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Brady Quinn Wishes He Was Still Relevant
Remember Brady Quinn?  No?  I didn't think so.  Let me give you a quick crash course on the guy.  He was the quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for four seasons and set a copious amount of records and his name is sprinkled among some NCAA passing records.  He was named to a few All-American Teams and even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated.  He & Notre Dame never could win the big game, Quinn did at least take home a few awards, including a the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award for the best quarterback in the NCAA in 2006.  Fast-forward to his NFL career where Quinn was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd pick.  The kid had moxie, after the Miami Dolphins passed on him with the 9th pick, he was seen saying "they'll be sorry."  Well, unfortunately for Brady, the only team that was sorry were the Browns who gave him the reigns only for him to bust.  In a spectacular move for the Browns, they traded the disappointing Quinn to the Denver Broncos for running-back Peyton Hillis who went on to make the Pro-Bowl with them while Quinn became a perennial back-up.  This past season, Tim Tebow helped lead the Broncos to a surprising playoff berth with miraculous comebacks while Quinn watched from the sidelines.  Now in the offseason, Quinn is speaking up saying that he felt it was unfair Tebow was given the starting role over him and he was upset Tebow was given more publicity in Denver than he got.  He then called out Tebow for praying on the field for the cameras saying that that is something he would have done with his teammates.  While Brady may have a point there, he simply sounds like someone who's trying to paint himself as the ultimate teammate while tarnishing Tebow at the same time.  All in all, Quinn just sounds like an entitled brat who's throwing a hissy-fit over the fact that Tebow played well and got a chance.  Here's a newsflash for Brady Quinn -- you had your chance and blew it in Cleveland. This was Tebow's first chance and he excelled.  While Brady Quinn was losing every Bowl game he was in in college, Tebow was winning National Championships.  Reputation proceeds you, Brady.  Quinn has since apologized for his comments, which he really didn't NEED to do.  He was just speaking his mind, even if he came off like a bitter douche bag.

And to wrap things up eloquently, a friend of mine, Christian Antonio aka Adoginawig puts it the only way he knows how - "tl;dr Tebow is a godfag and Quinn doesn't like it"

And This Happened...

Los Angeles Lakers hold a players only meeting - Some players react differently than others when it comes to trade rumors.  With the NBA trade deadline looming in March as the NBA All-Star weekend approaches, several NBA players are dealing with rumors swirling of their immediate departure.  One player of the note is Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers who has been rumored to be on the way out of Los Angeles to a number of different places, including both Minnesota & Chicago.  Kobe Bryant has since come out in support of his power forward, stating that it isn't fair for Gasol to have to deal with all this uncertainty and that if the Lakers are going to make a deal, then they should get it done or basically, just shut up about it. The team held a players only meeting earlier this week to raise the moral of the team and help establish a bond amongst the players.  The team is 19-13 and 5th in the Western Conference.  Trading away Gasol would most likely cause more harm than good to a team trying to get home-court advantage in the playoffs.

Jeremy Evans replaces Iman Shumpert in the NBA Dunk Contest - Last week the NBA announced the participants of their annual dunk contest with the inclusion of Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chase Budinger of the Houston Rockets, Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, & Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks.  Shumpert has since had to pull out of the contest due to nagging injuries and Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz shall replace him.  Now, I won't lie, I'm a sucker for the NBA All-Star weekend and even though the dunk contest has become VERY watered down as of late, I'll still enjoy it.  The dunk contest still has the ability to make a name out of no-namers, just ask Gerald Green who gained notoriety for blowing out a candle on a cupcake during a dunk or Nate Robinson for becoming Spud Webb 2.0.  I can only hope that this year brings some creativity, rather than gimmicks.  Last year Blake Griffin won when he unimpressively jumped over the hood of a car.  Call me a purist, but I'd rather see some dunks done with insane athleticism and creativity, not a staged publicity stunt that makes me feel like I'm watching WWE.

Mike Wallace may be on his way out of Pittsburgh - This NFL offseason has a slew of potential free agents at the wide receiver position, including restricted free agent Mike Wallace.  Even though Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a restricted free agent, there's still a very good chance he could move to a different team as the new collective bargaining agreement only requires teams signing a restricted free agent to send over a first round pick rather than a first and third as it used to be.  This will motivate teams to go after Wallace, who has been stellar for the Steelers as one of the fastest receivers in the NFL.  The Steelers are already $10 million over the salary cap so the chance of the them placing the franchise tag on him, which would give him around $9 million seems like a longshot and the likelihood of them being able to sign their top notch wide receiver is becoming to look more and more bleak.

NHL trade deadline approaches as top teams make their moves - In the past 24 hours, multiple trades in the NHL have occurred as there is less than a week until the trade deadline passes.  The Western Conference leading Detroit Red Wings picked up defenseman Kyle Quincy from the Tampa Bay Lighting after they acquired him from the Colorado Avalanche.  The Philadelphia Flyers got defenseman Pavel Kubina from the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Nashville Predators snagged defenseman Hal Gill from the Montreal Canadiens.   Earlier today the Phoenix Coyotes acquired forward Antoine Vermette from the Columbus Blue Jackets as well.  All these teams getting new talent are in the thick of the playoff & home-ice advantage hunts and it'll be a thrill to see what these new faces bring to their new teams.  With less than a week until the deadline, it's going to be a lot of fun to see who else gets moved.  All-star forward Rick Nash is reportedly available, whoever gets him will instantly launch themselves into the Stanley Cup discussion.

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