Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 Awesomeness Abounds Predictions

There has never been a more important draft in the history of Awesomeness Abounds.  Two years ago, each team was allowed to keep one player and this year everyone was allowed to keep three players.  This grandfathers in next year's dynasty rule being applied and a staggering nine players from each team will be kept.  This draft alone has not only set lineups for the coming NFL season but also for years to come in Awesomeness Abounds.

All draft grades are out of five stars

The Studly Studs

QB - Colin Kaepernick - Really great choice to be the QB2 on your team.  Wait, he's your starter? Oh. You traded Rob Gronkowski for him? Oh. Oh.
WR - Brandon Marshall - One of the best PPR WR a team can have.  Dynasty-wise, he's only got a couple years left in him, but he's a bonafide fantasy stud.
WR - Terrance Williams - What a difference just one spot makes.  As a WR3, I'd love this, but at WR2, it becomes an extremely risky play.  Though Dallas has a high-octane offense and QB Tony Romo always spreads the love around.
WR - Mike Evans - Rookie WR always have issues producing and Mike Evans will have his share of clunkers this year.  Spectacular dynasty pick, but there will be growing pains.
RB - LeSean McCoy - Up there in the discussion for best fantasy football commodity.  His ability to catch the ball and dynamic running ability are invaluable in the fantasy world.
RB - Le'Veon Bell - Almost like diet LeSean McCoy.  He was a keeper candidate and gladly scooped up by the defending champions.  With nine keepers next year, barring a major injury, Bell will be a Studly Stud for years to come.
TE - Kyle Rudolph - Coach Norv Turner was in Cleveland last year and his system helped make rookie TE Jordan Cameron a must-start fantasy TE.  Turner spearheaded the career of TE Antonio Gates in San Diego before that.  Now the tight-end guru is in Minnesota and that could mean very nice things for Kyle Rudolph.
W/R/T - Shane Vereen - Really sexy pick at the first flex spot.  Being one of the few pieces in New England's offense QB Tom Brady really trusts, Shane Vereen will have sneaky high-end RB2 PPR value for the Patriots.  If he can stay healthy.
W/R/T - Eric Ebron - Likely a year early on TE Eric Ebron, The Studly Studs will have to hope the growing pains are minimal for Ebron.  There are two other formidable TE already in Detroit, so Ebron's value is shaky in his first year.  Great dynasty pick, though.
BN - RB - Lance Dunbar - Massive high-risk-high-reward player here.  Some reports out of Dallas suggested that the Cowboys would use him similarly to a Reggie Bush-type back in the system.  If that were the case, his value would sky-rocket in PPR.  Then again, he's more likely to simply be DeMarco Murray's back-up and nothing more.
BN - QB - Johnny Manziel - Someone was going to do it, and the team dubbed "Studly Studs" were fittingly the one to give "Money" Manziel his fantasy home.  He has "bust" written all over him, but this dynamic rookie QB was just too sexy to pass up for Michael Ryne.
BN - RB - Devonta Freeman - Another case of a player likely with more value a year from now than today.  RB Steven Jackson is still chugging along in Atlanta (sort of) and RB Jacquizz Rodgers remains as the passing back for the Falcons.  Still, Freeman is the most talented of the trio and should see a decent amount of playing time for the Falcons in his rookie year.
BN - WR - Davante Adams - Another rookie, are we sensing a trend here?  He is buried in the talented WR depth chart of the Green Bay Packers, but should WR Jarrett Boykin falter whatsoever or any sort of injury hits him, Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb, then Adams becomes a massive potential steal.
BN - WR - Robert Woods - I'd be shocked if this guy was still on this team come October.  He is supposedly a starter in Buffalo, but if there is any WR worth owning on the Bills, it's Sammy Watkins.
BN - WR - Cody Latimer - The epitome of a dynasty pick, though for Cody Latimer to ever reach maximum fantasy potential, he would need to net playing time while QB Peyton Manning is still there.  That is not a guarantee.
K - Justin Tucker - Pretty solid choice to be a top-five fantasy kicker.  He has potential for monster games and is a steady contributor.
DEF - Carolina - It is invaluable to have a fantasy defense that you can simply play week after week without worry.  Carolina became that last year and will be another elite defense this year.

