Friday, July 1, 2011

Popped My Blog Cherry

     For years I have heard the same question from my friends & family “Why don’t you have your own blog?” I never really had a substantial answer for any of them. Often times I would respond with a simple “Uhhh, I don’t know..” and then you best believe I changed the subject. Truth be told, I knew exactly why I didn’t have a blog. The idea of running a blog I knew nobody would read felt unfulfilling and down right embarrassing. So I create a blog that only I read and maybe a couple trolls who decide to leave their mark in the comment section? Sounds like fun.

     Why all of a sudden do I have a blog? Do I suddenly think people give a shit about me and want to read my random posts? The answer is no. I don’t think anyone is going to read this (I mean hey, check the title) but the only thing that has changed is that I no longer care. I could post 100 things over the course of a year and not get a single reader, I truly do not care. This is for me, a place to finally vent and not feel guilty about it. I hate posting my vague bullshit on Twitter and mucking up everyone’s timeline, but I still do it because it feels better than holding it all in. I’ve always wanted a blog, a place for me to unleash all the seemingly incomprehensible thoughts running through my mind. The reason why my family & friends would often ask why I don’t have a blog is because I supposedly have a knack for writing. If I do, I'm not aware of it, I write because it comes easy to me and it’s a way for me to get things off my chest. I, at the very least, have a basic understanding of the English language and the ridiculous grammar rules associated with it.

So here it is, who knows if I keep up with it. This could be the first of thousands of posts or it could be one of very few.

Only time will tell…

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