Thursday, September 22, 2011

Song of the Day

     So I figure every day I'll do my song of the day.  The song that's stuck in my head, the song that I'm really feeling the lyrics to, or just a song that I've been listening to since morning until night.  I always have a song that I consider to be my song of the day and I thought it would be fun to honor them every day here on the blog.  It'll keep this silly thing updated every day rather than going a month or so without a post.  Hopefully I'll keep up with this.

     Today's song of the day is So Much for the Afterglow by Four Year Strong off the album Explains It All.  It's a cover of the song by Everclear.  I much prefer the cover and this song is kick-ass.  Was stuck in my head the minute I woke up this morning for some reason.

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