Draft Grade - ***1/2

#1 Soccer Team

QB - Russell Wilson - He is a low-end QB1, but those rushing yards pile up quickly and the offense of Seattle has a steady flow for their game-plan.
WR - Alshon Jeffery - Last year he went nuts and became a disgustingly valuable WR with WR1 numbers after being drafted as a WR4 on someone's bench.  Now he's being entrusted as the WR1 for Eddeh's team and should flourish even more with QB Jay Cutler at the helm for Chicago presumably for a full season this time.
WR - Percy Harvin - One of the more injury-prone WR in football, but when he's healthy, he is as dynamic as they come.  With his ability to run the ball, catch it and return it on special teams, Harvin has the potential to kaboom every Sunday in fantasy.  Worth the risk.
WR - Golden Tate - A nice possession wide receiver who will pile up the reception points for Eddeh.  The touchdowns will be few and far between, I think, but he'll average close to 10 fantasy points a game.
RB - Eddie Lacy - Arguably the most valuable keeper player available to a team.  He is the next Marshawn Lynch and will be on Eddeh's team for the foreseeable future.
RB - Stevan Ridley - As good as Lacy is, Ridley is as risky as you can get at RB2.  He's more of a flex guy in my eyes, though Shane Vereen catches all the balls out of the running back position for the Patriots while butterfingers Ridley is one pivotal fumble away from losing carries to rookie James White.
TE - Julius Thomas - He was likely considered as a potential keeper, but alas he is with Eddeh now.  This is the next Jimmy Graham.
W/R/T - Vernon Davis - A TE at your flex spot is a shrewd move.  Trying to plug in RB/WR not at the top of their teams' depth charts is always a risky play.  Throwing a top-tier TE in Vernon Davis makes things a lot easier.
W/R/T - Antonio Gates - Remember everything I just said about Vernon Davis?  That does not apply to Antonio Gates.  A future Hall of Famer on the back-end of his career, Gates will give way to Ladarius Green this year and is more of a bench TE2 rather than a flex starter.
BN - WR - Anquan Boldin - Another year older and unlike last year, Boldin is not the number-one WR in San Francisco.  That is Michael Crabtree's job.  And with TE Vernon Davis still going and a running game to adhere to, Boldin may be more of a flex or bench WR at this point, which is likely where Eddeh will place him.
BN - RB - Jeremy Hill - Really solid dynasty pick.  With RB Gio Bernard in Cincinnati, Jeremy Hill will always have a ceiling on his abilities going forward, but he could carve out a nice career as the literal heir apparent to BenJarvus Green-Ellis.
BN - WR - Josh Gordon - Barring some miraculous decision coming through in the next few weeks, Josh Gordon will miss the entire season due to suspension.  He's a hugely risky player going forward, but when he is actually allowed to play football, there are few better at WR.  Great dynasty pick, if Eddeh can afford to sit on him for a full year.
BN - QB - Ben Roethlisberger - Criminally underrated in the fantasy world, Big Ben puts up QB1 numbers a lot of the time.  Should Russell Wilson falter at any point, then Roethlisberger will be an easy plug-in play.
BN - WR - Marlon Brown - The Rotoworld blurb on Marlon Brown going into this draft stated that if you are in a dynasty league, this is the year to draft Brown.  Eddeh took heed and now has a very solid WR with good dynasty potential going forward.
BN - QB - Brock Osweiler - Peyton Manning likely has another two years left him, so it will be interesting to see just how long Eddeh holds on to this unknown commodity in Denver.  The potential is there, but Osweiler is a mystery.
K - (Empty) - He had Brandon McManus originally drafted, but then dropped him within minutes of the draft ending.  Eddeh got retweeted by McManus on Twitter when he tweeted him bragging about the pick.  Awkward.
DEF - Philadelphia - I give it less than a month before Eddeh is scrambling for a fantasy defense.

Draft Grade - ***


QB - Robert Griffin III - Parker's infatuation with this dynamic QB is evident with her desire to keep him over TE Julius Thomas and WR Jordy Nelson.  When he's healthy, RGIII can put up gaudy fantasy numbers, though he has dealt with injury woes both years of his career.  This is a make-or-break year for RGIII in terms of fantasy to prove he is a reliable QB1.
WR - Calvin Johnson - It's fucking Megatron.
WR - Vincent Jackson - Really solid complement to Calvin Johnson as a WR2.  He'll haul in a number of deep bombs from Josh McCown this year and should spark boatloads of fantasy points.
WR - Andre Johnson - As a third receiver on a fantasy team, this is golden.  He will be a PPR monster who is just some touchdowns away from being an elite receiver.
RB - Adrian Peterson - Injury prone as all hell and now two years removed from his monster 2,000-yard season, AP is still an elite fantasy talent, but he can't carry a squad like he used to.
RB - Lamar Miller - Good Lord, this is risky.  Lamar Miller as a flex?  Ok, you can twist my arm and make me do it, though I will be nervous.  Lamar Miller as my RB2?  Yikes.  I don't like it.
TE - Zach Ertz - Parker went top-heavy at WR and paid for it with her lower-end lineup guys.  Ertz has nice potential, but he is still hardly a TE1-worthy guy.
W/R/T - Terrance West - I love this pick.  RB Ben Tate is the so-called starter in Cleveland right now, but rookie Terrance West has all the tools to steal the job.  Cleveland projects to be one of the more run-heavy offenses in the NFL and before long, West may be Parker's RB2 rather than Lamar Miller.
W/R/T - Jarrett Boykin - Good PPR pick.  As a starting WR in Green Bay, anyone who has QB Aaron Rodgers tossing them balls has good fantasy value.
BN - RB - James White - Give Parker credit, she attempted to cover her ass at RB2 with the drafting of the aforementioned West and rookie James White.  Stevan Ridley fell out of favor in New England and James White is already get hyped in training camp.
BN - TE - Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Like Eric Ebron in Detroit, Austin Seferian-Jenkins is probably a year away from fantasy value, but Parker is trying to get her Julius Thomas 2.0.
BN - TE - Dwayne Allen - Really good pick here for her team.  Ertz is not a proven player while Seferian-Jenkins is a prospect.  Dwayne Allen gives Parker some insurance.
BN - QB - Alex Smith - He had some gaudy fantasy games last year.  His running always gives him respectable numbers each week with the consistent TD pass to Jamaal Charles.  Decent back-up.
BN - RB - Jonathan Stewart - Nothing more than a familiar name, Jonathan Stewart has next-to-no fantasy value.
BN - WR - Malcom Floyd - After an injury-plagued year last season, Floyd is attempting to play his way back into a starting role with San Diego.  It shouldn't be too hard with the likes of Eddie Royal and Vincent Brown in the way, but regardless, the Chargers are running the ball if it isn't going to Keenan Allen.
K - Mason Crosby - Pretty solid fantasy kicker.  It seems as though he has put the disastrous season he had two years ago behind him.
DEF - Cleveland - Really banking on an unproven defense with a little hype with this pick.  Probably going to need to stream some other defenses as the season progresses.

