who can step in for Lowry at the point, should he falter.  Chase Budinger has emerged as their reliable swingman, as well as Courtney Lee as the team's shooting guard.  Two solid players who help fill out the core of this team.  With Chuck Hayes gone, Patrick Patterson could step up as this team's big man who could eventually become a game changer.  Patterson has the raw skill and talent to be a good player in this league, if it happens, it's going to begin this season.  Another guy who will benefit from receiving a fair chance to play is rookie Marcus Morris.  He has the potential to be a top 5 rookie in the league this year, considering he plays on a decent enough team with an alright supporting cast.  Can this Rockets team play as a team and sneak in the playoffs?  Not sure.  But they can definitely compete.

13 - Minnesota Timberwolves
Projected Record - 30-36
The Minnesota Timberwolves are team on the rise, believe it or not.  They have a slew of young players poised to try and take over and lead this team out of the basement of the West.  They even attracted some free agents, including J.J. Barea, a major piece of the Dallas championship last season.  Kevin Love is their superstar, the best rebounder in the NBA and most insanely consistent performer when it comes to getting points and rebounds.  Michael Beasley had his head on straight last year and it showed as he had his best season of his career.  If he can grow as a player and show he has the maturity to be a solid contributor to an NBA team, Miami is going to regret letting him go for as little as they did.  He's a unique player indeed.  Wes Johnson is still very raw, but coming off a respectable rookie campaign, he'll have the experience needed to try and take that next step into being a solid NBA player.  He'll certainly have the shot and opportunity to make it happen.  Anthony Randolph, a big man who has never really had that shot to be a reliable and consistent player will get his shot this year.  He has all the athleticism in the world, can his talent back it up?  Now here's where Minnesota gets interesting.  Can their two rookies bring that spark this team desperately needs?  Ricky Rubio is finally coming over to the NBA after being drafted 5th overall in the 2009 draft.  God knows he'll be fun to watch with his flair, but can he be a reliable starting point guard on an NBA team?  He'll definitely need to improve his jumper if he wants teams to take him seriously.  The real rookie sensation on this Timberwolves team may be last summer's number 2 overall pick in the draft, forward Derrick Williams.  He has the raw ability to become a sensation in Minnesota and has all the talent in the world.  I really think a combination of Love, Beasley, Rubio, & Williams could be good enough to make the playoffs within 2-3 years.

14 - Sacramento Kings
Projected Record - 28-38
It's taking all of my will to not sit here and fill this write-up about the Kings with JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! JIMMER! Okay, but seriously, Jimmer Fredette is like the Tim Tebow of the NBA.  He's unorthodox but a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  I think he'll be just fine in Sacramento.  This is another young team going through growing pains.  They have Tyreke Evans running the team and he's more than good enough to do so, possibly even a potential all-star candidate.  DeMarcus Cousins is the big man on the floor with awful attitude problems, but a hell of a good offensive game.  If he can just learn to go with the system and play smart, he'll help lead this team back to playoffs discussion.  They were able to bring in J.J. Hickson to play the power forward position and thus create more depth on the team that already had Jason Thompson.  They also added Travis Outlaw so this front court has plenty of guys ready to make an impact.  Marcus Thornton is going to be the starting shooting guard out of the gates for this team and he has the potential to be a 20 ppg type of player.  He scores in bunches and has the consistent jumpshot to warrant such a prediction.  There are plenty of young guys looking to try and make an impact here on this Kings team.  Give them a couple years, they could be in the discussion for the 8th seed in the West.

15 - New Orleans Hornets
Projected Record - 22-44
Here is the 2011-12 Western Conference's version of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  They've lost the superstar point guard, the face of their franchise in Chris Paul.  They got a decent enough package in return, but I don't think they have a shot in competing in the uber deep Western Conference.  Eric Gordon is the main piece they got in return for Paul and he's a great talent at the shooting guard position, but he's not a guy who should be the best player on the team like he is now in New Orleans.  Al-Farouq Aminu & Chris Kaman were also sent over in the Chris Paul deal.  Aminu is an athletic guy who has the chance to play major minutes this year, he could be a solid contributor to a team they will desperately need some talent to show up night in and night out.  Kaman is a veteran center with decent talent who I would expect to be traded before season's end.  He has an expiring contract which makes him valuable to elite teams looking for that big man late in the season trying to add depth.  Jarrett Jack is now the team's starting PG with Paul gone and he's far from a consistent performer.  I am really unsure if he'll be able to step up and become the starting guard for the entire season.  Trevor Ariza returns as the team's swingman who is gifted athletically but he's never really reached that pinnacle his career could have gone to.  Carl Landry & Emeka Okafor return as the team's two primary big men and they're solid enough, Okafor being one of the games better big men.  Okafor had a great series last year in the 1st round of the playoffs against the Lakers, but like everyone else on this team, I don't know how they're going to perform without Chris Paul running the show.  Chris Paul is one of those guys who makes people around him better.  What's going to happen now that he's gone?

Eastern Conference Playoffs:
1 - Miami Heat
2 - Chicago Bulls
3 - Boston Celtics
4 - New York Knicks
5 - Orlando Magic
6 - Philadelphia 76ers
7 - Atlanta Hawks
8 - Indiana Pacers

Western Conference Playoffs:
1 - Oklahoma City Thunder
2 - Dallas Mavericks
3 - Los Angeles Lakers
4 - San Antonio Spurs
5 - Los Angeles Clippers
6 - Memphis Grizzlies
7 - Denver Nuggets
8 - Portland Trail Blazers

NBA Championship
Chicago Bulls defeat Oklahoma City Thunder
Finals MVP - Derrick Rose
2 - Luol Deng
3 - Kevin Durant

MVP - Kevin Durant
2 - Dwight Howard
3 - LeBron James
Rookie of the Year - Derrick Williams
2 - Kyrie Irving
3 - Kemba Walker
                                            Coach of the Year - Scott Brooks

2 - Erik Spoelstra
3 - Doug Collins
Defensive Player of the Year - Dwight Howard
2 - Serge Ibaka
3 - Andrew Bogut
Sixth Man of the Year - Thaddeus Young
2 - Jason Terry
3 - Jamal Crawford
Most Improved Player - Paul George
2 - Evan Turner
3 - DeMar DeRozan

All-NBA First Team
Guard - Derrick Rose
Guard - Dwyane Wade
Forward - LeBron James
Forward - Kevin Durant
Center - Dwight Howard
All-NBA Second Team
Guard - Chris Paul
Guard - Kobe Bryant
Forward - Dirk Nowitzki
Forward - Amar'e Stoudemire
Center - LaMarcus Aldridge
All-NBA Third Team
Guard - Russell Westbrook
Guard - Stephen Curry
Forward - Blake Griffin
Forward - Carmelo Anthony
Center - Andrew Bogut
NBA All-Rookie First Team
Kyrie Irving
Derrick Williams
Kemba Walker
Enes Kanter
Jimmer Fredette
NBA All-Rookie Second Team
Tristan Thompson
Brandon Knight
Klay Thompson
Marcus Morris
Jan Vesely
NBA All-Defensive First Team
Dwight Howard
Serge Ibaka
Andrew Bogut
Rajon Rondo
LeBron James
NBA All-Defensive Second Team
Kobe Bryant
Luol Deng
Chris Paul
Kevin Garnett
Andre Iguodala

Here's to an awesome NBA season!  Can't wait to look back on this post in a couple months and see how off-base I was with my predictions.

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