Draft Grade - ***1/2


QB - Aaron Rodgers - I like Rodgers better than Peyton Manning.
WR - Demaryius Thomas - Really good move by Olivia to nab a legitimate WR1 for her team.  Thomas looks like he will be a top-5 WR in fantasy this year and could mean the difference between consolation and playoffs for Olivia.
WR - Randall Cobb - When healthy, Cobb is Aaron Rodgers' favorite target, even more so than Jordy Nelson.  A PPR stud, Cobb will have WR1 numbers in Olivia's WR2 spot.
WR - Kendall Wright - Spectacular PPR pick here.  Wright will have a butt-load of receptions as per usual as his value has never been higher in our leagues.
RB - Bishop Sankey - Yikes.  I don't mind Sankey, but as a RB1, this is beyond risky.
RB - Chris Johnson - She somehow made Sankey at RB1 look better by entrusting her RB2 duties to this inconsistent frustration machine.
TE - Jordan Reed - Concussion prone, but Jordan Reed has the ability to be a high-end TE1 when healthy.
W/R/T - Darren Sproles - God, I love this pick.  PPR is such a game-changer and Darren Sproles has renewed fantasy value now.
W/R/T - Danny Amendola - Amendola was doing so good in that one game before he got hurt on the Patriots last year.  After that, meh.  I'd be shocked if he plays more than seven games.
BN - WR - James Jones - Sneaky good value here.  He is a decent touchdown magnet and will arguably be the top receiver in Oakland this year.
BN - RB - Christine Michael - Spectacular dynasty pick.  He may not provide much this year, but Christine Michael may very well be the starting RB on the Seattle Seahawks a year from now.
BN - QB - Blake Bortles - Like Christine Michael, Blake Bortles holds value a year from now.  Olivia really took the dynasty aspect to heart and did so well.
BN - TE - Richard Rodgers - With Aaron Rodgers on her team, Richard Rodgers as a back-up TE and a nice dynasty pick made perfect sense for BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.
BN - QB - Tom Savage - Apparently looking for a monopoly on young QB, Olivia stockpiled them in hopes of striking gold with one of them.
K - Steven Hauschka - He was one of the top fantasy kickers last year and it is comforting to know you can leave a guy in every week until his bye without worry.
DEF - Arizona - One of the better fantasy defenses a manager can have.  They could be this year's Kansas City.
BN - DEF - Buffalo - In a league where several managers are taking risks on unproven defenses, if Buffalo has a decent week or two, Olivia could flip them for decent value.

Draft Grade - ***1/2

Claire It Out

QB - Tom Brady - Despite rumors circulating that she would not keep Tom Brady, Claire could not pass up the future Hall of Famer.  He should be better than last year, which should not be too difficult.
WR - Larry Fitzgerald - His value has seemingly dwindled every year for the past few seasons and it stands at an all-time low.  He is still a solid fantasy contributor, but not as a WR1.
WR - Marvin Jones - A dynasty keeper if I've ever seen one.  He won't consistently put up big numbers, but Marvin Jones should put up enough fantasy points to warrant a starting WR spot.
WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - One of the best dynasty players in the draft, he could very well be a high-end WR2 a year from now while contributing this season as well.
RB - Doug Martin - A revelation his rookie year two seasons ago, Doug Martin suffered through a tragic sophomore campaign.  He is nothing more than a question mark now and hardly a RB1.
RB - Bernard Pierce - A necessary pick for Claire, Bernard Pierce is not someone I would have wanted on my team, he did not show much last year when given a chance.  Claire's running backs are an issue.
TE - Tyler Eifert - This dude is basically Zach Ertz.  He has some nice talent, but he is hardly a TE1.
W/R/T - Andre Williams - Claire being the Giants fan she is, Andre Williams makes perfect sense.  As a flex guy, I am wary, but he could provide some Mike Tolbert-esque production as a goal-line vulture.  He will probably be the Giants' starting RB next season.
W/R/T - Charles Clay - Another TE in a flex spot, and I like it.  Clay sees a lot of targets from QB Ryan Tannehill.
BN - RB - Ray Rice - Someone was going to take this woman beater, unfortunately it was Claire.
BN - RB - Darren McFadden - Oakland's running game was one I did not want to touch.  Claire is going to get grey hairs thanks to her running backs this season.
BN - RB - Theo Riddick - It really says something when Theo Riddick elicits the most positive reaction out of me for RB on a team.  He has some potential PPR value.  Though this will likely be the typical fantasy player who has a good game once every few weeks and the owner puts him in for the week-after clunker.
BN - RB - Knile Davis - Man, if Jamaal Charles gets hurt, this is a great pick.  As it stands, I don't even like Knile Davis in a dynasty league.
BN - WR - Mike Williams - Hey, he started for Buffalo in this past Sunday's preseason game.  I guess that's something.
K - Robbie Gould - Robbie Gould is actually a pretty ok fantasy kicker, you could do a lot worse.
DEF - Oakland - Sneaky sleeper defense here.  I like it.
BN - DEF - Baltimore - Nice job to have a second defense just in case Oakland falters.

Draft Grade - **


QB - Matt Ryan - She shocked the league when she drafted Matty Ice over the likes of Le'Veon Bell and DeMarco Murray.  This is her franchise QB and her fantasy hopes for years to come rest on his shoulders.
WR - A.J. Green - One of the best WR in football, he is still young and has not even reached his peak yet.
WR - Torrey Smith - Great deep threat, if he could just get a few more short-yardage catches to bolster his stats then Smith could be a low-end WR1.
WR - Reggie Wayne - Coming off a terrible ACL tear, Reggie Wayne is now deep into his 30s and only has maybe two years left.  Evie is trying to win now with Wayne as her WR3.
RB - Matt Forte - Disgustingly good fantasy RB.  He does it all on a great Chicago offense, he can carry the load for a team.
RB - Frank Gore - God, this would have looked so much better with DeMarco Murray here.  Gore is decent, but nobody wanted to be the owner who drafted him.  He'll be lucky to hold off rookie Carlos Hyde this year.
TE - Jimmy Graham - Far and away the best fantasy TE and will be for the next decade.
W/R/T - Justin Hunter - Some reports out of Tennessee are saying Hunter is the Titans' "Randy Moss."  Outrageous comparisons aside, Hunter is going to break out this year.
W/R/T - Khiry Robinson - Really banking on New Orleans using Robinson in the Darren Sproles role this year.  If they don't, Robinson is useless.
BN - WR - Kenny Britt - The injury-prone headache with personal issues is now a top WR in St. Louis.  Good value here as Evie takes a flier on a guy who could be a high-end WR3.
BN - QB - Joe Flacco - I guess if you have to have a back-up, you could do worse than Joe Flacco.
BN - TE - Garrett Graham - A very nice pick-up late in the draft, Graham could play decently enough to earn a few flex starts throughout the season.
BN - RB - Shonn Greene - Evie can call up Olivia and see if she wants Bishop Sankey's handcuff.  Otherwise, there is no reason for Evie to have him.
BN - QB - Logan Thomas - Owners seemed to love the rookie QB this draft.  Logan Thomas is well off the radar, but Carson Palmer won't be in Arizona (or the NFL) much longer.
K - Greg Zuerlein - He isn't the most consistent fantasy contributor, but he has a booming leg with a lot of potential.
DEF - Kansas City - They broke out last year and were one of the top fantasy defenses.  I'm wary of them this time around, but defense can often be a crap shoot.
BN - DEF - Denver - Peculiar pick here, Denver is pretty solid for fantasy and if Kansas City proves themselves to be for real, Evie has some real trade value here.

Draft Grade - **1/2

Fat Jesus' Disciples

QB - Jay Cutler - Matt is no stranger to fantasy risks.  One of the more bold managers in the league, the former champion is relying on an injury-prone and fantasy inconsistent QB to lead the way and replace Tony Romo on his squad.  #CuttyDoesIt could be a top-10 fantasy QB this year if he plays 16 games.
WR - Dez Bryant - He is closer to Calvin Johnson's level than people realize.  And just now finishing up his rookie contract.  Yikes.
WR - Brandin Cooks - Getting massive hype out of New Orleans, Cooks is a playmaker with all the opportunity in the world with the Saints' dynamic offense.  I like him as a WR3 or flex player.  I think we are a year or two early on WR2 value.
WR - Markus Wheaton - Matt is banking on having Emmanuel Sanders all over again with Wheaton as his WR3.  Like Cooks, I think Matt is a year or two early here.
RB - Zac Stacy - All that hogwash about Stacy losing carries to rookie RB Tre Mason is out the window.  Stacy is a steady RB1 and will be a keeper for Matthew going forward.
RB - Montee Ball - Another great keep by Matt.  If Ball can hold on to his namesake, then he will be a fantasy monster in Denver's disgusting offense.  Matt has two RB1 on his team.
TE - Jordan Cameron - He was great for the first half of last year.  Some injuries and inconsistency slowed him down in the second half, but he is easily a top-10 fantasy TE and great dynasty player.
W/R/T - Joique Bell - The ideal flex player, Bell will have nearly as many fantasy points as Reggie Bush.
W/R/T - Andre Brown - The RB situation in Houston is still not settled.  Rumor has it that Arian Foster will be more of a Danny Woodhead-type back for the Texans while Andre Brown runs the ball ala Ryan Mathews.  If that is the case, Andre Brown would be a great flex play.  If not, he's basically worthless until Arian Foster inevitably gets hurt.
BN - QB - Teddy Bridgewater - Probably the safest rookie QB to draft for this year and beyond.  Bridgewater has a real chance to be a starter week one.
BN - WR - Andre Holmes - He torched Matthew's Cowboys last year on Thanksgiving and now is a real nice sleeper WR.
BN - TE - Brandon Bostick - He's likely Green Bay's starting TE, though by the time Matt needs to play him, I assume he will have already lost the job.
BN - RB - Ronnie Hillman - Literally the only reason Matt drafted him is because Montee Ball is on this team.  A few good games out of Ball and Hillman will be on the waiver wire.
BN - WR - Cole Beasley - I'm convinced Matt made this league PPR just so he could justify drafting Cole Beasley.
BN - WR - Jarius Wright - Matt has a good eye for talent, though I think Wright will be this year's Vincent Brown where Matt will simply drop him eventually.  At least he didn't trade Jordan Cameron to get him.
K - Dan Bailey - One of the best fantasy kickers and nobody seems to know this.
DEF - Chicago - Matt is trusting Chicago defense yet again after a disastrous year last season.  I don't think they will be all that much better.

Draft Grade - ***

Fuck Yeah Seaking!

QB - Nick Foles - Really banking on a repeat of last year's meteoric rise in fantasy with Nick Foles.  I think Foles puts up better numbers than Colin Kaepernick, who was Ackbar's QB a season ago.  This is an upgrade.
WR - Wes Welker - This is probably the last year for Wes Welker to be a reliable low-end WR1/high-end WR2 so Ackbar is going for it this year.
WR - Julian Edelman - He is basicaly Wes Welker.  Ackbar has two Wes Welkers.  That isn't a bad thing.
WR - Kenny Stills - A surprising keeper, Stills has great fantasy potential as a deep threat for QB Drew Brees.
RB - Alfred Morris - Reports out of D.C. are saying Morris is surprising the coaching staff with his ability to catch the ball out of the back-field.  I think he is undervalued going into this year.
RB - Ben Tate - I hate this pick.  I don't think Ben Tate will be starting for Cleveland once October hits.
TE - Rob Gronkowski - All it takes for Gronk to be an elite fantasy player is some durability, which is a lot to ask for from Gronk.
W/R/T - Fred Jackson - Jeggerd enjoyed a dominant regular season last year with Fred Jackson in his flex spot.  We could have a repeat season for Ackbar now.
W/R/T - Cecil Shorts III - The injury woes helped cause Shorts III to fall in the draft.  If he can break camp healthy and stay on the field, he has WR2 value in Ackbar's second flex spot.
BN - RB - Maurice Jones-Drew - He wasn't good as the only RB in Jacksonville.  Now he has Darren McFadden in a crowded back-field in Oakland.  He simply is not a RB you can comfortably start.
BN - TE - Delanie Walker - If you are going to have an injury-prone TE, then someone like Delanie Walker is essential.  Great pick.
BN - WR - Greg Jennings - His value has dropped every year since leaving Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay and I can't ever see a scenario in which someone would be excited to start Greg Jennings.
BN - QB - Ryan Tannehill - A decent back-up who still has room to grow and a long leash in Miami.
BN - RB - Mark Ingram - Likely in his last season in New Orleans, Ingram has one last chance to prove he can play in the NFL.  I don't see him worth owning.
BN - WR - Jerricho Cotchery - Some sort of veteran WR will need to step up in Carolina, I would assume it will be Cotchery.  Good pick at the end of the draft.
K - Nick Novak - He won't put up big numbers, but it will be enough to keep him starting each week.
DEF - Houston - They have J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney as the two monsters on the defensive line.  If LB Brian Cushing can return to form after that brutal ACL tear last year, Houston will return to the upper-tier of fantasy defenses.

Draft Grade - ***

Romosexual Tendency

QB - Tony Romo - He is an elite fantasy QB with injury issues.  He has been a QB on a championship-winning fantasy team in the past and a pretty solid keeper selection by Frankie.
WR - Antonio Brown - Arguably one of the best PPR WR a team can have and still very young.  Great dynasty player.
WR - Jordy Nelson - A WR1 in someone's WR2 spot.  Can't go wrong there.
WR - Mike Wallace - Someone is going to take a chance on the supposed deep threat, but Mike Wallace and Ryan Tannehill have little-to-no chemistry.
RB - C.J. Spiller - Hey, C.J. Spiller as a RB2 or flex is fucking awesome.  RB1?  Not so much.
RB - Toby Gerhart - He already has injury issues and the Jaguars haven't even played a preseason game yet.  I see this lingering all season and hindering his ability to be a solid week-to-week fantasy contributor.  Frank may need to join Claire's RB-woes support group.
TE - Ladarius Green - Really hoping Green can step up and be a starting TE in not only the NFL, but fantasy as well.  I'm thinking we are a year away from Green reaching his max potential, but he should put up enough to warrant a starting spot.
W/R/T - Trent Richardson - All of Frank's RB issues can be softened should T-Rich go back to how he played his rookie year when he marched into the endzone every single game.  If not, Frank is in even deeper trouble.
W/R/T - Dwayne Bowe - I actually sort of love Bowe as a flex player.
BN - WR - Rueben Randle - A touchdown machine in New York, Frank's issues are not with WR.
BN - QB - Eli Manning - Josh McCown was rated higher by Yahoo at QB than Eli Manning.
BN - RB - Tre Mason - Of all the rookie offensive weapons to draft, Tre Mason was the one I thought had the least value.  Zac Stacy isn't going anywhere any time soon.
BN - WR - Doug Baldwin - Could be a decent PPR streaming WR for bye weeks.
BN - TE - Heath Miller - He's a red-zone machine but won't do much other than score a TD every few weeks while catching less than 40 yards.
K - Blair Walsh - Wildy inconsistent last year early on with minimal opportunity, Walsh is still an above-average fantasy kicker.
DEF - New Orleans - I would like this a lot better if Frank had a back-up.

Draft Grade - **

I Love Claire.

QB - Andrew Luck - The primary dynasty QB keeper, Andrew Luck is on the brink of stardom in the NFL and fantasy world.
WR - Jeremy Maclin - A solid contributor when healthy, if Maclin can string together a full season or close to it, he has WR2 value.
WR - Michael Floyd - This guy will make or break Jerry's team.  Floyd is expected to have a monumental surge this year in fantasy.  If he does, Jerry will have the WR1 he is now missing after trading Demaryius Thomas.
WR - Hakeem Nicks - He won't score any TD, but Nicks is a decent possession WR worth playing in PPR leagues.
RB - Andre Ellington - I love Ellington as a RB2, but RB1 is a risky proposition.  His back-ups are garbage, so he'll have a long leash to solidify himself.
RB - Ryan Mathews - He is basically the Hakeem Nicks of running backs.
TE - Greg Olsen - Great TE and most likely to be Cam Newton's number-one target in Carolina.
W/R/T - DeAndre Hopkins - Really solid WR and great dynasty player.  Will likely overtake Hakeem Nicks as Jerry's WR3.
W/R/T - Carlos Hyde - The perfect insurance policy for two risky starting RB on Jerry's team.  Hyde is a year away from reaching his true potential, but still has decent value for this season.
BN - RB - Charles Sims - Should Doug Martin go down, rookie Charles Sims will see a big plus in value.  He could carve out a role as a yards-eater in Tampa this year.
BN - RB - Stepfan Taylor - A necessary pick for Jerry as he employs Andre Ellington to start, Taylor has no value to anybody else.
BN - WR - Odell Beckham Jr. - Likely a year away from really being a name to look out for, Beckham stands as a very good dynasty stash.
K - Stephen Gostkowski - A reliable fantasy kicking stud, Jerry won't have to worry about a kicker until the Patriots' bye week.
DEF - St. Louis - A really deep defensive squad, St. Louis is a safe enough defense to play every week without too much worry.
BN - DEF - Tampa Bay - Going with the strategy of having two kickers and two defenses, Jerry won't have much worry in terms of bye weeks this year.

Draft Grade - **

Kristy's Gamers

QB - Matthew Stafford - A potential top-5 fantasy QB.  He has his issues in real life, but much like Tony Romo, Stafford always put up huge fantasy numbers regardless.
WR - Victor Cruz - Kristy needs Victor Cruz to salsa dance all over the NFL like he did two years ago or else she will be back to the bottom half of the standings.
WR - Roddy White - When healthy, Roddy White has WR1 value.  When not healthy, he kills a fantasy team.
WR - Tavon Austin - Apparently he didn't understand any of St. Louis' offense last season in his rookie year.  Still a solid dynasty keeper, Tavon will have to show some improvement to warrant a WR3 spot.
RB - Arian Foster - Foster really fell in our league.  He was not kept by Reaper, then Maggie and Frank both passed on him when they chose their three keepers.  Kristy, with the first-overall pick, bit the bullet.  If healthy, he's an elite fantasy player.
RB - Pierre Thomas - RB2 is a bit steep for his value, but Thomas is the yards-eater with the Saints and is a pretty solid option.
TE - Martellus Bennett - He's suspended currently for throwing down his teammate in practice, but a solid fantasy option.  He's the epitome of an average TE.
W/R/T - Emmanuel Sanders - Could very well be Kristy's actual WR3 before long in Denver's potent offense.
W/R/T - DeAngelo Williams - With Jonathan Stewart forever on the injury report, Williams should garner 7-10 fantasy points week after week in Kristy's flex spot.
BN - WR - Aaron Dobson - The Patriots fan could not contain herself and jumped on Dobson's sleeper value here.  I don't see it paying off.
BN - WR - Andrew Hawkins - Here is a sleeper I can get behind.  The Browns don't have a good WR group and even though Hawkins isn't that good overall, someone will have to catch passes with the Browns.
BN - RB - Dexter McCluster - He has the potential to be a poor man's Danny Woodhead.  Good bench pick for our league.
BN - WR - Jermaine Kearse - He's slowly becoming a viable WR in Seattle and could emerge as Russell Wilson's primary deep threat.
BN - QB - Josh McCown - When you have Matthew Stafford, you don't really need to care about who your back-up is.  I would imagine once Stafford's bye week passes, McCown will be on the waiver-wire.
BN - RB - Lorenzo Taliaferro - Might as well draft him with the mess that is Baltimore's running back situation.  He'll be waiver-wire fodder soon enough.
K - Shayne Graham - Far from a sure thing at kicker, if he can lock down the kicking spot with the Saints, he can be pretty decent.
DEF - New England - They're good for touchdowns, but they give up a lot of points.

Draft Grade - **1/2

Let Me See Dat Bush!

QB - Cam Newton - The prototypical dynasty QB.  He was on last year's championship team and should continue to be an elite fantasy QB despite the lack of reliable WR in Carolina.
WR - Keenan Allen - Probably not an actual WR1, Keenan Allen emerged as a spectacular wide-out in San Diego.  He was almost kept by the defending champs and found himself quickly scooped up in the expansion draft.
WR - DeSean Jackson - The PPR format won't mean much to this deep threat, D-Jax's value comes from the deep bomb touchdowns he pulls in.
WR - Eric Decker - A criminally underrated WR who didn't get nearly enough credit last year in Denver.  He won't come close to the production he put up in Denver, but is still a high-end WR3.
RB - Giovani Bernard - The best PPR dynasty player in the NFL fell into the lap of Maggie by way of the expansion draft.  He has real RB1 potential.
RB - Reggie Bush - Joique Bell's foot steps are troubling for Bush, but he is still a PPR force and will be a more-than-solid RB2.
TE - Dennis Pitta - Injuries derailed his season last year, but back and healthy, Pitta has a real shot to establish himself as TE1.
W/R/T - Danny Woodhead - The perfect PPR flex player, Woodhead snatches up short-yardage catches from Philip Rivers and eats up yards.
W/R/T - Jordan Matthews - A sexy low-risk-high-reward pick.  He'd look better as a bench player, but will likely see starting time in Philadelphia right away as a rookie WR.
BN - QB - Philip Rivers - Rivers and Cam Newton make up the best QB duo in our league and after Newton's bye week, Rivers could be a valuable trade piece.
BN - WR - Marqise Lee - A definite dynasty sleeper, Lee has a real shot to lead Jacksonville in targets this year as a rookie.
BN - WR - Miles Austin - If he is healthy, Miles Austin could emerge as the legitimate number-one WR in Cleveland.
BN - RB - Ahmad Bradshaw - Somebody had to draft him with Trent Richardson's short leash.  If Maggie is shrewd, she'll attempt to trade him to Frank's team, where he will have the most value.
BN - RB - Chris Polk - Likely a year or two away from being a real fantasy threat, Polk is the final man on Maggie's roster.
K - Matt Prater - A kicker with a booming leg, he is one of the better options for his position.
BN - K - Connor Barth - He is coming off a wasted season due to injury, when healthy, he is one of the more consistent kickers in the NFL.
DEF - San Francisco - The best fantasy defense outside of Seattle.

Draft Grade - ****

Reaper's Funhouse

QB - Peyton Manning - He's a mega-stud and has a few more seasons left in him.
WR - Pierre Garcon - Wound up being a surprising keeper, he will likely emerge as a PPR God-send with high-end WR2 value.
WR - Michael Crabtree - The number-one guy in San Franciso, Crabtree is another high-end WR2 on Reaper's team.
WR - Sammy Watkins - Rookie WR always have issues in the NFL and Watkins will have a huge hurdle to leap over to reach his potential early.  A great dynasty pick, but Watkins' value is more at the flex level this year.
RB - Marshawn Lynch - A tumultuous off-season has caused a number of headaches for Reaper, but the season is on the horizon and the days of Beast Mode fantasy orgasms will be upon us.
RB - DeMarco Murray - Every year Reaper has the best RB duo and this year is no different.  Murray has legit RB1 value.
TE - Jason Witten - A PPR stud, Jason Witten still has a year or two left as a good TE1.
W/R/T - Steven Jackson - At least he's someone's flex, S-Jax is an injury or few bad games away from a rookie taking his job.
W/R/T - Brian Hartline - Great flex play in a PPR league.  This rule change was made for someone like Brian Hartline.
BN - WR - Denarius Moore - Barely worth a roster spot.
BN - TE - Tim Wright - Sneaky good sleeper here as he could potentially line up as slot receiver for Tampa this year.  Good PPR value.
BN - QB - Derek Carr - Right up there with Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel in terms of rookie QB who could have the most fantasy value this year.  Could be the heir apparent to Reaper's Peyton Manning.
BN - RB - Chris Ivory - Ew.
BN - WR - Harry Douglas - He has decent PPR value and sky-rockets should Julio Jones or Roddy White get hurt again.
K - Adam Vinatieri - Prehistorically old but still a solid fantasy kicker.
BN - K - Dan Carpenter - As always, Reaper takes his back-up kicker.
DEF - Cincinnati - No need to fret about defense every week with the Bengals defense.

Draft Grade - ***

Simply Beastly

QB - Drew Brees - An easy keeper pick, Brees is still an elite fantasy QB and will be for several more years.
WR - Julio Jones - Massive injury issues here, but if he's healthy again, he is an elite WR1.
WR - T.Y. Hilton - Inconsistencies have plagued him so far in his career, but this could finally be the breakout year for Indy's top WR.
WR - Marques Colston - He's the Saints' version of Hakeem Nicks.
RB - Jamaal Charles - Disgustingly good and in PPR, he will be nothing short of dominant.
RB - Rashad Jennings - Won't get too many touchdowns with Andre Williams around, but Jennings will rush for 1,000 yards this year.
TE - Coby Fleener - Don't like this at all with Dwayne Allen healthy.
W/R/T - Riley Cooper - He better hope Jordan Matthews is a year away or else Riley Cooper will be a dicey fantasy play, even at flex.
W/R/T - Kelvin Benjamin - The ideal dynasty pick, Benjamin is my choice for Offensive Rookie of the Year and has real WR2 value this year.
BN - QB - Andy Dalton - Another year of Brees/Dalton for Jeggerd this year.  Great insurance just in case Brees ever goes down.
BN - RB - LeGarrette Blount - Le'Veon Bell has had some injury issues so Blount is a must-own in all leagues.  He has little value, however, if Bell is healthy.
BN - TE - Jared Cook - Probably a better TE than Fleener, though that isn't saying much.
BN - WR - Steve Smith Sr. - He has a season left in him, I think, but he's nothing more than a flex2.
BN - WR - Donte Moncrief - Great dynasty pick and with Andrew Luck's talent and the Colts' lack of a running game, there should be plenty of passes to be caught here.
K - Phil Dawson - As solid as you can get at kicker.  He won't put up gaudy numbers, but he'll get the job done.
DEF - Seattle - Jeggerd reached high for this fantasy defense juggernaut.  Their draft position won't be remembered when they're the top fantasy defense once again this year.
BN - DEF - Indianapolis - Awful, unless they have a favorable match-up during Seattle's bye, then they aren't worth it for Jeggerd.

Draft Grade - ***1/2

Final Rankings:
1 - Let Me See Dat Bush!
2 - Simply Beastly
3 - The Studly Studs
4 - #getrekt
6 - Reaper's Funhouse
7 - Fat Jesus' Disciples
8 - #1 Soccer Team
9 - Fuck Yeah Seaking!
10 - Eeveelution
11 - Kristy's Gamers
12 - Romosexual Tendency
13 - Claire It Out
14 - I Love Claire.

Championship Winner:
The Studly Studs

...prove me wrong!

As always, this is all just my opinion.  I hyped up Claire and Kristy last year and they struggled and I tanked on Jeggerd and he nearly won a championship.  I just enjoy doing these write-ups as it is a lot of fun for me.  I'm looking forward to another spectacular fantasy season with you all!

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